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  • iOS: Update to 5.4.1 for iOS
  • iOS: Fix suppressScan config does not work on iOS #46. Thanks lolptdr.


  • Android: Add ability to blur all digits in the scanned card image, minus any number of digits to remain unblurred, enabled via CardIOActivity.EXTRA_UNBLUR_DIGITS. Thank you Michael Schmoock.
  • Android: Fix issue where Maestro cards were not correctly recognized #154.
  • Android: Fix issue on Android 23 and above where CardIOActivity#canReadCardWithCamera() would return the incorrect value if permissions had not been granted #136. Now defaults to true in such cases.
  • Android: Add missing locales to javadocs
  • Android: Upgrade gradle to 2.13.
  • Android: Upgrade Android Gradle plugin to 2.1.0.


  • Fixes Plugin.xml.


  • Added more configurations to cordova app.
  • Added support for Android.
  • Updated CardIO iOS version to 5.3.2.


  • Simplify integration instructions.
  • Add CardIO library 4.0.0.
  • Fix deprecated warnings.
  • Re-arrange structure for plugman support.
  • Minor cleanup.