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October 14, 2018


  • Using ES6
  • The minimum required version of node.js is 6.0


  • Remove the second parameter (the source code) from the main function.


  • Update test and devDependencies


November 6, 2016
  • The returned object contains a raw source map in its map property, instead the JSON string of previous versions.
  • Now, the generator raises an exception if the input does not contains debug information.
  • First attempt to support the entry point of the template, information not provided by the pug compiler.


Complete rewrite, many fixes, almost ready for production

  • The new property basedir allows to define the root directory of the source files.
  • Source file names are relative to basedir or the current directory if basedir is not given.
  • Fix: reading source files multiple times, now source is extracted from the compiled code.
  • Fix: sometimes the line number is shifted by one.
  • Better code cleanup, removal of empty lines.
  • Basic but complete test.


Initial release