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November 1, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • report: Better usability for report (56e1222), closes #31 #19
  • report: EPUB title is a top-level item (5f210d4), closes #62
  • report: report name is report.json (84ddf2f), closes #66
  • report: States that no was found (c6b3b9a), closes #61
  • rules: properly detect page markers using epub:type="pagebreak" (72e5bd5), closes #85


  • core: run HTML checks in headless Chrome (b150b83), closes #23
  • report: report includes summary of violations (8ce05b7), closes #30
  • rules: allow DPUB ARIA roles (32cdacf), closes #65
  • rules: ensure that page break markers have an accessible label (a078739), closes #71
  • rules: report data on fallback mechanisms with no a11y support (b18740a), closes #76
  • rules: report the presence of interactive form content (5680386), closes #75

Performance Improvements

  • run HTML checks concurrently (fb91a69)


October 11, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • use the proper URL to Ace’s website in the report (9c5c62a)


October 10, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • create subdirectories when creating a new directory (ceed934)


  • use the new URL for DAISY’s KB (a659a9c), closes #58


October 9, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • patch aXe to support namespaced element names (9e945b9), closes #57
  • use javascript strict mode everywhere to prevent errors (b41e77b)
  • wrong image paths in HTML report (1ecf40f), closes #56


  • use Babel to make Ace compatible with Node v6 and later (89cb1d7), closes #45
  • write logs to a user directory (97d2dc9), closes #50


October 5, 2017


  • correctly publish the fixes from v0.3.1 to npm.


October 5, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • http: make ace-http command executable (564f695)
  • don’t crash when an image is missing in the EPUB (cec84b1), closes #44
  • end the JSON-LD context URL by .json (999ebe8)
  • JS error in the report when assertions don’t have a pointer (e3b6917), closes #54
  • multiple dc:source caused an unexpected error (c719977), closes #49
  • properly set paths to media elems with sources children (4d816fe), closes #48
  • various bugs in the report builder (4db2bd2), closes #53


October 4, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • cli: fix broken dependency (1b6893b)
  • add the correct version of Ace to the report (7b855df)
  • allow the doc checker to be called concurrently (af2ce2a)
  • cli: correct file location (f295c6f)
  • disable aXe’s bypass rule (e3215ff), closes #40
  • do not hang on errors during HTML checking (54ebf5b), closes #39
  • don’t choke on –and report– missing KB links (2bc94ab)
  • enable successive calls in the same process (7461fec)
  • improve error handling (8591a08)
  • prevent data to leak outside the report dir (a86fddc), closes #18 #33
  • support checking unpackaged EPUB passed as relative paths (2268ba5)
  • wait for reports to be written before returning (bd7d6cb)


  • CLI: improve handling of report directory overrides (e4ab069), closes #17 #28
  • http: completed initial http api (19f5c70), closes #9
  • tests: add minimal integration tests (7d087cd)
  • extract more info from the HTML content (6134f6d), closes #26
  • report EPUB-specific violations (ab4d34b), closes #10
  • various improvements to the HTML report’s UX
  • add a summary of accessibility metadata
  • support checking of unpackaged EPUBs
  • add integration tests


August 7, 2017


  • New JSON-LD report format, using properties from W3C's Evaluation and Report Language
  • New HTML report
  • Include link to DAISY's accessibility knowledge base (work in progress)
  • Include a visualization of various EPUB outlines (Navigation Document's ToC, headings hiererachy, and HTML outline)
  • Include a list of the EPUB's images and associated descriptive text
  • Include the full publication metadata set


June 26, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug which caused file name conflicts when creating temporary directories for Content Documents (closes #12)


June 2, 2017


  • includes a basic CLI app
  • extracts and parses an EPUB to load content docs
  • runs aXe on the content docs (on the DOM rendered in NightmareJS/Electron)
  • aggregates the results
  • produces a report on the standard output or
  • store it in a specified directory