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  • Deprecate EscapeUtils.escape_url and EscapeUtils.unescape_url given that Ruby 2.5 provides an optimized CGI.escape and CGI.unescape with mostly similar performance.
  • Don't patch URI.escape and URI.unescape if they don't already exist.
  • Add EscapeUtils.escape_html_once and EscapeUtils.rb_eu_escape_html_once_as_html_safe as faster implementations of Rails escape_once helper.
  • Deprecate escape_html and escape_html_as_html_safe given that Ruby 2.5 optimized CGI.escapeHTML to be twice faster than the EscapeUtils implementation.
  • Deprecate unescape_html given that Ruby 2.5 optimized CGI.unescapeHTML to be only 40% slower than th EscapeUtils implementation.
  • Deprecate escape_html_as_html_safe as well.
  • Deprecate EscapeUtils.html_safe, there's no reason to escape for slashes / in 2022.


  • Update EscapeUtils.escape_javascript to match Rails escape_javascript Now escapes, Backquotes (```), Dollar ($), U+2000 and U+2001
  • Make the Rack monkey patch a noop as it's no longer correct since circa 2011.
  • Require Ruby 2.5+
  • Stop escaping ~ like CGI.escape does since Ruby 2.5


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