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January 11, 2018

Breaking changes

  • removed lexer.last()
  • bumped snapdragon-stack, which has replaced all getters with methods that must be called.


January 8, 2018

Breaking changes

The following changes were made in an effort to make the API closer to other popular parsing libraries, such as babel and acorn.

  • Renamed token.val to token.value
  • lexer.loc.column was changed from a 1-index number to a 0-index number
  • .current is now a property set by the .handle() method. The value of lexer.current is whatever is returned by a handler.
  • .prev() now returns the previously lexed token
  • .push()


  • If lexer.options.mode is set to character, lexer.advance() will consume and return a single character each time it's called, instead of iterating over the handlers.
  • the token.match array is now decorated with a .consumed property, which is the value of lexer.consumed before the match was created.
  • adds lexer.stack for tracking opening/closing structures
  • adds lexer.stash for storing an array of strings (in addition to lexer.tokens, which stores objects)
  • adds .append
  • adds .skipWhile
  • adds .skipSpaces


November 30, 2017
  • run update
  • update code comments, add .skipType method
  • add examples
  • update metadata and urls