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  • Improve documentation
  • Fix bug with attachConsole() causing improper behavior and extraneous output


  • Allow more advanced command functionality and prompting for user input


  • Complete rewrite. Not remotely backward compatible.
  • Implemented user authentication for running in production environments
  • Introduced new SSH interface to get a remote shell into your app


  • Fix crashing bug in Windows (workaround for bug)
  • Convert bash formatting escape sequences to matching JS console styles (disable with new convertStyles option)


  • New overrideConsole option to disable overriding the console functions when starting NodeMonkey
  • Allow configuring the host the NodeMonkey client should connect to and not just the port. This is useful when the server is running on a different subdomain or other hostname than the one in the URL.
  • Get rid of buffering message spam in the console where NodeMonkey is running
  • Use Lo-Dash instead of Underscore
  • Support console.dir()


  • Fixed references to cycle.js and underscore-min.js
  • Using underscore templates to serve up the client.js file with the correct configured port for to connect to


  • Fixed bug where results of commands weren't being decycled before being sent to the client
  • Allow second argument to nomo.cmd(...) on client to be optional - if no args are used or required, just pass the callback as the second argument instead


  • Fixed a bug with cycle.js causing it to filter out functions any potentially other data types
  • Now sends full object representation including functions, which are normally stripped out by converting to JSON


  • Added missing 'profiler.getData' and 'profiler.clearData' commands to client side
  • Changed the way commands work for added security and to make the command interface available the application developer for any desired use
  • Added support for logging cyclical objects using cycle.js from (Thanks Douglas Crockford)
  • Cleaned up code a bit including moving all code related files (except index.js) to src/ directory and breaking client HTML file into a separate Underscore template file
  • Renamed global object from 'nm' to 'nomo'
  • Added 'revertConsole()' method
  • Removed active config option for profiler and any documentation referencing configuring the profiler until there is something to configure
  • Standardized a method of documentation and documented everything well


  • Added profiling functionality
  • Added ability to send commands to the Node.js server from the web browser


  • Fixed a bug causing NodeMonkey to crash the app it's included in


  • Changed default port to 50500
  • Fixed logging issue causing messages to only be sent to the client on initial connection
  • Fixed websocket reconnection problem
  • Added buffering on Firefox if Firebug isn't open on initial page load so messages can be displayed once it is
  • Dumps instructions to the console when started. Added silent option to disable this behavior.