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Fixes from base elevate-zoom-plus (v.1.2.2) library:

  • CORE: lots and lots of code quality improvements (thnxs Gregor Adams !!!)
  • FEATURE: add option to gallery swap event (thnxs shrpne)
  • FEATURE: added custom zoomContainer (thnxs David Rosendo)
  • FIX: properly remove event handlers on destroy (thxs shrpne)
  • FIX: IE 11 compatibility (thnxs Michael Thessel)


+JS: Fix for ezpModel watching

Fixes from base elevate-zoom-plus (v.1.2.1) library:

  • NPM: Fixes delayed version
  • NPM: Add main property to package.json to support vanilla require statement
  • CORE: add a update left
  • CORE: use a function to change the offset in new container
  • CORE: added lens override for window width to 0 (default value can create unwanted scroll on mobile devices);
  • CORE: tint image src changed to thumbnail src instead of zoom image src
  • CORE: fixed lensColour tint override to 'transparent' instead of 'none';
  • CORE: style reformated and removed duplicate rules applied in getWindowLensStyle();
  • CORE: added missing cursor rule for lens type.
  • CORE: fixed lens and inner zoom not working for touchmove action;
  • CORE: added lensColour as background-color to lens style;
  • CORE: style rules reformat;
  • CORE: isInteger IE fix


  • JS: always update attrImageZoomSrc on ezpModel change (fixes #14)
  • JS: Fixes a bug where updating plugin options leaves an old zoomContainer on the page
  • BUILD: use semantic version, keeping parity with elevate-zoom-plus
  • Update to latest EZP library (v.1.2.0).

Fixes from base elevate-zoom-plus (v.1.2.0) library:

  • BOWER: Fixes dependency missing on grunt wiredep
  • DOC: Correcting version in js and link for CDN
  • DOC: Correction option name for lens border 'lensSizeBorder'
  • BUILD: use semantic version, keeping parity with angular-elevate-zoom-plus


July 6, 2016
  • Fix for zoom container bug. Destroy zoom container if $destroy was too late.


  • Fix for zoom container bug. Destroy old plugin before updating the the plugin when using dynamic options


November 5, 2016
  • Dynamic ezpOptions to deeply watch the options object. Also prevent the options watch from firing the options update on first plugin load


  • build v1.0.1
  • Initial commit, it includes bower repository settings.
  • Refactor naming.