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  • HOUSEKEEPING: bumping a deprecated glob dep. Thanks @AndreJoaquim.


  • ENHANCEMENT: add TypeScript to the default list of file types we will examine for snippets. Thanks @aaxelb.


  • HOUSEKEEPING: fix broccoli 2 deprecations, thanks @dcyriller


  • BUGFIX: make index.js name match NPM package name by @esbanarango


  • ENHANCEMENT: Add support for snippets in YAML files by @acdn-sglanzer


  • ENHANCEMENT: Allow excluding the file extension from the snippet name by @dfreeman


  • BUGFIX: fix loading snippets from a subdirectory by @dwickern
    • HOUSEkEEPING: update deps by @BnitoBzh


  • BREAKING CHANGE: we used to include syntax highlighting support for every language supported by highlight.js. This is hundreds of languages and it results in a lot of unused code. Starting in 2.0.0, we only include a small set of defaults that are likely relevant to Ember users, and provide the option to substitute your own custom build of highlight.js if you need a different set. See "Syntax Highlighting Language Support" in the README.

    • ENHANCEMENT: you can now disable the automatic inclusion of our default theme and provide one of the other highlight.js themes. See "Theming Support" in the README.

    • ENHANCEMENT: detect nested code snippets (PR #42 by @defreeman)