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  • Replaced Virtual DOM with Incremental DOM. Sorry to anyone hoping for issue #7. Incremental DOM is much better at memory management than Virtual DOM (very important for mobile).
  • View wrapping tags are back as it creates a cleaner interface with Incremental DOM (although you could technically get away without a wrapping tag).
  • Templates now use Starplate. They're ES6 template strings that play nice with Incremental DOM. They are one of the templates recommended by Google to be used with Incremental DOM. @chrisabrams subsequently became a contributor to Starplate after choosing them and Incremental DOM for Dragon 0.2.
  • Dropped Object.observe as it's too flaky on changes (good write up here). This will make the members of issue #8 happy.
  • Models now use ____ for observing changes

Commits from 2014 & 2015

This project started out in 2014 as an exploration of writing ES6 projects and using Virtual DOM in non-React projects. It grew and some how found its way into Javascript Weekly, where pain points driving the project were validated:

  • Belief that there is more than one way to manage the Virtual DOM, or how to write a client-side app without using React
  • Memory management and app lifecycle is important, especially for single page apps running on mobile
  • Views and templates should separate concerns
  • Like Backbone, don't like JSX (or would prefer many other options before JSX)
  • Backbone's router stinks