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November 19, 2021

Note: Version bump only for package --wdi5


June 1, 2021

Note: Version bump only for package --wdi5


May 11, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • expected: change openui5 page header (f1c14d0)
  • test: execution on push for develop (99644e7)
  • waitForUI5 options object (#74) (703c9d6)


  • support UI5 version <= 1.60 (#79) (3a1ce60), closes #73
  • bs: test execution on browserstack (6eb96fd)


February 11, 2021

Note: Version bump only for package --wdi5


February 1, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • 64: solved issue browser.screenshot() throws error due to missing parameter #64 (7ede8b9)
  • aggregation: when getAggregation retuns only one (3bad8af)
  • env: env.example file location into root (252c242)
  • getcontrol: fix error about circular ref (0717995)
  • navigation: pr review (f8b3741)
  • open: url in service with wrong condition (b1b7b74)
  • plugins: remove cordova-plugin-barcodescanner (81af67d)
  • readme: update after merges (78e9c1e)
  • retrieval: of new single aggegation control (4d30204)
  • retrieveelement: retrieve single wdi5 control as result (3f34146)
  • test: execution (461b910)
  • test: screenshot to wait until file is present (a8125cc)
  • test: with expected current version (fae1a4a)
  • tests: rafactor selector (d990e83)
  • tests: testcases for selftest (fbe422f)
  • title: update test for title (e675ecc)
  • differentiate web server env (ba187ce)
  • typo: correct variable name (3d8337c)
  • allow use literal "ui5" (fixes #39) (dd4be15)
  • cater towards non-id locators (9b36c68)
  • harmonize "ui5" ref as wdio service (c71d910)
  • sanity check for fn args (0384119)
  • treat index.html as dir index (569745f)
  • wdi5: import of wdio-ui5-service (707e4f2)


  • #66: implement new control as return type (ff28045), closes #66
  • loggin: add error logging (e089e01)
  • nav: move navigation to wdio-ui5-service (1704c31)
  • navto: allow for plain string arg (7673f6c)
  • navto: using url config when navigating (9978a0f)
  • nullcheck: add nullchecks for control bridge (20148f5)
  • screenshot: disable screenshots by config (53f20c0)
  • test: add test for screenshot without name (6a6acf4)
  • test: add testcase for new feature (b18d14b)
  • wip: accelerate getItems (1d5a499)
  • wip: add testcase for flat aggregation retrieval (f8c7510)
  • locate ui5 controls via id regex (bc0e0d4)
  • support $control.focus() properly (2d0b6df)
  • support ui5 serve + other web servers (a3f8e86)


  • use via services > "ui5" only and don't require('../src/index') or similar