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This is more a "just publish all changes after long time" release.

  • [change:] Removed code for Windows 10 Mobile
  • [feature:] Check if screen is off on Android
  • [feature:] Wake-up device on Android
  • [feature:] Unlock device on Android
  • [bugfix:] Plugin not working for Android 8
  • [bugfix:] Cannot install plugin on cordova > 9
  • [bugfix:] Function onactivate does no longer exist


  • Fixed app freeze on iOS using wkwebview-engine
  • Websocket sample in SampleApp


  • Bug fixes for iOS9 and Android
  • Allow app to be excluded from recent list on Android


  • Features
    • Support for tAmazon FireOS
    • Support for the browser platform
    • Ability to configure icon and color on Android
    • Allow app to move to foreground on Android
    • Allow app to move to background on Android
    • Allow app to override back button behaviour on Android
    • New events for when the mode has been enabled/disabled
  • Improvements
    • Various enhancements and bug fixes for all platforms
    • Support for latest platform and OS versions
    • Multi line text on Android
    • Multiple listeners for same event
    • Compatibility with cordova-plugin-geolocation
    • Compatibility with cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview
    • Compatibility with cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine
    • New sample app
  • Fixes
    • Silent mode issues on Android
    • Lock screen issues on Android
    • Callback not called on Android
    • Notification shows app info with cordova-android@6
    • Other apps audio interruption on iOS
  • Changes
    • Deprecate event callbacks
    • Notification not visible by default on lock screen
    • Remove ticker property on Android
    • Remove unexpected back button handler
    • Remove support for wp8 platform


  • Published on npm
  • Updated dependency ID for the device plug-in


  • Resolve possibly dependency conflict


  • [feature:] Silent mode for Android


  • [bugfix:] Type error
  • [bugfix:] Wrong default values for isEnabled and isActive.


  • [enhancement:] Set default settings through setDefaults.
  • [enhancement:] New method isEnabled to receive if mode is enabled.
  • [enhancement:] New method isActive to receive if mode is active.
  • [bugfix:] Events caused thread collision.


  • [feature:] Android support
  • [feature:] Change Android notification through configure.
  • [feature:] onactivate, ondeactivate and onfailure callbacks.
  • [change:] Disabled by default
  • [enhancement:] Get default settings through getDefaults.
  • [enhancement:] iOS does not require user permissions, internet connection and geo location anymore.


  • retired


  • Release under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • [enhancement:] Location tracking is only activated on WP8 if the location service is available.
  • [bigfix:] Nullpointer exception on WP8.


  • Added WP8 support
    The plugin turns the app into an location tracking app (for the time it runs in the background).


  • Added js interface to manually enable/disable the background mode.


  • Added iOS (>= 5) support
    The plugin turns the app into an location tracking app for the time it runs in the background.