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August 15, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • check-password: correctly validate parameters, fix test (b772dde)
  • common: ensure nan is being included everywhere appropriately (7bddb24)
  • context: add NewInstance methods, and make getters safer (fd4b852)
  • gss: fix issue with memory corruption (ff4167e)
  • kerberos: provide default gss flags (b365934)
  • legacy: support legacy import expectations (615b23f)
  • response: ensure null or client/server response is returned (083518f)
  • server: use the correct internal method name for server init (8c8dd35)
  • this: use the correct reference to this for object unwrapping (1acfb20)
  • unique_ptr: ensure we include where required (e3d9afb)
  • warnings: set clang compiler pragmas only when clang is detected (048479d)
  • win32: windows -> win32 in bindings.gyp (0221c06)
  • win32: cleanup client state in addon destructor (5394561)
  • win32: initialize with a domain, if one is provided (309ba61)


  • async-worker: introduce a KerberosWorker using lambdas (1239ef7)
  • checkPassword: add implementation for checking krb5 passwords (60f476e)
  • clean: provide implementations for the clean methods (77a77ce)
  • client: add final wrap/unwrap api endpoints (016222f)
  • client: add implementation for client wrap/unwrap to win32 (994604c)
  • gss: add new methods for constructing state tracking types (274cad6)
  • jsdoc2md: add jsdoc2md support, and README template (60e1ee5)
  • kerberos: add getters to check for context completeness (6a9a01d)
  • kerberos: implement client/server init, move to worker file (1c857ea)
  • kerberos: return value for step is the challenge response (e153d24)
  • promises: allow to access all API by promise or callback (3b77430)
  • serverPrincipalDetails: add server pricipal details method (385fcd1)
  • src: begin to develop the new version of the module in src (f45da50)
  • sspi: introduce client initialization for SSPI (6a40301)
  • sspi: provide implementation for initializeClient (5943f1c)
  • step: implement client and server step methods (5a4327c)