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  • add support for Ubuntu 22.04
  • create crons dir if missing
  • update nodejs buildpack to v197
  • upgrade ruby buildpack
  • add --no-gpg-checks for SLES11 and SLES12 when setting up build dependencies. This is suboptimal, but helps with outdated package repos.


  • Publish docker images to simplify build
  • Upgrade ruby buildpack to v227-1
  • Improve log file display


  • Add support for Ubuntu 20.04
  • Update ruby buildpack to v212-1


  • Add support for RHEL 8.
  • Update ruby buildpack to v206-1. Supports Rails6.
  • Add support for Debian 10 "buster"
  • Add config:unset to CLI.
  • Update ruby buildpack to v199-1. Supports bundler2.


  • Work around bundler requiring a writable home dir for executing bundle install


  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Ruby buildpack v183-1


  • Handle both opt/ logs and systemd logs
  • Support for debian 9
  • Support for configuring app environment through cat env-file | my-app configure
  • Running my-app configure will try to run a configure script if one found in packaging/scripts/configure
  • Introduction of my-app restart [process] command, to abstract differences among init systems
  • my-app logs now forwards to journalctl, on systemd-enabled distributions
  • Lots of fixes and improvements as to how PORTs are defined
    • Interactive runs properly handle PORT given on command line, e.g. PORT=xxx my-app run web
    • A PORT is now assigned for each Procfile process, offset by 100 from base PORT for each process type
    • Each worker of a specific process type is assigned a PORT equal to BASE_PORT+PORT_OFFSET+WORKER_INDEX-1
    • Existing PORT configuration is not touched for backwards compatibility (you only get the new configuration when running the scale command).
  • Permit specifying multiple buildpacks to execute
  • Upgrade default ruby and nodejs buildpacks to v164 and v104
  • Fix runtime postgres dependency for sles12
  • Add home parameter in CLI
  • Do not attempt to create /usr/bin if CLI disabled
  • Ensure existence of the logs directory
  • Travis updates and build status image


  • Update Ruby buildpack URL to get the latest ruby versions asutomatically
  • Add support for Python!


  • Fix upstart job for CentOS
  • Reinstall master and process master init scripts whenever scale is called
  • Run chroot with the user's configured groups
  • Add SLES11 support
  • Fix postinstall shebang
  • Can now disable default dependencies with default_dependencies: false
  • Allow to override data_dir folder
  • Generate init files with correct PORT
  • Allow hard-coded defaults to be overridden by pkgr.yml
  • Pass ENV_DIR to compile script
  • Replace only instances of /app/ and not /app in buildpacks
  • Create /app dir, which is required by some buildpacks to compile (e.g. GO)
  • Pass TARGET as an env variable when compiling, so that it can be used to fetch binaries from
  • Add possibility to set category and directories fpm option
  • Support for Ubuntu 16.04
  • Add command-line flags for disabling default dependencies and CLI


  • Add CentOS / RHEL 7 support with systemd
  • Add Debian 8 "jessie" support with systemd
  • Upstart: make sure to start once filesystem is up
  • Add Amazon Linux 2015 support
  • Allow addons to be installed from a local relative path
  • Add SLES12 support
  • Extract SVN version number, if available
  • Changed interpreter in maintainer scripts to /bin/bash in order to avoid forbidden-postrm-interpreter errors on Debian 7


  • Allow to run some commands as the APP_USER instead of root
  • Some profile.d scripts output stuff (e.g. newest nodejs buildpack), so redirect to /dev/null


  • Use Shellwords to escape command line args
  • Allow scaledowns to finish even if stopping the service does not work
  • Retry the packaging command at most 3 times if the package verification failed
  • Add CLI options for --before-remove and --after-remove scripts
  • Make sure .git directories are not included in the resulting package


  • Allow to set config variables with equal signs in their values
  • Add --vendor option
  • Add net-tools to dependencies when using installer
  • Add which to dependencies when using installer
  • Add support for SLES12 (rpm)
  • Get remote compiling working
  • All processes from Procfile are now exported as potential services
  • Add option to verify the generated packages
  • CLI support: allow to overwrite default CLI to point to custom executable


  • Add support for Fedora 20.
  • Add support for packaging Go apps.
  • Add support for installing cron files automatically.
  • Allow to output a compressed version of the compile cache.
  • Update ruby buildpack to use universal branch of
  • Preliminary support for installer wizards. New configure and reconfigure CLI commands.


  • Added more relaxed curl timeouts for Ubuntu Trusty ruby buildpack.


  • Add buildpacks for Ubuntu 14.04.
  • Add support for pre/post install files.


  • CLI: Support for Ubuntu Trusty 14.04
  • Put the CLI in /usr/bin.
  • Properly set HOME environment variable to /home/:user
  • Add more relaxed timeouts on ruby buildpacks.
  • Add PROCESS_MANAGER env variable if custom runner is forced.
  • Fix issues with .pkgr.yml custom runner not being picked up
  • Allow to force a custom runner (upstart, sysvinit).
  • Handles termination of processes that fork upon starting.
  • Fix sysvinit script.
  • Fix permissions on /etc/appname.
  • Fix dependencies installation.
  • Make user:group the owner of /etc/appname/*
  • Add tests for CLI
  • CentOS experimental support
  • Added --after-precompile and --license options.
  • Move slow test to integration.
  • Outputs buildpack cloning step.


  • Add --buildpack-list option, with support for environment variables to be given to a buildpack.
  • Reduce list of builtin buildpacks to Ruby and NodeJS.
  • Remove upstart dependency.
  • Add sysvinit support for debian distros.
  • Fix PORT_NUM substitution.
  • Allow to set a maintainer for the package.
  • Rescue more errors, for better display.
  • Add debug output when launching buildpack compile command.


  • Fix master init script.
  • Allow after hooks.


  • Expand given path when packaging.


  • Correctly export environment variables in /etc/default/your-app.