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functions can be used for function programming for easealy, as they are shipped independently instead of using

  • ES6: import calc from "node-bytes-calculator"; or
  • commonjs: const calc = require("node-bytes-calculator")


  • ES6: import { hasSequence, addSequence, removeSequence } from 'sequence-calculator'; or
  • commonjs: const { hasSequence, addSequence, removeSequence } = require('sequence-calculator');

functions renamed

  • instead of calc.hasBytes(x, y) just hasSequence(x, y)
  • instead of calc.addBytes(x, y) just addSequence(x, y)
  • instead of calc.removeBytes(x, y) just removeSequence(x, y)

functions are shipped as arrow functions e.g. {this} is not redifined in those [as there is no need for that]