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  • Fixed input height error of Select when size is not assigned, #8460



  • Now Pagination's jumper will correct invalid page inputs, #8408 (by @decadef20)
  • Fixed high CPU consumption caused by hidden Table, #8484



  • Fixed missing Tooltip registration in Menu, #7996
  • Fixed console error of clientHeight when disabled of Select dynamically updates, #8018 (by @wubaiqing)



  • Fixed Form validating not triggered correctly in some conditions, #7744
  • Fixed range selection of DatePicker not working in Chromium 53-57 browsers, #7927



  • Fixed SubMenu retracting when moving the mouse rapidly on the SubMenu of collapsed Menu, #7579
  • Fixed hidden last shortcut of DateTimePicker when the shortcut menu is long, #7567 (by @DuLinRain)
  • Added show-timeout and hide-timeout attributes for Dropdown, #7621 (by @phongkt-dev)



  • Fixed compatibility of Autocomplete and Vue 2.5.x, #6942 (by @rennai)
  • Added allow-focus attribute for Switch, #7494 (by @breadadams)



  • Fixed Slider's button jumping to previous position when clicked, #7190
  • Fixed Tooltip disabled regression, #7198
  • Fixed Cascader not correctly filter options when props is set, #7225
  • Fixed an error when range typed DatePicker has an initial value of [], #7233



  • Rate's colors attribute now supports dynamic updates, #6872 @lukaszb
  • Fixed Tree not highlighting tree node whose value of node-key is 0, #6917
  • Fixed initially disabled Dropdown not showing menu when it's enabled, #6969
  • Added hide-after attribute for Tooltip, #6401 @ryatziv
  • Fixed cancel button of TimePicker not cancel picked value when clicked, #7028
  • Added selectWhenUnmatched attribute for Autocomplete, #6428 @ryatziv
  • Fixed when beforeUpload of a file returns false, other files are aborted by Upload, #7077
  • Fixed disabled dates of DatePicker in month view and year view not displayed correctly in the west hemisphere, #7114
  • default-value of DatePicker now supports daterange type, #7073 @wacky6



  • Fixed all months disabled in DatePicker month view when disabledDate is set, #6768 @qingdengyue
  • Added debounce attribute for Slider, #6820 @langgo
  • Fixed value of Pagination jumper can be bigger than the total page count, #6842 @huguangju
  • Fixed TimePicker's focus slipping away when selecting hour to 23 with mouse scroll, #6719 @qingdengyue



  • Fixed style bug when Progress's percentage is 0, #6551 @Kingwl
  • Fixed Carousel items flashing when switching, #6394
  • Fixed disabled Button not prevent event propagation when clicked on its text area, #6421
  • Fixed disabled dates calculation in DatePicker's month view, #6363
  • Fixed key enter event being stopped propagation in Autocomplete, #6499 @leezng
  • Fixed amPm not supported in DatePicker i18n, #6574
  • Fixed clicking or dragging error of Slider when it switches from invisible to visible, #6593
  • Fixed Alert using small icons when its description is passed via default slot, #6612 @leezng



  • Fixed Select marking option of value equal to 0 as selected when the initial value is null and bound to an object-typed value, #6143
  • Fixed Step style issue when status is error, #6155 @wacky6
  • Fixed Cascader selecting parent item when moving mouse quickly after clicking a leaf item, #6199
  • Fixed Menu not hiding submenus when collapsed, #6200
  • Fixed status of the inner native input of Switch not syncing with the component, #6205 @wacky6
  • Fixed wrong button positioning of Slider after window is resized, #6263
  • Fixed Autocomplete not hiding dropdown menu on blur, #6256
  • Fixed hitting enter on jumper of Pagination not trigger page change event in IE, #6306 @qingdengyue
  • Fixed InputNumber style issue when its size is large or small, #6310 @JeremyWuuuuu
  • Fixed i18n failure for some texts in DatePicker, #6328
  • Fixed Slider value changing to minimum when its button is clicked, #6359



  • Fixed child nodes expanding when checking parent node in Tree, #6029
  • Fixed checking behavior error of Tree, #6034
  • Fixed FormItem not inheriting label-width as a Form's direct child, #6044
  • Fixed Menu incorrectly showing SubMenu in collapse mode, #6111
  • Fixed render order error of v-if controlled dynamic TabPanes, #6066
  • Fixed Popover still popping up after mouse leaves within open-delay, #6058 (by @laobubu)
  • Fixed delete buttons still rendered in file list of disabled Upload, #6091
  • Fixed background color error on hover of striped Table, #6024 (by @xtongs)



New features:

  • Message
    • message attribute now supports VNode, #5463 (by @egyptik)
  • ColorPicker
    • Added active-change event, #5775
  • Popover
    • Added open-delay attribute, #5842 (by @kaungmyatlwin)
  • Table
    • A third parameter value is passed to formatter, #5709 (by @haledeng)
  • Tree
    • Added disabled attribute, #5937
  • Menu
    • Added collapse attribute, #5941
  • Select
    • Added value-key attribute, #5897


  • DatePicker
    • i18n failure for some texts, #5485
    • returning a non-zero millisecond value when initial value is empty, #5663
    • disabledDate affecting undesired date, #4946 (by @liyangworld)
  • Steps
    • style problems when a step is dynamically added or removed, #5456 (by @elfman)
  • Table
    • highlight row misplaced when an expandable Table has fixed table columns, #5471 (by @elfman)
    • classList not supported in some browsers, #5613 (by @flynntsc)
  • Select
    • single Select unable to scroll to the selected item when the dropdown menu pops up, #5564(by @wacky6)
  • Radio
    • border radius lost in RadioGroups with only one Radio, #5646 (by @YYvanYang)
  • Upload
    • unable to reselect previously deleted file when auto-upload is false, #5706
    • delete button still visible and functioning when disabled, #5841
    • compatibility issue with Vue 2.4 key, #5872
  • MessageBox
    • clicking cancel buttons getting resolved when not invoked as a confirm or prompt, #5658
  • Rate
    • active icons not reflecting decimal part of initial value, #5785
  • Pagination
    • compatibility issue of total page display with vue-i18n@6.x, #5796 (by @mario56)
    • apostrophe incorrectly showing up when current page is one page less than total page, #5861 (by @openks)
  • Loading
    • style problems when bound to invisible elements, #5649 (by @xiongzixiao)
  • Cascader
    • text in the input box not vertically aligned, #5819 (by @jianzhi92)
  • Tree
    • setCheckedKeys and setCheckedNodes in lazy mode, #5937
    • loading all descendent nodes when a parent node is checked in lazy mode, #5963
  • Form
    • label named slot not working when label is not assigned on FormItem, #5921
  • Tooltip
    • not working in Vue 2.4.x when the triggering element is a custom component, #5916

Breaking changes:

  • Select
    • when value is an object, value-key is required as its unique identity key, #5897



  • Fixed Table with async data not showing summary row, #5318
  • Fixed Pagination's jumper value not sync with current page, #5377
  • Fixed DatePicker's shortcut panel overflow issue, #5297 (by @alashow)
  • Fixed clicking Switch not responding when some text on the page is selected, #5411
  • The red wildcard indicating required field of Form is now responsive, #5403
  • Fixed initial-index of Carousel not working, #5334
  • Fixed Popover enable to be focused when nested in a Dialog, #5336



  • Fixed inconsistency of ColorPicker's default value and panel value, #5183 (by @Kingwl)
  • Fixed ColorPicker not able to change hue in the panel when its default value is white, #5184 (by @Kingwl)
  • Fixed Select's dropdown taking multiple clicks to expand when nested in a Dialog after scrolling, #5226
  • Added props property for Autocomplete, #5282
  • Fixed dropdown of DatePicker not hiding when Tab key is pressed after manual input, #5149 (by @ChuckFields)



  • Fixed default-first-option of Select not working in remote filtering, #5084
  • Fixed InputNumber not aligning with other form components, #5127
  • Fixed inline FormItem having no effect on mixed Input, #5151
  • Fixed height of FormItem being different in Firefox from other browsers, #5152
  • Fixed items with a value of 0 in Cascader can not be expanded, #5172 (by @Kingwl)
  • Fixed Autocomplete not triggering native keydown and keyup events, #5129
  • Added clear event for Select, #5112
  • Fixed Cascader's dropdown menu not updating its position in some situations, #5064
  • Better accessibility for Dialog and MessageBox, #4786



  • Fixed highlight and stripe effects of Table with expandable rows, #4871 (by @mu-yu)
  • Added default-first-option for Select, #4838 (by @wacky6)
  • Fixed Select with no options not displaying "No data" text when allow-create is true, #4977



  • Added visible-change event for Dropdown, #4818 (by @luciy)
  • Added tag attribute for Col and Row, #4799
  • Fixed Cascader search functionality regression, #4812
  • Fixed DatePicker triggering watch when type is range, #4837 (by @wacky6)
  • Fixed numbers in TimePicker not align vertically, #4847 (by @pengchongfu)
  • Fixed Dialog not triggering before-close hook when ESC is pressed, #4819 (by @patriciussanctus)
  • Fixed multiple MessageBox not rendering content correctly when some of the message is a VNode
  • Fixed Checkbox not focused when navigating with tab



  • Fixed undefined custom component el-collapse-transition error when importing some components on demand, #4728
  • Fixed vertical alignment issue of Pagination in FireFox, #4756
  • Fixed dropdown panel view not updating after binding value of DatePicker is programmatically changed when type is week, #4739
  • Fixed height calculation errors of Table with summary rows, #4736
  • Added before-filter attribute for Cascader, #4774
  • Added debounce attribute for InputNumber, #4712(by @pengchongfu)



  • Fixed Autocomplete clearing input box when typing Chinese, #4718
  • Fixed async Table's summary row not scroll with Table, #4717
  • Fixed Dialog not closing correctly after pressing ESC when close-on-press-esc is true, #4706
  • Fixed wrong parameter in change event of Switch when on-value and off-value are assigned, #4675



New features:

  • New component: Transfer
  • Now you can use our pre-defined transitions
  • Vertical mode for Slider, can be activated by the vertical attribute, #4410 (by @devange)
  • Button style for CheckboxGroup, #3697 (by @mdartic)
  • Table
    • Added setCurrentRow method, #4390
    • Added summary row, with three attributes: show-summary, sum-text and summary-method, #4484
    • Added filter-placement attribute for TableColumn, #4491
  • Dialog
    • Added a before-close hook, #4432
    • Added visible attribute, which supports the .sync modifier, #4539
  • Upload
    • Added disabled attribute, #4473
    • on-change now also triggers when a file is added, #4447
    • Added abort method
  • Switch now supports on-value and off-value, so that you can customize its values, #4403
  • DatePicker
    • Added default-value attribute for initially displayed date in the dropdown, #4222 (by @wacky6)
    • type now supports dynamic updates, #4417 (by @coffeedeveloper)
    • Added label attribute for CarouselItem, #4317 (by @paul-blundell)
  • message of MessageBox now supports VNode, #4550
  • current-page of Pagination current-page now supports .sync, #4539
  • Added label slot for Form, so you can customize label's content, #4634


  • Compatibility issues of Select and Table with Vue 2.3.x, #4518
  • disabledDate of DatePicker having no effect on typed value in the input box, #4309
  • An issue when the key of a Tree node is number 0, #4415
  • TimePicker number not align when picked, #4425 (by @pengchongfu)
  • Autocomplete frequently triggering searching method when typing Chinese, #4393 (by @qazbnm456)
  • Upload
    • not able to select the same file multiple times, #4461
    • not displaying preview image when is auto-upload false, #4572
    • some style errors, #4643
  • Style bug of RadioGroup when nested in a FormItem, #4336
  • ColorPicker not clear the color panel when bound value is emptied, #4668 (by @pengchongfu)
  • show-overflow-tooltip of Table not working in Safari, #4157 (by @renxia)

Breaking changes:

  • Only compatible with Vue 2.3.0+



  • Fixed RadioButton not working properly when some texts on the page are selected, #4217
  • Fixed the toggle-all checkbox of Tree not working in some browsers, #4107 (by @pengchongfu)
  • Fixed Cascader clear button not working, #4167 (by @pengchongfu)
  • Fixed router switching error when the page has a Table with Tooltips, #4085
  • Fixed Upload not able to remove selected files, #4233
  • Added onClick attribute for Notification, #4221 (by @amouillard)
  • Fixed binding value of DatePicker becoming undefined when cleared, #4186 (by @pengchongfu)
  • Fixed style error of ColorPicker when nested in a FormItem, #4303
  • Added enterable attribute for Tooltip, #4210



  • Fixed resetFields of Form reassigning form items, #3840 (by @pengchongfu)
  • Added max and min attributes for CheckboxGroup, #3700 (by @mdartic)
  • Fixed DatePicker adding one to picked month in some specific days, #3935
  • Added closeAll method for Message, #3966 (by @pengchongfu)
  • Added format-tooltip attribute for Slider, #3657 (by @liyanlong)
  • Fixed filter panel of Table being when nested in a Dialog, #4023 (by @liyanlong)
  • Fixed single Select unable to create new items in Vue 2.2.x, #3984
  • Fixed Row disappearing in all breakpoints if its span is set to 0 in some breakpoints, #4053



  • Fixed Select not compatible with Vue 2.2.6, #3797
  • Improve performance for rendering tooltip in Table, #3478
  • Add tooltip-effect property for Table



  • Fixed Switch compatible with SSR, #3752
  • Fixed the time of TimePicker calculating incorrectly, #3479
  • Fixed the week of DatePicker formatting incorrectly, #2774
  • Fixed the week of DatePicker initializing incorrectly, #3058
  • Fixed the events of Popover destroying incorrectly, #3555
  • Fixed InputNumber setInterval, #3514 (by @pengchongfu)
  • Fixed RadioButton css files, #3276
  • Fixed hover style on striped Table, #3696 (by @nicoeg)
  • Fixed Slider's button jumping left issue, #3664 (by @gabrielboliveira)
  • Added delete-tag event for Select, #3663 (by @pengchongfu)
  • Added onPick option for DatePicker, #2921
  • Added status for Step, #3722
  • Added full example for on-demand importing, #3302



  • Added show-tooltip property for Slider, #3430 (by @gabrielboliveira)
  • Fixed Slider precision not updating when step is updated, #3475 (by @gabrielboliveira)
  • Fixed a bug that when the window is at the criticality of showing the scrollbar, the popup of Tooltip inside a Table will cause the Table to shake horizontally, #3549
  • Fixed Table automatically shrinking vertically in some conditions, #3539
  • Fixed popup components inside a Popover not hiding when blank area is clicked, #3451 (by @nicoeg)
  • Now Col will hide itself if its xs, sm, md or lg is set to 0, #3564



  • Fixed Carousel not responding to dynamic data updates, #3159
  • Fixed cell-dblclick of Table not firing issue, #3305
  • Fixed disabled Cascader not displaying initial value, #3297
  • Fixed Slider not correctly displaying initial value when show-input is true, #3281
  • Fixed Tooltip error in server-side rendering, #3214
  • Fixed range-separator of DatePicker not working issue, #3378
  • Added support for dynamically update loading text of Loading directive, #3345 (by @imyzf)
  • Added http-request attribute for Upload, #3387
  • Added support for hiding col if its span is 0, #3313



  • Fixed Tooltip, #3152



  • Fixed compatibility issues with Vue 2.2, #3002 #3067 #3097
  • Fixed Cascader's dropdown hiding behind Dialog when nested in a Dialog, #3035
  • Fixed incorrect parameter of change event of Cascader, #3014
  • Add change event for ColorPicker, #3049 (by @nicoeg)
  • Fixed setCheckedKeys method of Tree not working on non-leaf nodes, #2967 (by @rainyLeo)
  • Fixed Tooltip not compatible with router-link, #3143



  • Fixed SSR regression in version 1.2.0, #2982
  • Fixed horizontal scroll buttons not showing in Tabs, #2974
  • Fixed wrong calculation of height after the height attribute is updated dynamically in Table, #2979
  • Added cell-dblclick and header-dragend events for Table, #2983 #2988
  • Fixed form items showing a left padding inside an inline Form with a specified label-width, #2990
  • Fixed Cascader's dropdown misplaces in some conditions, #2992



New features:

  • Two brand new components: Cascader and ColorPicker
  • New attributes editable and addable, and new events tab-add and edit for Tabs
  • Language config files in UMD format
  • New events node-expand and node-collapse for Tree, #2507 (by @masterzhang)
  • New attribute indent for Tree, #2713
  • Dialog's title now supports named slot, #2657
  • New attribute range for Slider, #2751
  • Upload
    • Attribute auto-upload that controls if files are uploaded immediately after selecting, and its default value is true
    • Event on-change that fires when file status changes
    • Attribute list-type that configures the appearance of file list
  • Scroll bars in Autocomplete are made prettier


  • Carousel not responding to contents' update, #2775
  • Numbers in TimePicker not align in some conditions, #2948
  • TimePicker only responding to odd clicks in some conditions, #2884 (by @k55k32)
  • Tabs' display order error when tab-pane is dynamically changed, #2898
  • Menu highlighting menu-item when default-active is assigned to an non-existent item
  • Collapse's style issue when nested

Breaking changes:

  • Tooltip is refactored, no additional HTML tags will be rendered so that the structures of nested component stay unchanged, #2459
  • The backdrop of Dialog now inserts to body element by default, #2556
  • Tabs don't maintain tab instances internally any more, so they should be handled externally via events emitted by Tabs, #2567
  • Upload is refactored
    • default-file-list renamed to file-list, and show-upload-list renamed to show-file-list
    • thumbnail-mode removed



  • Fixed customClass of MessageBox affecting follow-up instances, #2472
  • Fixed style issue of Select after being activated when located in a non-default-activated tab pane inside Tabs, #2466
  • Fixed style missing issue for some components when imported on demand
  • Fixed disabled filterable multiple Select still showing dropdown when clicked on a certain area, #2540
  • Restored returning to original sorting in sortable Table columns, #2491
  • Added reset.css in theme-default, #2378
  • Added range-separator attribute for DatePicker, #2579
  • Published individual component packages: Table, DatePicker, Loading, Upload and Carousel
  • Add Finnish (@groenroos)



  • Fixed Menu not activating corresponding menu item after router switching in router mode, #2451
  • Fixed value attribute of Collapse not supporting Number typed value, #2455



  • Fixed Input Number triggering change event when bound value is changed programmatically, #2329
  • Fixed Menu not responding to $router changing in router mode, #2391
  • Fixed Menu and Tree expanding state malfunctioning when clicked multiple times quickly, #2354
  • Fixed change event triggering mechanism of Input Number and Checkbox Group, now they do not fire when bound value is changed programmatically
  • Added on-icon-click attribute for Input, #2414
  • Added disabled attribute for Radio Group, #2411
  • Added accordion attribute for Tree, #2408
  • Added show-message attribute for Form, #2356
  • Fixed sort clicking area of Table, updated default sorting related APIs, #2309 #2405 (by @njleonzhang)
  • Fixed firstDayOfWeek not working in ranged typed of DatePicker, #2353
  • Fixed DatePicker displaying 1970 when initial value is null, #2388
  • Fixed filteredValue attribute for Table, #2348
  • Fixed scrollable Table's style with empty data, #2396
  • Added beforeClose attribute for MessageBox, #2204
  • Fixed filterable Select not showing dropdown when triangle icon is clicked, #2389

Breaking change

  • The default-sort-prop and default-sort-order attributes added in 1.1.3 are now merged into an object-typed attribute



  • Fixed DatePicker not firing change event when cleared for the first time upon page load, #2167
  • Fixed DatePicker year calculating error when choosing the next year, #2152
  • Added default-sort-prop and default-sort-order attributes for Table, #2182 (by @njleonzhang)
  • Fixed filterable Select filtering other options with initial value, #2196
  • Added custom i18n processing, making Element compatible with i18n plugins other than vue-i18n, #2129
  • Added resize attribute for Input, #2263 (by @Kingwl)
  • Fixed Autocomplete not hiding dropdown when blurred, #2247
  • Fixed style issues with nested Tabs, #2212 (by @Kingwl)
  • Fixed Tabs' tab bar locating error when non-first item is initially activated, #2192



  • Fixed sortable and fixed attribute of Table not working in Vue 2.1.7+
  • Fixed Input Number not resetting on blur when input with illegal values, #2098
  • Removed title scoped slot of Collapse, and added title named slot, #2100
  • Fixed range selection in TimePicker not working issue
  • Fixed Tabs' active tab switching when a non-active tab is removed, #2106
  • Fixed console error reporting when navigating Select with arrow keys, #2120
  • Fixed incorrect validation timing of filterable Select in Form, #2120



  • Fixed compatibility issue with latest Vue due to compilation



New features:

  • Two brand new components: Carousel and Collapse
  • SSR supported
  • Scrollbars' style inside components is upgraded
  • Table now supports custom templates via scoped slots; the good old inline-template is still compatible, but it's no longer recommended and is likely to be removed in the future
  • Table now supports expandable rows
  • DatePicker now supports specifying the first day of week
  • TimeSelect now supports maxTime
  • Autocomplete now supports popper-class
  • To customize template of Tab-Pane, now you can use the slot named label


  • change event of DatePicker incorrectly triggering multiple times, #2070
  • Width shaking of tab-pane while initializing, #1883

Breaking changes:

  • Only compatible with Vue 2.1.6 and beyond
  • Parameters of Form validateField() methods are updated
  • Alert's render-content attribute is removed, and now you can pass your custom template via default slot
  • The box models of Input and Select are updated from block to inline-block
  • The box model of Tabs is updated from inline-block to block, and Tab-Pane's label-content attribute is removed
  • The dropdown of Autocomplete now inserts directly to <body>, not <el-autocomplete> any more



  • Fixed DatePicker incorrectly triggering input event, #1834
  • Fixed Tree reporting event is undefined error in Firefox, #1945
  • Added change event for DatePicker, whose parameter is the formatted value, #1841
  • Added header-align attribute for Table, #1424
  • Fixed single select Table's highlight style not removing when data is removed, #1890
  • Fixed filterable Select lagging issue with more options, #1933
  • Fixed multiple disabled Select not disabling removing selected options issue, #2001
  • Fixed Col style not working in xs, #2011
  • Added value attribute for Tab, #2008
  • Fixed InputNumber change event incorrectly firing multiple times in some conditions, #1999
  • Added clearable attribute for DatePicker, #1994
  • Fixed Form always passing validation in async mode, #1936



  • Fixed nested Popup from event bubbling, #1677
  • Fixed the issue that datetimerange-typed DatePicker can not select time, #1758
  • Fixed change event not firing correctly of Slider, #1809
  • Fixed Loading's spinner splitting while animating in some conditions, #1786
  • Added loading-text, no-data-text, no-match-text properties and visible-change event for Select, #1849
  • Added popper-class property for DatePicker, Select and Tooltip, #1806
  • Added expand-on-click-node, current-node-key properties and current-change event for Tree, #1805 #1807
  • Added the third parameter column for Table's row-click event, #1808
  • Fixed an error when pages with Checkbox switching routes due to computed property being cached, #1860
  • Added the tab instance as a parameter for TabPanel's label-content render function, #1857
  • Added infinite submenus support for NavMenu in vertical mode, #1851
  • Updated Checkbox so that it works without a binding value, #1818
  • Added onProgress hook for Progress, #1782
  • Fixed Tab not updating active bar with dynamic label, #1761
  • Added filter-change event for Table, and column-key property for TableColumn, #1876
  • Added hide-on-click property for Dropdown, #1879



  • Fixed DatePicker dropdown appears when hovering on the clear button
  • Fixed DatePicker displays a wrong date when its initial value is null
  • Added row-contextmenu event and max-height attribute for Table, #1663 #1674
  • Added customClass attribute for MessageBox, #1707
  • Added iconClass and customClass attributes for Message and Notification, #1671
  • Added empty slot for Table, #1737
  • Added old value as a second parameter in change event for InputNumber



  • Added disabled attribute for Tabs, #1620
  • Added size attribute for DatePicker input, #1440
  • Fixed datetimerange DatePicker's panel not showing correct date if initial value is present, #1129
  • Fixed DatePicker display error when switching year, #1607
  • Fixed DatePicker not triggering clickoutside when its icon is clicked, #1604
  • Fixed TimePicker not refreshing value after clicking the clear button, #1583
  • Fixed remote filterable Select display error when its value is an object, #1593
  • Fixed Select's clear button still working bug when it's disabled, #1619
  • Fixed Switch's background color error when its disabled attribute is dynamically changed, #1627
  • Fixed some style bugs of Table



  • Fixed Select with async options and binding value displaying value instead of label, #1537
  • Fixed Select reports an error when initial binding value is an empty object, #1533
  • Fixed remote filtering Select not showing dropdown in some conditions, #1531
  • Fixed Slider sometimes drifting a small distance after releasing dragging, #1546
  • Fixed Steps style in IE9, #1543
  • Added Upload generating URL for all file types, #1530
  • Fixed TimeSelect style, removed flexbox, #1335



  • Added controls attribute for Input Number, #1473
  • Fixed Checkbox Group and Radio Group async issue, #1511 #1514
  • Added offset attribute for Notification, #1419
  • Fixed Slider's value not accurate issue when dragging rapidly, #1458
  • Fixed Slider incorrectly showing multiple decimal digits issue, #1450
  • Fixed Select's binding value and displayed value not in sync in some conditions
  • Added multiple-limit and allow-create attributes for Select
  • Fixed Tree leaf nodes' triangle icon not disappear when expanded, #1438
  • Fixed Tree's view not updating issue after fetching child nodes' data, #1439
  • Fixed some Table's style issues in windows system, #1464 #1507
  • Fixed Table's first column's label not showing issue when grouping table head is used with fixed columns, #1451
  • Added row-dblclick event for Table, #1362



  • Fixed currentPage of Pagination not working in some cases, #1336
  • Fixed month and disabledDate DatePicker's view not refreshing issue when switching year, #1158
  • Fixed readonly DatePicker clear button not disabled issue, #1238
  • Fixed Slider not working when binding value is NaN or step is smaller than 1, #1239 #1282
  • Added multi-header for Table, #1312
  • Added rowStyle for Table, #1348
  • Fixed some attributes of TableColumn can not dynamically assigned issue, #1314
  • Added filter-node-method attribute and filter method for Tree, #1257
  • Added getCheckedKeys and setCheckedKeys methods for Tree, #1254
  • Added deep nesting support for Checkbox/Radio inside Checkbox/Radio Group, #1152
  • Fixed Popper not triggering destroy issue when keep-alive, #1359
  • Added object deep validation for Form, #1363
  • Added append and prepend for Autocomplete, #1369
  • Added dynamic pageSizes support for Pagination, #1372
  • Added custom style API for checked buttons in Radio Button, #1380
  • Added assigning title via slot for Menu Group, #1382
  • Fixed DatePicker year switching bug, #1385
  • Added uploaded file list API for Upload, #1393
  • Added multi-type support for label attribute of Checkbox, #1400
  • Added setChecked method for Tree, #1422



  • Added context for Table to specify which context to access inside of table columns, #1161
  • Added multiple languages
  • Fixed language's dynamic switching issue, #1160
  • Added render-content for Alert, #568
  • Added styles for focused Button, #982
  • Fixed change triggering timing in Switch, #1162
  • Fixed TimeSelect being disabled when start time is set to 00:00, #676
  • Added show-header attribute and header-click method for Table, #1195
  • Improved height attribute for Table when set to a string, #1195
  • Fixed selection-change of Table not triggering in some cases, #1198
  • Fixed Table's fixed columns not disappear when fixed attribute is dynamically changed, #1182



  • Fixed Pagination improperly triggering multiple current-change events
  • Fixed Switch style when nested in a Form, #967
  • Fixed Loading locks scroll of body in specific scenarios, #968
  • span of Col is no longer a required attribute, and its default value is 24 if omitted
  • Added disabled and editable attribute for DatePicker, #976
  • Fixed DatePicker readonly with native behavior, #976
  • Added close method for Message and Notification to manually close an instance
  • Added clear value feature for DatePicker, #759
  • Fixed Form reports an error when resetting a Date typed field, #937
  • Fixed Table render error using vue-loader 9.9.0
  • Added align-center attribute for Step, #994
  • Fixed Upload missing Progress component, #1013
  • Layout now supports responsive layout
  • Added show-close for Dialog
  • Fixed an error when vue-i18n is imported but not configured, #973
  • Fixed DatePicker not refresh view with an initial value, #1050
  • Fixed DiatePicker not refresh year when switched in month picker, #1070
  • Added $loading service
  • Added manual trigger in Popover
  • Added props: nodeKey, emptyText, checkStrictly, defaultExpandAll, autoExpandParent, defaultCheckedKeys, defaultExpandedKeys and method: setCheckedNodes for Tree



Element 1.0.0 released.