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  • Updated to react native 0.46.4 and fixed PropTypes (thanks @Traviskn).
    • Added onStart property (thanks @gvillenave).
    • Added onPlayPress, onHideControls, onShowControls callbacks.
    • Added disableFullscreen prop.


  • Fixed actually using seekBarBackground from custom style.
    • Fixed a setState after unmount
    • Added videoWrapper custom style.
    • Added disableControlsAutoHide prop that stops the controls from hiding after the timeout.


  • Added a hitSlop to the seek bar knob.
    • Fixed the seek bar on android.
    • Changed the way the seek bar is build up. There are new customStyles called seekBarFullWidth and seekBarBackground. A part of the script needs the width of the seek bar. The padding is added to this width by by reading paddingHorizontal or paddingLeft and paddingRight from the custom seekBar styles.


  • The seekBar is now seek-able.
    • Added seekBarKnob to customStyles to style the seek bar knob.


  • resizeMode prop added, now defaults to contain
    • customStyles prop added, allows for customization of the player.