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  • HiDPI scaling support
  • Changing the width/height props after mount now updates the component
  • onChangeEnd handler now optional
  • Added className and canvasClassName props


  • Added displayCustom, which allows ability to render custom component in the centre of the knob, if displayInput is set to false.
  • Added prop to disable mouse wheel action.
  • Added prop to add title attribute on the wheel.
  • Added ability to set height and width independently
  • Exposed mouseUp and touchEnd handler as onChangeEnd


  • Added boolean property disableTextInput
  • Switched touchStart from React SyntheticEvent to vanilla DOM event handler
  • Added preventDefault on touch events to stop unintentional scrolling
  • Added touchCancel handler


  • Added boolean property log to enable logarithmic scale mode
  • Fixed input coercing when step < 0
  • Added webpack config for development