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  • Security updates to fix dependency security issues


  • Updates for all major packages in the repo in order to bring back in line
  • Build now passing for nodejs v10 and this has been added to build testing script
  • Updates for johnny five and firmata and move firmata to peer dependency


  • Breaking change with Sinon as a result of 3.0, needed to reactor tests as a result
  • Range of other package updates bringing back into line.


  • Range of general changes related to upstream package dependencies and bringing back into line.


  • Example documentation updates to bring in line with the new .length API - thanks @rupl
  • Upgraded mockfirmata for testing


  • Added capability for gamma correction for the strip. Currently set to no correction by default, it can now be added as an initialisation parameter gamma.
  • Package updates for all dependencies
  • Bug fixes:
    • Made behaviour actually work properly as a result of test coverage - YAY Tests!
    • Better handling for the way exceptions are raised for range errors.
  • Major update to tests
    • Roll out of istanbul for code coverage testing
    • Updates of tests to all work again properly with latest API due to drift
    • Addition of new test for gamma value creation
    • New test for ensuring stripLength throws an error
    • Removed redundant tests that were testing ColorString.
    • Fixes to test messages to better indicate what they were testing.
    • Large refactor to tests for exception handling
    • Added test for correctness.
    • Tests for handling garbage colour values
    • Added tests for handling wrapping / shifting conditions.
    • Removed redundant checks in codebase where preconditions had to be met so checks were irrelevant
    • Added tests for handling issues where strips are incorrectly initialised
    • Achieved significant coverage improvement using Istanbul
  • Added travis integration and integrated with gitter and coveralls.
  • Added green keeper integration


  • Fixes to all examples to bring in line with new length API and removal of deprecration notices as a result of this change. Thanks @The-Alchemist


  • Fixes to testing setup - thanks @reconbot


  • Put in error check to make sure the firmata firmware is capable of doing node-pixel stuff. Fixes #74
  • Put in I2C write check to deal with specifically time outs on high bandwidth writes that appear to happen on RPi. Fixes #71 and
  • Added .off() option to individual pixels. Completed: #61


  • Moved all strip manipulation up to the level of the ws2812 library in order to consolidate into a single array. This means that the Strips are now relatively dumb and just operate on the array they are passed which is ripe for further consolidation down the line. ( = more memory for pixels - YAY!)
  • Added a SHIFT operation to the protocol per #32 which is what required this large refactor above.
  • Begun deprecation of strip.stripLength() and move to strip.length as the more logic alternative. 0.8 generates warning, 0.9 will throw error, 0.10 will have function removed
  • Added example examples/repl that exposes strip object so you can manipulate it from a repl environment


Thanks to @stevemao for the following:

  • Updated strip color to consistently take arrays for the rgb model
  • Made behaviour intuitive so it latches as soon as it's set and turns the strip off.
  • Updated package file to be able to run npm test


  • updated packages to bring dependency list up to scratch.
  • removed es6-collections shim YAY ES6.
  • Updated node-pixel-firmata with latest version of StandardFirmata (v2.5.3)
  • Updated lib to use new color string api.
  • Resolved issue with an osx segfault when trying to write too quickly after firmware returns
  • Update to grunt file to now build and compile hexes to target MCU architecture
  • Manifest file for interchange to be able to install to targets.
  • Update of examples as needed.


  • Fixed some default I2C address issues - thanks @frxnz


  • Added functionality and tests - thanks again @noopkat


  • Documentation fixes around syntax highlighting thanks to @noopkat


  • Modified maximum firmata to 192 pixels after profiling and lack of memory issue


  • Strip multipin! You can now use and define multiple strips on different pins in the firmata and I2C backpack versions of node-pixel.
  • Tests are starting to be laid in for any development. New features require tests to be built out as well from now on.
  • Removed the AdaFruit lib and switched to lightweight lib with a number of modifications from (mostly removals of things we don't need because the JS side will take care of it).
  • Added protocol changes to set the colour order of the strip so that you can use different types of pixels
  • Added protocol changes to define multiple strips of varying legnths
  • Interface to the virtual strip is singular and the C lib takes care of the mapping to the actual pixel required.
  • Added set_off() in order to rapidly and efficiently wipe an entire strip of values back to zero in the firmware.
  • Implemented error checking for too many strips and too many pixels that would exceed memory limits in the firmware.
  • Updated new examples and updated examples documentation properly incuding the updates to the master readme and installation guides. All examples have code in them as well as proper wiring diagrams.
  • Package dependencies updated to bring into line.
  • New tests for pixel lengths, strip maximums, ensuring calculations are correct.


  • Fixed bug in backpack firmware that meant it was doing full scale serial debugging by default.


  • Major refactor to deal with install and symlinking issues. Updates mean a Grunt task which is used to build the destination trees properly so the firmware can be compiled. This means better cross-platform support as well as no symlinking when npm installed the package. More details here
  • New documentation added and installation instruction fixed.
  • Grunt file used to do all building operations from a source tree to produce the relevant files in the right place for building
  • renamed the examples to be more sensical.


  • @pierceray contributed two examples porting "rainbow" behaviour with a static rainbow effect and a dynamic moving one.


  • Various documentation updates to clean up errors.
  • npm installation fixes - thanks @frxnz


  • Documentation updates and bug fixes around Baudrate on backpack for RPi installation
  • Thanks to @frxnz


  • Added pin selection to the constructor in order to be able to set which pin you are using for the strip.
  • Added custom I2C controller in pixel.js
  • added custom I2C Backpack firmware.
  • Removed ATTIny85 support due to bugginess.
  • Updated all documentation including firmware install support etc.


  • Restructure of the firmware folder ahead of providing backpack and native firmata controllers.
  • Updated all of the package versions.


  • Migration of all protocol messages to use firmata SYSEX commands with custom command set that will be viable when moving to I2C / SPI.
  • Updates to Pixel lib to talk this protocol
  • Optimisation of the SYSEX commands to ensure high bitrate (now at 150fps on test rig - up from 18)
  • Removal of all the string processing code which drops hex file size from 20K to 11K
  • documentation of protocol as it's being created.


  • First implementation of Pixel library on JS side against firmata API
  • big restructure of entire code base to work properly in ino and arduino


  • Removal of 95% of all custom firmata messages and compression of existing messages in order to speed things up.
  • Entire restructure of code library including ino support and structure to support no-dependency firmware compilation.


  • Firmata only implementation
  • Specific implementation in firmata to provide functions
  • Naive implementation against Adafruit NP library.
  • Initial build of library