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  • (New) Added a lot of extra documentation.
  • (Enh) Policies can now also be added with the .policy() function in the api class.
  • (Enh) Added more correct defaulting.
  • (Enh) The status code won't automatically be added to the response anymore.
  • (Enh) Moved some lines in the json text function and updated header information.
  • (Fix) Turned around parameters when the json class is created.
  • (Fix) Added missing variables and bindings.
  • (Del) Removed an unused dependency.


  • (New) Changed the styling of all the classes.
  • (New) Added some documentation.
  • (New) Added eslint and fixed the issues it found.
  • (Del) Removed an unused file.


  • (New) Added methods to the policies map.
  • (Enh) Renamed some methods in the json class.
  • (Enh) Moved some methods in the api class.


  • (New) Created the module.
  • (New) Added the package.json.
  • (New) Added the api and json classes.
  • (New) Added the .gitignore.