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June 5, 2021
  • Fix Ruby 3 compatibility [GH-409]


January 3, 2021
  • Add installer_option :enablerepo for CentOS. [GH-402], Fixes [GH-398]
  • Add installer_option :running_kernel_modules for all Linux installers. [GH-403], Fixes [GH-396]


November 20, 2020
  • Work around a bug in vagrant 2.2.11 to 2.2.13, which would not load the vbguest middleware. [GH-394], Fixes [GH-391]


November 15, 2020
  • Un-mounting the guest additions iso will now take place in the cleanup step [GH-393]
  • Running detection now checks for vboxguest and vboxsf kernel module. [GH-392], Fixes [GH-387]


October 30, 2020
  • Add a new configuration installer_hooks allows to configure arbitrary scripts to be run on the guest before/after installer steps are executed.
  • Fix RHEL8 perl vs. perl-interpreter [GH-368]
  • On RedHat, use dnf instead of yum if available. [GH-368]
  • Fix incorrect re-use of installer_* options.


September 26, 2020
  • Renames mainline branch from "master" to "main"
  • Fix not detecting running GuestAdditions on some systems [GH-347], [GH-376]. Thanks @Morac2 for [GH-377]
  • Fixes package installation issues on CentOS 8. CentOS installers no longe use the --enablerepo parameter when running yum to install packages. Thanks @ghoneycutt for [GH-384]


April 29, 2020

No code changes to 0.24.0.beta1


  • Add a new configuration installer_options, as an optional way to pass options to Installer classes.
  • Add new installer_options for the CentOS Installer. Thanks @pedrofurtado for [GH-373]
    • allow_kernel_upgrade: Will update the kernel and reboots the box
    • reboot_timeout: Optionally, set the max amount of seconds to wait after reboot


January 5, 2020
  • Fix Oracle Linux Installer. Installs elfutils-libelf-devel. [GH-364], @fribeiro1 [GH-365]


December 6, 2019
  • Fix checking for vboxadd tools. [GH-362]


December 1, 2019
  • Opensuse installer now uninstalls packaged guest additions
  • Fix error trying to rebuild/start guest additions when no vboxadd to is present [GH-358]
  • Fix Oracle installer to support non UEK kernel. [GH-357]


November 11, 2019
  • Default web_path to virtualbox now uses https. @adamzerella [GH-354]
  • Support for Centos7-style compressed modules. @jude [GH-352]


September 27, 2019
  • Add Windows support. @thumperward [GH-343]
  • Add allow_downgrade config. Set it to false to prevent downgrades. [GH-310]
  • the gem version is now hold in a plain text file VERSION (additionally to the ruby constant VagrantVbguest::VERSION)


July 9, 2019
  • Relax version pin on micromachine dependency. Allow 2.x to 3.x. @johanneskastl [GH-341]


May 20, 2019
  • Fix Linux kernel module detection for VirtuaBox >= 6.0.6. @carlosefr [GH-334]


January 23, 2019
  • ContOS installer now activates all repositories when installing the kernel-devel-uname -r package and there's no specific release repository. [GH-320]
  • Fix CentOS release version detection for major.minor version numbers. Thanks @jaredg [GH-324]
  • Open upper version limit for Suse installer, supporting Suse 15 (and possibly above). Thanks @Fdall [GH-323]


December 20, 2018
  • CentOS keeps default redhat dependencies if kernel-devel-uname -r exists [GH-318]


December 13, 2018

No changes to 0.17.0.beta2


  • Fix Incorrect syntax on parameter passing in CentOS installer. @bstopp [GH-315]


  • New CentOS specific installer. Thanks @bstopp [GH-314]
  • Big cleanup, dropping support for Vagrant < 1.3. [GH-313]
  • Changes the status message for "No Virtualbox Guest Additions installation found". Thanks @SchnWalter [GH-308]


September 4, 2018

No changes to 0.16.0.beta1


  • Refactoring of reading the GuestAdditions version. For VirtualBox >= 4.2, we'll try VBoxManage showvminfo first, and use Vagrant as a fallback.
    This should fix a lot of those "Got different reports about installed GuestAdditions version" error messages.
    See discussion in [GH-300]. Thanks @cbj4074 for asking the right questions.
  • Add support for Amazon 2. Thanks @ghoneycutt [GH-304], [GH-303]


May 22, 2018
  • On RedHat based guest, the installer will now try to install the 'kernel-devel' package additionally to 'kernel-devel-uname -r' Thanks @ghoneycutt [GH-299]


January 8, 2018
  • Fix disabling yes | via options. Thanks @davidjb [GH-280]


September 21, 2017
  • Interactive user inputs from the installer run will be answered with "yes" by default. Thanks @jerr0328 [GH-268], [GH-267]
  • Added logging of mounting/umounting VBoxGuestAdditions.iso file. Thanks @m03 [GH-249]
  • Updates remote location of development dependencies.


May 9, 2017
  • Fix Debian installer. Thanks @chrisko [GH-255], [GH-256]


May 5, 2017
  • Fix GA version string parsing. Thanks @curtisharvey [GH-253]


May 4, 2017

No changes.


February 24, 2017
  • Added support for VirtualBox 5.1. Thanks @cdloh [GH-238], [GH-230]
    • Waring: The helper method vboxadd_tool was replaced by find_tool(tool)
  • The installers distro(vm) helper method got moved from the Linux class down the Base class which should make implementing non-linux installers easier. This change was purposed by @fabriciocolombo back in [GH-129]
  • The debian installer added support for proxmox VE. Thanks @maninga [GH-246]
  • The debian installer now calls apt-get update with -y --force-yes options. Thanks @podarok [GH-237]
  • Add synopsis for help/list-commands. Thanks @m03 [GH-235], [GH-236]
  • Fix typo in the Installers::Base#yield_installation_warning method name (keeping the incorrect yield_installation_waring as an alias for backward compatibility. This alias will be removed in a future version) Thanks @m03 [GH-234]


August 12, 2016
  • Fix a bug introduced by upgrading "micormachine". Thanks @omenlabs for [GH-225]
  • Fix a typo in a local variable. Thanks @vdloo for [GH-227]
  • Add an Arch Linux specific installer. Thanks @vdloo, also for fixing some typos in [GH-229]
  • Add a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (sles) specific installer to address [GH-219] and [GH-216]. Thanks @vpereira, @glookie1 for the hard digging. Thanks @vpereira for [GH-219]. Thanks @bkeepers for the dontenv project, from which I stole it's parser.


June 16, 2016
  • Fix version comparison when version is reported with revision. Thanks @apeabody for [GH-179], [GH-201]
  • Fix package manager detection on Fedora. Thanks @robnagler for [GH-185]
  • Fix missing binutils dependency for RedHat. Thanks @andy-maier for [GH-188]
  • Fix detecting of chkconfg or service command. Thanks @jherre for [GH-191]
  • Fix cleaning up temp files on Windows. Thanks @JexCheng for [GH-212]
  • Fix ubuntu removing packaged_additions for old installations. [GH-199] Also thanks @thpang67 for [GH-208]
  • Fix driver and service version comparison. Big thanks to @NeMO84 for [GH-213] and [GH-214]
  • Improve installing dependencies on openSUSE. Thanks @vpereira for [GH-190]
  • Improve detection of the VBoxGuestAdditions.iso file. Thanks @Raskil for [GH-206]
  • Add the vm name to log outputs. Thanks @Tomohiro for [GH-210]

For those who want to create their own (or overwrite existing) installers, this sample for a vbguest driver plugin might help you to get started:

For a full diff see:


October 29, 2015
  • Add installer for opensuse. Thanks @darnells for [GH-163]
    • Add installer for fedora. Thanks @jamesgecko and @PatrickCoffey for [GH-158]
    • Add installer for oracle. Thanks @TobyHFerguson for [GH-145]
    • Add redhat installer support for centos7. Thanks @roidelapluie for [GH-162]
    • Add debian installer support for debian8. Thanks @ubermuda for [GH-171]
    • Add ISO auto-detection on Archlinux hosts. [GH-135]
    • Add lookup for the vboxadd tool, instead of assuming it in /etc/init.d
    • And systemd-ish startup methods if available, instead of assuming /etc/init.d/vboxadd being useable.
    • Add configuration options for iso upload path and mount point.
    • Add a --no-cleanup command-line switch to make debugging a bit more convenient.


October 8, 2015
  • Make sure our log message strings are loaded [GH-107]
    • Add ‘bzip2’ as a dependency for redhat based distributions. [GH-155], [GH-167]


December 9, 2013
  • Adds new config option installer_arguments
    Customize arguments passed to the VirtualBox GuestAdditions shell script installer. Defaults to "--no-x11". [GH-98]
    • Cope with UbuntuCloudImage by default [GH-86], [GH-64], [GH-43] On Ubuntu, always try to remove conflicting installations of GuestAdditions by removing those packages: virtualbox-guest-dkms virtualbox-guest-utils virtualbox-guest-x11
    • Unload kernel modules when UbuntuCloudImage packages are installed. (Thanks @eric1234 for commenting on ec9a7b1f0a)
    • Wait for SSH connection to be ready. Fixes timing issues with vagrant v1.3.0 and later. [GH-80], [GH-90]
    • Fix a typo in command description [GH-84]
    • Tweak gem dependencies [GH-82]
      • add rake as development dependency
      • remove version locks on gems provided by vagrant
    • Pass plugin name when registration the action hook for vagrant ≥1.1 [GH-80]
    • Fix crash on Vagrant 1.4 [GH-100]


  • With [GH-94] the name, vagrant-vbguest registers itself to vagrant's (≥1.1) plugin-system changed from 'vbguest management' to 'vagrant-vbguest'


  • Adds support for vagrant 1.3 [GH-71], [GH-72]
    • Fix crash when using as a command [GH-68].
    • Don't trust VirtualBox Media Manager informations when looking for an iso file. [GH-70]


  • Be lax about missing installer for guest OS. No longer throws an error when no Installer class for the guest os was found. Keep the error message, stop vbguest workflow, but keep vagrant running. [GH-65]


  • Adds Vagrant 1.2 compatibility [GH-59], [GH-60], [GH-62] / (thanks @Andrew8xx8 for pointing directions)
    • Fix basic/fallback linux installer [GH-56]
    • Guard auto-reload on broken vagrant builds. Some vagrant 1.1.x versions have a bug regarding ssh and cleaning up old connections, which results in vagrant crashing when a box is reloaded.


  • Fix auto-reloading for vagrant 1.1 [GH-52] Also changes the reload method for vagrant 1.0 when ran as middleware (to not run build-in actions manually).


  • When looking for a GuestAdditions iso file in media manager allow version number in filename. [GH-48], [GH-49] / (thanks @neerolyte)
    • Support multiple locations to be searched while "guessing" GuestAdditions iso file
    • On Linux guests also search "$HOME/.VirtualBox" for GuestAdditions iso file. [GH-48]
    • Add support for redhat-based distributions (Scientific Linux and presumably CentOS) [GH-47], [GH-46] / (thanks @neerolyte)
    • Fix an issue with VirtualBox GuestAdditions 4.2.8 [GH-44] / (thanks @jimmycuadra)
    • Reworked bunch of internals, particularly how vagrants's environment is passed around. Also decoupled GuestAdditions finder into a separate class.
    • Introduce a vagrant 1.0 compatibility layer for Installers and other vbguest internals


  • [GH-44] changes the behaviour of vbguest to that effect, that it will no longer halt vagrant workflow if running the VirtualBox GuestAdditions Installer returns an error-code. Instead it will print a human readable waring message.
  • The environment (env) in custom installers is no longer the actions environment Hash, but the Environment instance. Which has some implications on how you can access e.g. the ui: instead of env[:ui] use env.ui
  • To achieve compatibility to both vagrant 1.0 and 1.1, custom Installers, when executing shell commands on the guest system, should use vbguests communicate wrapper. e.g.:
    A call like ` 'apt-get update'` should be
    changed to `communicate.sudo 'apt-get update'`
    The old syntax will continue to work on vagrant 1.0.x but will fail on vagrant 1.1.x.


January 24, 2013
  • Fix passing a installer class as an config option [GH-40]


January 19, 2013
  • Fix generic linux installer for not explicitly supported distributions [GH-39]


January 18, 2013
  • Fix typos and wording in error messages and I18n keys et al. [GH-38]


January 13, 2013
  • Fix missing command output block and parameters for installation process [GH-37]
    • Update README to reflect new wording for status informations


January 13, 2013
  • Debian installer now cope with missing dkms package [GH-30]
    • Fixed some issues when running on just creating boxes [GH-31]
    • Fixed workding (thx @scalp42) [GH-32]
    • Add debug logging
    • Installers no longer are shell scripts, but ruby classes
    • Users may pass in their own installer classes (yes! plugins in plugins)
    • New sprintf style %{version} placeholder for iso download path. (old $VBOX_VERSION placeholder still working)
    • Revisited command arguments to not just mirror config values:
      • New --do argument: force-run one of those commands:
        • start : Try to start the GuestAdditions Service
        • rebuild : Rebuild the currently installed Guest Additions
        • install : Run the installation process from "iso file"
      • New --status argument
      • Removed -I|--no-install argument (instead use --status)


November 30, 2012
  • Fix: Provisioning will not run twice when rebooted due to incomplete GuestAdditions installation [GH-27] / (thanks @gregsymons for pointing)


November 19, 2012
  • Box will be rebooted if the GuestAdditions installation process does not load the kernel module [GH-25], [GH-24]
    • Add --auto-reboot argument to allow rebooting when running as a command (which is disabled by default when running as command)
    • Adds this Changelog


October 21, 2012
  • Add global configuration options [GH-22]
    • Add iso_path option :auto to rest a previously configured path [GH-22]


  • Fix iso detection for windows hosts [GH-20]


  • Fix installer shell script invocation [GH-18]


  • Add Fedora to the list of supported platforms [GH-17]
    • Add system package update (apt-get update) to the debian installer if package installation fails [GH-16]
    • Drop dependency on vagrant gem [GH-15]


  • Stop GuestAdditions installation and fail with an error when installation of dependency packages fails [GH-13]


  • Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility [GH-12]


  • Removed dependency to the virtualbox gem by using vagrants vm driver [GH-8]


  • Typo fixes in readme and internal renaming. [GH-9], [GH-7]


  • Makes a guess on where to look for a VBoxGuestAdditions.iso file based on the host system (when VirtualBox does not tell). [GH-6]
    • Adds command line options --no-install, --no-remote, --iso
    • Requires vagrant v0.9.4 or later


  • Fix vagrant 0.9.4 compatibility [GH-4]


  • Vagrant 0.9 compatibility (drops 0.8 support) [GH-3]


  • Vagrant 0.8 support