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  • Improvement: Update and add links to sidebar footer (#661), thanks to Natan Rolnik
  • Fix: Don’t call unsupported endpoints in Parse Server (#660), thanks to Natan Rolnik
  • Fix: Display correctly Files and GeoPoints in Config (#666), thanks to Natan Rolnik


  • Improvement: Data browser updates object count when table is filtered (#652), thanks to Mike Rizzo
  • Improvement: Apps name sorting by name (#654), thanks to Thilo Schmalfuß
  • Fix: Fetch jobs list not showing (#656), thanks to Natan Rolnik



  • Fix issue affecting logging screen with encrypted passwords, thanks to lsohn


  • Fix: Use mountPath for all log in and log out redirects


  • New: Form based login page instead of basic auth (#562), thanks to Jeremy Louie
  • Fix: Can't send push to specific user (#570), thanks to Dan VanWinkle
  • Fix: Download link in footer menu (#567), thanks to Pavel Ivanov


  • New: Support for trusting proxies w/ HTTPS
  • New: Support for filtering string with ends with
  • New: View parse-server based jobs
  • New: Button to add rows from browser toolbar
  • New: Support for encrypted passwords
  • New: Support for sorting by createdAt
  • Improvement: Push audiences support
  • Fix: Calendar dates support


  • Fix: Revert history change that was causing issues when mounting on express


  • Fix: Revert mount path change that was causing issues when mounting on express


  • New: Add options to add selected rows to a relation, thanks to Han BaHwan
  • New: Add ability to use bcrypted passwords, thanks to Dan VanWinkle
  • Fix: Fix deletion of columns, thanks to Bryan Rhea


  • New: Add ability to delete all rows in a class, thanks to Marco Cheung
  • New: Add relation editor, thanks to Han BaHwan
  • Fix: Bug when alert is missing in payload, thanks to Herman Liang
  • Fix: Improve target display in Push viewer, thanks to Herman Liang
  • Fix: Open docs and other sidebar links in new tab, thanks to Konstantinos N.


  • Fix bug in past push page



  • Fix minor style issues
  • Add pointer permissions editor
  • Allow cancellation of edits in data browser using ESC key, thanks to Manuel
  • Show error messages in the console when your app's icons can't be found, thanks to Saif Al-Dilaimi


  • Add the ability to specify SSL cert and key, thanks to Cory Imdieke
  • Trust proxy when enabling --allowInsecureHTTP, thanks to Andrew Chen
  • Fix App index when apps have an apostrophe in the name
  • Fix display of prod/dev flag
  • Support for Node 6


  • Add the ability to specify icons for your app, thanks to Natan Rolnik
  • Fix sending push with JSON data


  • Add the ability to mount the dashboard express app on a custom mount path, thanks to hpello with bugfixes from mamaso
  • Add ability to restrict certain users to certain apps, thanks to Felipe Andrade
  • Fix Dockerfile, thanks to Kakashi Liu
  • Display Parse Dashboard version, thanks to Aayush Kapoor and gateway
  • Add a refresh button to the data browser, thanks to TylerBrock
  • Add logs viewer
  • Misc. performance improvements and bugfixes, thanks to Pavel Ivanov


  • Allow Dashboard to be mounted as Express middleware, thanks to Florent Vilmart
  • Add an option to specify that your app is in production, thanks to Dylan Diamond
  • Fix GeoPoints in Parse Config, thanks to Dylan Diamond
  • Allow specification of the host the dashboard runs on, thanks to hpello
  • Miscellaneous look-and-feel improvements


  • Fix sending pushes with badge increment


  • Send push notifications from the dashboard
  • Add object count to relation browser, thanks to Sergey Gavrilyuk


  • Fix new features notification


  • Class level permissions editor