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December 24, 2017


  • bacnet-client: implement alarming and eventing (fbf120c)

Bug Fixes

  • bacnet-client: use decodeCOVNotify for COV handling (967f154), closes #69
  • bacnet-node-type: correct enum according to BACnet spec (3c271fc)


  • bacnet-client: various function parameters changed. Adapt according latest documentation.

  • bacnet-client: isUTC parameter has been omitted and was replaced by the timeSyncUTC function

  • bacnet-enum: Bacnet prefix for all enumerators has been dropped

  • client: objectType and objectInstance parameters for all functions have been replaced by a single obejctId parameter, expecting an object with type and instance attribute.

  • objId renamed to objectId

  • objName renamed to objectName

  • propertyIdentifier renamed to propertyId

  • propertyArrayIndex renamed to index

  • valueList renamed to values

  • objectIdentifier renamed to objectId

  • propertyReferences renamed to properties

  • renamed to

  • Recipient.adr renamed to recipient.address

  • subscriptionProcessId renamed to subscriptionProcessIdentifier

  • objectIdentifier renamed to objectId

  • drop of len parameter for properties


December 5, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • bacnet-asn1: correct behaviour for releasing priority / writing of null (d6c893b), closes #65


October 8, 2017


  • bacnet-asn1: implement all BACNET string encodings (14699e2)


September 19, 2017


  • bacnet-client: implement handling of confirmed functions (3e29ab0)
  • bacnet-service: implement decoding functionality for COV and CreateObject (635e419)
  • encoding: add full read/write support for ISO 8859-1 charset (e50b005)
  • implemented more BACNET functions (2721232)


  • bacnet-asn1: requires renaming the tag parameter for all write commands to type

  • encoding: rename enum BacnetCharacterStringEncodings value CHARACTER_ISO8859 to CHARACTER_ISO8859_1 which conforms with the BACnet

  • index: the iAm event no longer passes multiple parameters but a single nested object


July 12, 2017


  • bacnet-client: expose BACNET errors and aborts to user (8cda7de)
  • bacnet-client: expose underlying transport errors to user (7d547be)
  • bacnet-client: implement close function for BACstack and underlying UDP socket (4be06bd)
  • bacnet-services: implement missing BACNET service encodings (db6ac7f)
  • bacnet-services: implement writePropertyMultiple service (ea9332c)
  • bacnet-transport: allow reuse of network interface when using bacstack (0fb216c)
  • implement write-property-multiple (5f9f7a0)
  • implement reinitialize-device (1283cc3)
  • implement device-communication-control (04a38a8)
  • implement time-sync (9980a4d)

Bug Fixes

  • ba-enums: make sure the exported enums are not overridden (8369cc8)
  • bacnet-client: correct error message format for BACNET aborts and errors (6533e3f)
  • string-decode: add decoding support for ISO 8859-1 (a224928)


  • index: enumerations are no longer accessible via BACStack client instance and have been moved to the module level (require("bacstack").enum;).

  • Tag and Value parameters for writeProperty and writePropertyMultiple have to be adapted to small-case


June 19, 2017


  • bacnet-client: implement additional unsupported services (d82fefe)
  • bacnet-client: rework unconfirmed services to utilize even emitter (b5b8d78)

Bug Fixes

  • bacnet-client: ensure invokeId range of 0-255 (c195331)


June 11, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • bacnet-services: correct all invalid no-array and no-priority checks (ba16839), closes #20


June 4, 2017


  • bacnet-asn1: implement read-access-specification, cov-subscription, calendar decoding functionality (b015f62)
  • bacnet-asn1: implement additional ASN1 base encoding functions (2d6276e)
  • bacnet-services: implemented various new BACNET service encodings (d891305)
  • bacnet-services.spec: implement test coverage for cov-subscription and read-access-specification value types (6665a7c)
  • add JSDoc inline documentation and gh-page publishing (44f88be)

Bug Fixes

  • bacnet-asn1: add guard to prevent endless loops (63d7d8f)
  • bacnet-asn1: correct generic blob decoding context implementation (63eacc6)
  • bacnet-asn1: correct variable initialization for datetime decoding (3bc1591)
  • bacnet-asn1: correct bit-string encoding and decoding (14cda6d)
  • bacnet-asn1: correct octet-string encoding and decoding (aee51a5)
  • bacnet-asn1: correct ASN1 date and time encodings (486153c)
  • bacnet-asn1: align error handling to prevent dead-loop (3feaaba)
  • bacnet-client: correctly handle invalid encoding cases (347b0ed)
  • bacnet-client: remove callback from store if already invoked (16e4483)
  • bacnet-services: correct string and tag comparison (0302fe0)


May 8, 2017


  • bacnet-asn1: add decode support for context encoded properties (a82fb58)
  • bacnet-client: add support for custom transports (8a6a64e)
  • bacnet-transport: use actual max payload size to prevent segmentation issues (2a1a887)

Bug Fixes

  • bacnet-asn1: drop redundant boolean length accumulation (c9622d6)
  • bacnet-asn1: properly handle boolean decoding with length 0 (31b7a28)
  • bacnet-client: start segmentation with correct sequence number 0 (cbc3076)


May 4, 2017


  • bacnet-asn1: expose property value type (b6ca82b)

Bug Fixes

  • bacnet-client: re-enable who-is handler (ae1d710)


  • bacnet-asn1: property values changed from single value array ([12]) to array of object [{value: 12, type: 3}]


April 14, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • bacnet-asn1: implement missing stubbed functions (a49b103), closes #3
  • bacnet-client: prevent redundant increment of invoke counter (a59b023), closes #2
  • correct various JSHint linter findings (ee1b2a5)


April 2, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • bacnet-client: add missing callback definition to readProperty function (ba16839)
  • bacnet-client: add missing callback next to writeProperty function (a0cfa37)
  • bacnet-transport: enable broadcast support in UDP socket (b6c49c7)


February 26, 2017


  • asn1: implement octet-string decoding (87348de)
  • client: implement default segmentation handling (58a53e3)
  • add configuration possibility to bacstack (6d3c15b)


February 23, 2017


  • create initial implementation (1c4f139)
  • create initial project structure (4b2c8c0)

Bug Fixes

  • fix various syntax issues (3259856)