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November 17, 2020
  • #56 fix arg and hook generators
  • fix ci build


November 15, 2020
  • #55 custom helpers support
  • plugin helpers support: aws_secret, aws_ssm, google_secret, etc
  • introduce stack-level test concept and change project-level test concept
  • generators: standardize and unifiy new test
  • new generators: arg, hook, helper
  • clean up Terraspace check project
  • setup up autoloader and bundler/setup earlier. removes need for shim
  • test generator plugin autodetection
  • remove internal run_generator_hook_script
  • stack-level args customization support
  • improve test output noise-level
  • new setting: config.terraform.plugin_cache.purge_on_error
  • quiet option for project generator


  • #50 retry logic for shared cache error
  • #51 fix cloud sync: call build first


  • #49 add info --path option


  • #48 add logs pid option
  • default to input false, encourage set tfvars


  • #47 terraspace list fix and terraspace all init help updates


  • #46 improve hooks, bundle, auto init and bug fixes
  • improve hooks: allow multiple hooks of same type, change path hooks/terraform.rb
  • improve hooks: introduce terraspace-level as well as terraform-level hooks
  • improve hooks: can take Ruby block or shell script
  • improve auto init: reinit when module source changed, improve auto init: generalize retry check
  • fix already_init? detection for case when stack does use module
  • terraspace bundler options: can set any option now
  • add terraspace all init command
  • improve terraspace clean, prompt user and add -y option
  • bundle: check if in terraspace project
  • Rename NullObject to Unresolved
  • improve error message when stacks not found. give terraspace list hint
  • terraspace list. change default to --type stack
  • change summary option to --details
  • include terraspace version in generated Gemfile
  • logs command to handle viewing, and clean logs to clean


  • #44 improve logs management commands: terraspace logs remove and terraspace logs truncate


  • #43 rename terraform_output helper to output. Keep terraform_output for backwards compatibility
  • to_ruby natural interface to access output with full power of Ruby
  • output formatters removed in favor for .to_ruby method.


  • #42 update cli docs and bug fixes
  • fix console by using system instead of popen3
  • fix build for edge case when app/modules exist but app/stacks do not
  • terraspace new project: do not generate spec folder by default
  • improve all output summary
  • remove redundant terraspace cloud setup, instead use: terraspace cloud sync
  • improve terraspace info output
  • fix integration test pipeline


  • #41 fix terraspace build and terraspace seed when bucket doesnt exist yet and there are dependenices defined.


  • #40 fix backend auto creation


  • #39 fix backend auto creation


  • All commands: Dependency graph calculated and deployed in proper order
  • All commands: terraspace all up, terraspace all build, terraspace all down, etc. terraspace all -h
  • Terraspace log: view and tail log files
  • Terraspace logs management commands: terraspace logs truncate and terraspace logs remove
  • TFC/TFE: Improve support.,
  • TFC commands: terraspace cloud runs list, terraspace cloud runs prune
  • TFC VCS also sync as part of deploy. Also separate terraspace cloud sync command
  • Logger improvements: configurable formatter, log to stderr by default
  • Rename: cloud.relative_root to cloud.working_dir_prefix
  • Run a plan to capture the diff as part of -y option. IE: terraspace up demo -y
  • Run plan -destroy as part of down -y
  • Rename update cli to up. Only support the shorthand.
  • Config options: config.all.concurrency, config.all.exit_on_fail, etc
  • TFC: cloud.auto_sync option
  • Improve terraform version check
  • Terraform init: auto mode will retry initializing up to 3 times
  • Terraspace seed: fix instance option


  • fix version check for some versions of terraform


  • #37 config.clean_cache option


  • #36 cloud.relative_root setting


  • #35 fix summary bug when ran multiple times with different envs


  • #34 Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise support added.
  • TFC Vars support: JSON and DSL. config.overwrite and config.overwrite_sensitive configs
  • Build all stacks with config/terraform files. Designed to support the TFC VCS-driven workflow.
  • Layer Interface module added. All latest provider plugins like terraspace_plugin_aws make use of this module.
  • Backend pattern expansion auto-detects the provider bakcend. The expansion method replaces the backend_expand method. backend_expand is deprecated.
  • New expander variables: TYPE_INSTANCE, INSTANCE, CACHE_ROOT. Also added strip trailing - and / behavior.
  • Timeout for terraform init. The default timeout is 10m and will then print out the terraform init log.
  • Terraspace 0.2.x is compatible with terraspace_plugin_aws 0.2.x, terraspace_plugin_google 0.2.x, and terraspace_plugin_azurerm 0.2.x
  • New commands: terraspace list, terraspace cloud list, terraspace cloud setup, terraspace cloud destroy, terraspace new shim, terraspace new git_hook
  • terraspace list: list of modules and stacks
  • terraspace cloud list: shows list of TFC workspaces
  • terraspace cloud setup: setups up TFC workspace for VCS-driven workflow. This automatically happens for the TFC CLI-driven workflow.
  • terraspace cloud destroy: destroys the TFC workspace associated with the stack. Can also use the terraspace down demo --destroy-workspace option.
  • terraspace new shim: An quick way to generate a terraspace shim.
  • terraspace new git_hook: An quick way to set up a git pre-push hook for the TFC VCS-driven workflow.
  • terraspace down: works even if there's no app/stacks folder. A fake stack is built.
  • terraspace build: terraspace build placeholder concept.
  • terraspace build: only builds now. auto bucket backend creation and terraform init is is still automatically called by terraform up, etc.
  • terraspace up: --reconfigure option. This is useful if upgrading Terraform version.


  • #33 rspec-terraspace dependency added


  • #32 terraspace summary --short option


  • Initial release