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May 3, 2018
  • [Documentation] add documentation for utility mixins
  • [Task] restructure scss function and mixin tests
  • [Task] add aspect-ratio mixin
  • [Task] add reset-button mixin
  • [Task] add text-truncate mixin
  • [Task] add clearfix mixin
  • [Task] add accessibility mixin
  • [Bugfix] fix wrong path for lint script
  • [Documentation] add basic documentation for variables, function and mixins
  • [Task] add stylelint configuration
  • [Task] add stylelint dependencies
  • [Task] add unit tests for scss functions and mixins
  • [Task] add font-size mixin and configuration
  • [Task] add pow function
  • [Task] add color configuration and function
  • [Task] add breakpoints configuration and mixin
  • [Task] add npm package.json
  • [Task] add .editorconfig file