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  • import fontsource-<font name> or index.css no longer defaults to contain ALL weights and styles for a font. It now only contains weight 400 with all styles included. This was changed to prevent fonts, such as Noto Sans JP, to counter-intuitively generate 1MB+ CSS files with the new unicode-range feature. Simply choose the necessary weights and styles from now on with import fontsource-<font name>/<weight>.css or import fontsource-<font name>/<weight>-<style>.css. #37 #42

  • TTF/OTF support has been removed due to NPM package size limitations. Browser compatability goes as low as: caniuse #44


  • Added unicode-range CSS selector to all fonts. It is no longer necessary for individual subsets to be defined when importing CSS files but backwards compatability remains. Use import fontsource-<font name>/<weight>.css or import fontsource-<font name>/<weight>-<style>.css to leverage the new feature from now on. #37
  • Added package.json rebuilder. #43
  • Added force rebuild to Google package. #37
  • Added force rebuild to non-Google packages. #42
  • Autogenerate FONTLIST.mdand added FONTLIST.json. #58
  • Copy to every individual package. #41


  • Adjusted templates.js to add more relevant fields to package.json #37
  • Resolved subsets not correctly being identified when packaging files through the generic packager. #45

2.x Release




  • Add Yarn resolution to resolve Lerna publish errors. f6e7b1f



  • Added metadata.json files to each package that contains useful data that allows Fontsource or external users to leverage to pull information from. #26 #27 #28
  • Account for rare possible instance of oblique font-style #26


  • Correct src: locals() in CSS generation to reflect upstream source accurately. #10 #11
  • Resolve incorrect SCSS documentation + general improvements #23
  • Ensure no old files remain from a font update #24
  • Allow index.css generation for fonts without latin subset #25


  • Main release.


These occur when an automatic update is pushed from a source, such as Google, or Fontsource may apply patches. Due to version mismatching and lack of accurate tracking, a specific version for a Fontsource patch cannot be logged. Fixes are mentioned in each minor update instead.

3.x Release