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May 2, 2019

Geographic Modifications

  • #270 Update name of FYR of Macedonia to North Macedonia (@szajbus)
  • #267 Update Moroccan regions and subregions to match the new standard (after 2015), because of the absence of the new iso codes, I used the last two digit of the non-official HASC codes. (@kainio)
  • #268 Remove UK overlays for Middlesex and Wiltshire (@manewitz)


May 7, 2018
  • #250 Add better fuzzy searching when using Querying#named. Calling this method with fuzzy: true does better with dashes, apostrophes, and spaces (@raj)

Geographic Modifications

  • #256 Fix Brazilian regions - remove Fernando de Noronha (@guicruzzs)
  • #252 Update Kenya subregions to match ISO standard (@gyarra)
  • #249 Rename Mexico's Distrito Federal and make it a state (@jtapia)
  • #247 Fix New Zealand regions to match 2015-11-27 ISO correction (@louim)


November 7, 2017
  • #231 Base ISO data has been updated for the first time since October 25, 2014
  • #233 Revert removing Puerto Rico as a country code
  • #217 Add serializer friendly to_hash for Country and Region (@zarelit)
  • #137 Add country search by numeric code (@Envek)
  • #200 Add municipalities of Mexico (@jdsampayo)
  • #193 Allow filtering subregions by type (@aldesantis)
  • #180 Region#subregions returns freezed array (@j15e)
  • #177 Always return a RegionCollection from Region#load_subregions (@codeodor)
  • Various geographic data updates by Carmen contributors. Thank you!


March 13, 2015
  • Replace use of UnicodeUtils with ActiveSupport (eikes)
  • Update data from upstream sources.
  • Fix spelling errors for French subregions (hugolantaume)
  • Fix spelling errors for Spanish subregions (nudzg)
  • Added missing nl translations for bq, cw, ss and sx (brtdv)
  • Moved translations into locale/overlay from locale/base. Base is only for data from iso_codes.
  • Changed the official name of Taiwan to Republic of China.
  • Fixed the name of Vietnam.
  • Add local files for Bangla language (tauhidul35)


March 6, 2014
  • Avoid raising an exception when calling Querying#coded with a nil code
  • Fix a bug where adding additional data paths caused an error when looking up localized names in the base locale data (seangaffney)
  • Add Country#numeric_code (stevenharman)
  • Fix the name of Lima (goddamnhippie)
  • Add south Sudan Swedish translation (barsoom)
  • Add Russian translations of Russian Federation (Envek)
  • Fix a regression in the localization of Taiwan from the 1.0 rewrite.
  • Fix a bug where empty locale files would prevent access to the base data.
  • Add a way to ship overlayed data sets with Carmen to allow for differences from the upstream data source.
  • Remove Puerto Rico from the list of countries as it is a subregion.
  • Restore the naming of Taiwan after a regression to an outdated name.
  • Added La Rioja to the list of subregions of Argentina (njacobs1)
  • Added APO states to US subregions.


April 20, 2013
  • Updated version numbering and pushed 1.0.0pre to v1.0.0.
  • Merged in updates to German locations, via a patch from @leifg


  • Complete rewrite. New data source and API. Extracting Rails view helpers into seperate gem.


  • Republish the gem with Ruby 1.8.7.


  • Remove Jeweler and release new version.


  • Generate the gem with Ruby 1.8.7 to try to fix YAML library incompatibilities.


  • Preserve order of priority_countries in country_select (castiglione)
  • Add Finnish localization (marjakapyaho)
  • Update a few contru names to match ISO naming (belt)
  • Fall back to default locale if selected locale is missing (twinge)
  • Added Russian country translations (grlm)
  • Added South Sudan as a country (edshadi)
  • Renamed Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to Libya (mdimas)
  • Fixed an issue where trying find a country for a blank string would match everything (smathieu)
  • Added Italian country names (Arkham)
  • Add Polish, slovak and czech translations (Pajk)
  • Various corrections to country names (wolframarnold)
  • Add Chinese counties (liwh)
  • Add Dutch province names (ariejan)
  • Add Saint Barthelemy (BL) and Saint Martin (French Part) (MF) (nengxu)
  • Add Japanese countries localization (bonsaiben)
  • Prevent Carmen::state_name('NO','NO') from crashing (mhourahine)
  • Change "Taiwan, Province of China" to "Taiwan" (camilleroux)
  • Add spanish translation for countries (federomero)


  • Use a shorter name for US Armed Forces States (cgs)
  • Added Gujarat to the list of states in India (swaroopch)
  • Added American Samoa to the list of US States
  • Added Dutch country translations (Arie)
  • Added Kosovo to German Translation (Christopher Thorpe)
  • Added the ability to list countries at the top of the list (jjthrash)
  • Added country names in Hindi (sukeerthiadiga)


  • Fix a gemspec disaster.


  • Suppress a deprecation warning in Rails 3 (anupamc)
  • Remove init.rb altogether and use requires under Rails
  • Added Indian states and union territories (orthodoc)


  • Data corrections (mikepinde)


  • Fixed autoloading under Rails 3


  • Added state and country exclusion (kalafut)


  • Added regions for New Zealand (yehezkielbs)


  • Merge in Maximilian Schulz's locale fork, refactor internals to better support locales, and update documentation.
  • Remove Carmen::STATES and Carmen::COUNTRIES constants in favor of module instance variables and proper accessors.
  • Add a test_helper and remove dependency on RubyGems.


  • DEPRECATE Carmen::COUNTRIES in favor of Carmen.countries