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December 17, 2018
  • fix(cp): STRF-5614 Add enhanced_ecommerce to theme config schema. (58c6fb9)


December 11, 2018
  • upgrade paper package to 2.0.10 (b4ec832)
  • Proper error handling for bundle task (a4dc6c9)
  • PROJECT-1897: Card Management - List, Delete, Edit, Add Cards (44022a0)
  • Increase timeout for build worker process to be ready (794e796)
  • log push errors to the console (a9aca72)
  • update paper npm version (d5f78a4)
  • Point to http instead of https for stencil editor sdk. (0a9acf6)
  • Update README (298beaa)
  • Deprecate support for node 4.x (e5c3e96)
  • Deprecate support for node 4.x (1ead058)
  • Bundle all webpack files + release 1.15.0 (537bb93)
  • STRF-4889: Fix error message for upload limit (95ba66b)
  • Update paper & bump version (9217d6f)
  • adding -a and --activate flags to stencil push (5f2ceb8)
  • Update to include min versions of Node (cf9798c)
  • trailing comma on output (0d77cd6)
  • ability to locally save bundled theme after push (f9610d0)