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Switched to NPM 5.1.0 and it created a lock file with instructions to commit it so thats what I'm doing. Of course anyone can use the version they're comfortable with.


John Mothershed

Sun Jul 9 02:41:06 2017 -0500

Fixed export style on modules

For a non-published module its fine to use export default but for a published module it needs to be more universal and the es6 import/export is a trainwreck with no support from software or much of the community. Its also incompatible wth typical NodeJS style which is universal among NodeJS packages.

Therefore I have switched to the universal module option with NodeJS module style by using module.exports for both modules.


John Mothershed

Sat Jul 8 20:05:02 2017 -0500

Initial Commit

An initial commit, not ready or tested yet but at a save point to continue further.



June Hanabi

Sun Jul 16 19:01:07 2017 -0500

Rebuilt docs

Rebuilt the docs to encompass all the changes.


June Hanabi

Sun Jul 16 18:56:48 2017 -0500


Bumped version to 3.0.0 and updated other files in preperation for release.


June Hanabi

Sun Jul 16 18:53:30 2017 -0500

Wrote Quick Starter tutorial

A simple and short quick starter tutorial has been written to help people out and encourage use of the docs.



June Hanabi

Sat Jul 15 22:37:35 2017 -0500


Tidying up some last minute details and files for the release. Making sure all changes are in order.


June Hanabi

Sat Jul 15 21:51:28 2017 -0500

Updated docs for changes


June Hanabi

Sat Jul 15 21:49:05 2017 -0500

Added ability to plug emitters into other emitters

Emitters now have the ability to plug themselves into other emitters. By doing so they'll receive all the emits from the emitter they're plugged into. Optional prefix can be added for ambiguity.

Take care not to cause direct or indirect loops by creating an emitter chain that loops back in some way. Infinite loops will ensue.

Also this marks a 2.1 upgrade.


June Hanabi

Sat Jul 15 20:17:23 2017 -0500

These are the generated docs

I really hate including generated content but it's needed with GitHub since github managed to screw up the git lfs which is meant for exactly this situation.

Anyhow, the newly generated docs for 2.0.0


June Hanabi

Sat Jul 15 20:16:08 2017 -0500


So this was a doozy lol, finished updating all the docs for 2.0.0. Most of it, well reall about all of it was new since we're branching off from NodeJS native event emitter.


June Hanabi

Sat Jul 15 20:13:56 2017 -0500

A small change to return max integer on zero

A small but important change. a Max Listener value of zero is meant to be infinite listeners not zero listeners. This change fixes that bug.


June Hanabi

Sat Jul 15 11:38:22 2017 -0500


This is the complete test suite for the big 2.0 upgrade, at this point it's considered solid.


June Hanabi

Sat Jul 15 11:36:59 2017 -0500


So these are the remaining fixes for the 2.0 upgrade. Various misc bugs and typos.


June Hanabi

Thu Jul 13 21:05:16 2017 -0500

Disabled ESLint console warning

We want to mimick or keep the behavior of EventEmitter which warns on too many listeners. ESlint is setup to warn against using console so we're disabling that warning as an exception.


June Hanabi

Thu Jul 13 19:23:29 2017 -0500

Removed aliases to off and on

So before it was loosely based off of EventEmitter which has aliases to addListener which was on. Apart from stuff being incomplete like their being no off and missing aliases to prepend and such, I had originally added it in.

This caused bloating of code and complications so I decided to remove all aliases and keep strictly on and off thus simplyfyuing and shortening the code.


June Hanabi

Thu Jul 13 18:21:37 2017 -0500

Removed depedency on EventEmitter

So as I feared, modifying EventEmitter was a nice idea and I figured because it was now stable all is ok to modify it. But there were obviosuly risks and the risks have come true.

Upgrading NodeJS which upgrades the EventEmitter breaks classes that modify it because there's no way to lock onto a specific version of EventEmitter.

Anyways I've wanted to break off anyways because the native EventEmitter is too messy and too restricting to try and modify it. Now we're completely independent and loosely based off the original but loads of useful features and changes have been added in.

The code is untested.



John Mothershed

Mon Jul 10 03:18:57 2017 -0500

Built Docs for release

So normally I would ammend the last commit with this but I've already pushed the last commit so this will have to be seperate. Built the docs in prep for release. Forgot to do that on last commit.


John Mothershed

Mon Jul 10 03:15:54 2017 -0500

Some final touchups before release

Some final pre-release work before release.


John Mothershed

Mon Jul 10 03:02:11 2017 -0500

Finished testing

The last of the tests have been written and the package at this point is considered solid. Will likely publish later today after double checking other stuff and preparing for release.


John Mothershed

Sun Jul 9 23:35:14 2017 -0500

Improved Development and Contributing guidelines

I have a lot of development conventions and now much of it is written down thankfully and better organized.


John Mothershed

Sun Jul 9 23:32:27 2017 -0500

Updated README

Updated the README to overall better represent the class and be less boring such as with highlighting of key concepts and frequent headers to seperate topics. Also keeping topics shorter.

This way it keeps peoples attentioon better.


John Mothershed

Sun Jul 9 12:22:39 2017 -0500

Added testing for EmitResults

EmitResults is now tested and fully works. The main class PainlessEventEmitter has not been tested yet so it may still not work but thats next on my todo list.


John Mothershed

Sun Jul 9 12:16:04 2017 -0500