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  • (internal) Updated internal dependencies.
  • (bc) Always build a legacy and a modern JS build.
  • (feature) Added verbose to the CLI config.
  • (improvement) Improved error handling of node-sass loading errors.
  • (improvement) Use better default publicPath to match the default structure of the BecklynAssetsBundle.
  • (feature) Allow to disable the modern build
  • (improvement) Don't prefix legacy build with _legacy., but instead prefix modern build with _modern.. That enhances compatability for simple builds.
  • (feature) Use eslint-plugin-react-hooks plugin
  • (improvement) Always extract comments.
  • (improvement) Display build progress in webpack
  • (improvement) Display linting errors by default.
    • Removed the --lint parameter and added an inverse --silent instead.
  • (improvement) Added duplicate-package-checker-webpack-plugin that detects duplicate packages in a build in webpack.
  • (improvement) Always run ESLint
  • (improvement) Use faster sourcemap for production build
  • (improvement) Added eslint-plugin-jsdoc and activated multiple rules for checking JSDoc issues.
  • (improvement) Enable es6 env in ESLint.
  • (bug) Fix issues with symlinked projects.
  • (improvement) Also replace process.env.DEBUG, and MODERN_BUILD + DEBUG (without process.env. prefix).
  • (improvement) Added some newlines to the log to improve formatting.
  • (improvement) Automatically add the import for the Fragment component from preact for all modules.
  • (improvement) Set mode for ESLint JSDoc linter to typescript.
  • (improvement) Improved ESLint linting: now only files in the project dir are linted. This ensures that symlinked dev packages are not linted. (/node_modules/ etc are still excluded, of course.)
  • (feature) Add option to polyfill core node packages in webpack.
  • (bc) Remove disableChunkSplitting(), chunk splitting is now always disabled. Use code splitting instead.
  • (improvement) Bump required node version to 12.
  • (internal) Bumped all dependencies.
  • (improvement) Allow ++ in JS/TS code.
  • (improvement) The code is now always compiled per entry file
  • (improvement) Build TypeScript for the esnext module system, that (amongst other things) allows to use import().
  • (bug) Compile every entry into a separate directory, to avoid issues with the clean plugin.
  • (bc) Not all npm packages are automatically transpiled anymore. You need to define which packages from node_modules to transpile via Babel by using .compileNpmPackages(...).
  • (feature) Even if not recommended (use SCSS!), we now support compiling CSS via webpack (not as entry point though). The CSS will be injected into the head dynamically.
  • (improvement) TypeScript will now ignore TYPO3 (*typo3*) directories, to prevent issues due to file extension conflicts of TYPO3's typoscript .ts and TypeScript's .ts.


  • Changed the webpack include order, to avoid false-positive TypeScript errors.
  • Activated the no-prototype-builtins ESLint rule.
  • Automatically add the import for the h() function from preact for all modules.


  • Removed enableTypeScript().
  • Removed setBrowserList().


  • Always build source maps.
  • Always enable TypeScript for .ts / .tsx files.
  • Remove option to build .js / .jsx files via TypeScript.
  • Deprecated enableTypeScript().
  • Deprecated setBrowserList().


  • Updated bundled KabaScss to 2.x.
  • Update the rest of the bundled dependencies.
  • Update several lint rules.
  • Fix duration printing of webpack build (if not in watch mode).