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  • The cumulus-process-py no longer assumes the structure of input and config given to a processing sublcass. These assumptions have to be added in the __init__ section of the subclass (see example).
  • All methods that have specific assumptions about the structure of the Cumulus message are deprecated. Subclasses should implement these methods in the subclass if they are needed
  • Some of the deprecated methods are moved to a new helpers modules can be used by importing them directly from that module


  • Add deprecation warning to the followings methods of the Process class (these methods will be removed in v0.8.0)
  • Add example folder with an example implementation of a Process sublcass
  • Add localstack to tests


  • Simplify the structure of Process class to support CUMULUS-456
  • clean_all method now removes the whole temp folder at the end of the process (this solves the problem of lambda functions running out of temporary storage)
  • CUMULUS-456 Use the fileStagingDir to create the URL paths and if none exists, use url_path (this is added to deprecation methods)
  • CUMULUS-477 Updates to use the new bucket structure where each bucket is no longer a string, but an object with name and type (this is added to deprecation methods)



  • Get cumulus-message-adapter-python from pypi instead of github



  • Removed the built-in assumptions about the config and input to the Process class when the class is initialized. [CUMULUS-543]
  • A new property called self.regex is introduced. This property should be set for the self.gid property to work properly.


  • allow input_keys to be specified in payload
  • move existing hardcoded regex to default_keys, used if none in payload
  • backwards-compatible, but child classes should rename input_keys to default_keys or they will override inherited logic


  • truncate error strings passed to sfn.send_task_failure()
  • log exceptions raised in the handler


  • Peg version of cumulus-message-adapter-python
  • Update imports for Python3


  • Fix activity handler for cumulus


  • Fix CLI for processing payloads



  • Fix passing in of a local path for saving files and output
  • Properly clean up downloaded files


  • Multiple bug fixes to work with Cumulus deployment


  • Refactored Process class to remove any automatic functionality
  • Update to use cumulus-message-adapter
  • cumulus-py now public and open source, turned into standard package, docker files removed
  • ci updated to auto tag and deploy to PyPi on merge to master


  • Refactor Granule class into new Process class
  • New payload format


  • Payloads updated for Cumulus phase 3
  • refactored granule class to be more abstracted, payload code moved to aws service module
  • added support for multiple output granules
  • use regex to determine which input files are which so order does not matter (only that all needed files are supplied, in any order)