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  • New: hubot-fb now queues message submission, which enforces displaying messages in the order they are sent. Thanks @nsand!


  • BREAKING: FB_ROUTE_URL's new default is /hubot/fb, to reduce the chance of routing conflicts.
  • BREAKING: hubot-fb now automatically sets up webhooks! Manually specifying FB_VERIFY_TOKEN is no longer necessary, but you now need to specify FB_PAGE_ID, FB_APP_ID, FB_APP_SECRET, and FB_WEBHOOK. For simplicity's sake, this is required even if you previously have manually set up webhooks. Thanks @kengz!
  • New: Setting FB_AUTOHEAR to true allows hubot-fb to treat all direct messages (which is all the API currently supports) as messages that hubot will listen to. E.g., for a robot named "hubot", both "ping" and "@hubot ping" will be passed as "@hubot ping", when FB_AUTOHEAR is enabled.
  • New: Emit fb_optin and fb_authentication events. Thanks @andjosh!