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October 22, 2014
  • fix example for new paths
    • Readme badges
    • Lighter production installs
    • Safe colors
    • In addition to 256-xterm ansi colors, handle 24-bit colors
    • set up .travis.yml


February 2, 2014
  • Switch version of colors to avoid npm broken-ness
    • Handle custom colored strings correctly
    • Removing var completely as return var width caused other problems.
    • Fixing global leak of width variable.
    • Omit horizontal decoration lines if empty
    • Add a test for the the compact mode
    • Make line() return the generated string instead of appending it to ret
    • Customize the vertical cell separator separately from the right one
    • Allow newer versions of colors to be used
    • Added test for bordercolor
    • Add bordercolor in style options and enable deepcopy of options


October 21, 2012
  • test: avoid module dep in tests
    • fix type bug on integer vertical table value
    • handle newlines in vertical and cross tables
    • factor out common style setting function
    • handle newlines in body cells
    • fix render bug when no header provided
    • correctly calculate width of cells with newlines
    • handles newlines in header cells
    • ability to create cross tables
    • changing table chars to ones that windows supports
    • allow empty arguments to Table constructor
    • fix headless tables containing empty first row
    • add vertical tables
    • remove reference to require.paths
    • compact style for dense tables
    • fix toString without col widths by cloning array
    • [api]: Added abiltity to strip out ANSI color escape codes when calculating cell padding


January 3, 2011

Initial release