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New features:

  • info command


  • fixed scaffold command root folder. When the root folder wasn't present, the command were throwing an exception. Now it creates just the folder. Note: you cannot specify nested unexistent folders for the rootPath. That will still throw an exception.


New features:

  • You can now define a default folders structure to scaffold
  • You can now specify a custom templates for default items and custom items
  • Updated json schema (added customFileTemplates)
  • Updated json schema (added templateFile to customFileTemplates)
  • Updated json schema (added description for fields and examples)
  • Updated json schema TS types
  • Updated json schema TS types (added $schema entry)


  • Solved init bug that were creating the .energy.cli.json, but when using the generate command was throwing error.

Minor changes

  • Added badges on readme
  • Updated package repo data


  • Throwing errors for: MissingItemTypeFlagException and unhandled errors.
  • Various tweaks on messages.
  • Refined output for missing filename item for interface from 'int' -> 'interface' only in case of interface-type.
  • Changed dotnetInterfaceStyle from false -> true.
  • Now the cli conf file is called .energy.cli.json.
  • Fixed bug on mismatch between nrg g --int && nrg g --interface.
  • Added test should create the interface item correctly.