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  • Increased minimum purs version to v0.12.0 and dropped support for all compiler versions earlier than that. (#399 and #405 by @JordanMartinez)

  • Increased minimum psa version to v0.7.0 and dropped support for all versions earlier than that. (#399 by @JordanMartinez)

  • Increased minimum node version to v12.0.0 and dropped support for all versions earlier than that. (#401 by @JordanMartinez)

  • Include bower.json's devDependencies field when publishing (#405 by @JordanMartinez)

    Note: pulp publish will fail if a dependency (e.g. purescript-numbers) exists in both the bower.json file's dependencies and devDependencies field. When this occurs, you will see a message like the following:

    There is a problem with your package, which meant that it could not be published.
      The following dependency does not appear to be installed:
        * purescript-numbers

Other improvements:

  • Added a debug flag that enables debugger output for the pulp publish command (#405 by @JordanMartinez)

  • Improve error message due to pulp publish needing to be run twice (#406 by @JordanMartinez)

    Whenever one runs pulp publish for the first time, the command will almost always fail with an HTTP 400 error due to invalid JSON. Running the command a second time will succeed and finish what was started in the first one. However, this fact is never communicated to users, so one can only handle this situation if they already know about it (e.g. aren't new users).

    The error message now suggests the user try running it a second time to get around this issue.


  • Added support for the v0.15.0 compiler version (#401 by @JordanMartinez)
  • Update project and its dependencies to use PureScript v0.14.5 and v0.14.0-compatible libraries. (#399 by @JordanMartinez)
  • Migrated from Travis CI to GitHub Actions. (#399 by @JordanMartinez)
  • Updated CI integration tests to verify pulp works when the compiler version used is v0.12.x, v0.13.x, and v0.14.x. (#399 by @JordanMartinez)


  • Remove the check for main being an appropriate entry point when generating a call to main. This previously relied on a compiler-internal API (the externs.json files) which the compiler no longer produces as of v0.13.8. Note that previous versions of Pulp can work around this bug by passing the --no-check-main flag. (#392, @garyb).


  • Stop attempting to register on the Bower registry on publish, since the Bower registry no longer accepts new registrations. Instead, require the user to register their package in the purescript/registry repo (#388).


  • Changes to support purs >= 0.13.0 in pulp docs. Because of idiosyncrasies in the previous purs docs CLI, it has not been possible to support both, so support for purs < 0.13.0 in pulp docs has been dropped.
  • Remove the --with-dependencies option in pulp docs; now that html is the default output format of purs docs, it makes less sense to only produce local modules by default (since if we don't produce dependency modules then links will be broken). To restore the previous behaviour, you will need to run pulp docs -- --format markdown, and then manually delete non-local modules from the generated-docs/md directory.
  • Add a --build-path argument for pulp docs; to be passed to purs docs for purs >= 0.13.0, since purs docs now uses a compiler output directory.
  • Avoid using string-stream to fix pulp browserify on node 12.x (#380, @rnons).
  • Pass follow: true to gaze to follow symlinked directories (#378, @rnons).


  • Fix pulp version and pulp publish, which were both completely broken as of changes in v12.4.1 (@hdgarrood)


  • Switch to gaze instead of watchpack for --watch and pulp server; this fixes an issue where if you have source files which are symbolic links which point outside your source directory, changes to those files would not be picked up (@rnons, #371)
  • Fix an issue where pulp version and pulp publish would fail for packages which do not have any dependencies (@hdgarrood)


  • When running against a sufficiently new version of the PureScript compiler (specifically, v0.12.4 or later), when publishing, generate the new JSON format for resolutions files. This fixes an issue where Bower would produce out of memory errors when attempting to publish. (@hdgarrood, #351)


  • Bug fix: the compiler command line interface changed in 0.12 to replace the --source-maps option with a new --codegen option. pulp has now been made aware of this and so generating source maps should now work (with compilers from both before and after this change). (@nwolverson, #343)


  • Have pulp init generate projects based on compiler version: the pulp init command now has the ability to produce a project skeleton using either Effect or Eff. By default, Effect is chosen if the compiler version is at least 0.12.0, otherwise Eff is chosen. However, this behaviour can be overridden with the --with-eff or --with-effect flags to pulp init. (#340, @vladciobanu)


  • The type Effect.Effect is now considered by Pulp to be acceptable for the type of your program's entry point (usually Main.main). Control.Monad.Eff.Eff also continues to be acceptable. (#338)
  • Allow specifying a list of allowable types for your program's entry point, by separating them with commas. (#338)
  • Bug fix: allow specifying a specific version when running pulp version for the first time. (@plippe, #328)
  • Bug fix: Passthrough arguments with pulp run now go to your program, as the documentation claims, rather than to purs. (@kika, #309)
  • Bug fix: Pulp will no longer check that your program has an acceptable entry point when using pulp browserify --standalone, since there is no reason to do so. (#339)


  • Add source map support (@nwolverson, #305).


  • Fix a bug where running commands with --watch would sometimes produce an internal error (@thoradam, #300).


  • Add support for psc-package (@thoradam, #243). See the README for details.
  • Check that a program's entry point is of a suitable type when bundling (see By default main is required to be of type Eff, but this can be controlled using the --check-main-type flag. Alternatively this check can be turned off entirely using the --no-check-main flag.
  • Fix a bug where pulp would crash on uncommon operating systems (#299)
  • Fix an error in the help message for the --else option (@tkawachi, #294)


  • Fix a bug where running pulp version in a repo which didn't yet have any git tags would cause pulp to crash


  • Allow empty paths for the --include option (@anilanar, #263)
  • Various fixes to pulp's docs and --help output (@anttih)
  • If psa is being used, check that it is not too old (#272)
  • Use an exitcode of 1 on invalid options/commands (#285)
  • Set Cache-Control: no-cache in pulp server (@geigerzaehler, #288)


  • Compatibility with PureScript 0.11.x. Compatibility with 0.10.x and previous versions of the PureScript compiler has been dropped (@natefaubion).
  • Create a .purs-repl file during pulp init, to automatically import Prelude in new projects (@chexxor).


  • Fix an issue causing "EXDEV: cross-device link not permitted" errors in some configurations (#252).


Nothing changed this release, I just messed up the 10.0.2 release so published another patch-level update.


  • Allow pulp to work with recent development builds of the PureScript compiler (#255, @sloosch).
  • Fix a missing space character in a message during 'pulp run' (#256, @bionicbrian).


  • Fix an issue where extra command line arguments were not being passed to test programs properly (#239, @mcoffin).


Breaking changes

  • Explicit separation of passthrough arguments (#220). The original behaviour that unrecognised arguments were passed through to psc (or whichever underlying program pulp calls) has turned out to be confusing. Instead, passthrough arguments are now separated from pulp's arguments with a --. Any unrecognised arguments before the -- will now cause pulp to complain.
  • pulp server has been broken since 9.0.0 and is now fixed! It also no longer uses webpack and purs-loader, instead it builds with the same mechanisms that pulp build uses, which should make things more reliable and easier (#151). This is a breaking change because some command line options for pulp server were removed as they were webpack-specific and therefore no longer applicable.
  • Remove options from pulp run which were not applicable and should never have been there: --skip-entry-point, --to, and --optimise.
  • Remove pulp dep (#234). pulp dep has been deprecated for quite a long time now.

Other changes

  • Add --jobs for specifying parallelism in psc (#93).
  • Fix swallowing of "Compiling " messages from psc.
  • Stop hardcoding version ranges in the initial bower.json created by pulp init (#231). Now, pulp delegates to bower install --save to select an appropriate version range.
  • Fix a bug where some arguments were mistakenly dropped instead of being passed to psc-bundle (#188).


  • Ignore .psc-ide-port, .psa-stash, and other dotfiles beginning with .psc or .psa in the default .gitignore file created by pulp init (@texastoland, #223, 225).
  • Bump version ranges in the default bower.json file created by pulp init to pick up the newest versions of core libraries (@Risto-Stevcev, #230).
  • Updated some npm dependencies to reduce the number of warnings you get when you run npm install pulp.


  • Improved error messages in the case where submitting a package to Pursuit as part of pulp publish fails.
  • Update README to use bower uninstall instead of the undocumented and presumably deprecated bower rm (@menelaos, #215).


  • Compatibility with version 0.9 of the PureScript compiler. Pulp no longer works with earlier versions of the PureScript compiler; to use earlier versions, you will need to downgrade to a previous version of Pulp.
  • Fix a bug where the version of psc being used was not being printed properly (#210).


  • Remove unused npm dependencies (xhr2, ansi, and supports-color).
  • Fix Pulp's description in package.json; Pulp is not a package manager.


  • Update the dependency on watchpack to fix deprecation warnings (#196).
  • Add a --no-push flag to pulp publish, allowing you to skip pushing tags to a Git remote as part of publishing (#201).
  • Add a --push-to option to pulp publish, allowing you to push to a specific Git remote (#201).


  • Actually fix pulp login (which was still broken).
  • Include the response body for any errors from the GitHub API in pulp login.


  • Remove the moduleType field from the bower.json file generated by pulp init.
  • Fix pulp login using the wrong environment variable for the home directory on Windows (#197).
  • Fix pulp login failing to check the auth token with GitHub (#199).
  • Don't require being inside a project to run pulp init (#200).


  • Added pulp version for bumping versions and creating git tags for releases of PureScript packages, as well as pulp publish for sending those releases out into the world. See pulp version --help and pulp publish --help for more info.


  • Revert to an open Prelude import in the default code generated by pulp init.


  • Fix pulp browserify hanging on Windows.
  • Fix --dependency-path and --monochrome options not being honoured when using psa.
  • Add pulp login, which will be useful later along with the upcoming pulp release.
  • Fix compiler warnings in PureScript source files generated by pulp init.


  • Pulp's rebuild logic has been removed, as it was causing more trouble than it was worth. This means the --force flag is now once again only available on pulp browserify, to force a non-incremental build.
  • Pulp will now use the psa tool instead of psc if available on your path. You can disable this behaviour by passing the --no-psa flag.

Bugs fixed: #140.


  • Remove the --engine option, since the --runtime option fulfils the same need.
  • Fix the --runtime option, which was previously broken. (#143)
  • Fix a bug where Pulp was sometimes using terminal ANSI codes for colours when it shouldn't have been, and not using them when it should. (#147)
  • Relay interrupts (Ctrl+C) to psci when running pulp psci, so that long-running commands can be interrupted, and to stop the "hGetChar: hardware fault (Input/output error)" message from being shown. (#88)


  • Fix the --watch option, which was broken in 6.2.0.
  • Remove the --optimise option for pulp test and pulp server, since it doesn't really make sense with these commands.


  • pulp dep is now deprecated. It continues to work as before, but you will have to install Bower yourself in order to use it. It’s recommended that you use Bower directly instead.
  • New global options --before and --else to complement --then.
  • --skip-entry-point now works when using pulp build --to.


  • You can now use pulp browserify --standalone <module-name> to produce a browserified bundle wrapped in a UMD header, which can be require()d, and which re-exports the main module of your PureScript project. It works by invoking browserify --standalone; see the Browserify documentation.


  • Remove unnecessary postinstall script.


  • Pulp has been ported to PureScript :)

  • The --with-deps flag for pulp docs has been renamed to --with-dependencies.

Bugs fixed: #123, #122, #121, #111, #108, #92.


Bugs fixed: #109.


Bugs fixed: #105, #106, #107, #113.


  • Pulp will now skip the build step if your project hasn't changed since your last rebuild.

  • The --force flag is now avaliable on all commands that trigger a build, and will force a rebuild regardless of whether your project has changed. It still also forces a non-incremental build when used with pulp browserify.

  • You can now use the flags --src-path, --test-path and --dependency-path to override the normal locations for these directories.

  • The format for passing multiple directories to --include has changed: you now separate directories using the standard system path delimiter, as opposed to spaces.