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August 21, 2023
  • Anki21Database#find_note_by now can take the sort field value of a note as argument.
  • Anki21Database#find_notes_by_exact_text_match is a new method that returns an array of notes that have in any field text matching the argument.
  • Trying to create an Anki package file with a path/name that already exists raises a more helpful error message.
  • Saving a note to the database saves the mod column (last modified time) to make it easier to import an updated package into Anki.


July 8, 2023
  • and have been removed and replaced with AnkiPackage.create and AnkiPackage.update.
  • AnkiPackage.update is different from in that it does not create a new Anki package with a timestamp. It effectively updates the original Anki package file as long as no error is thrown.
  • Anki21Database is yielded to the block of the above methods instead of Collection.
  • Responsibilites of Collection have been reorganized to Anki21Database.
  • The guid attribute of notes ic computed in a different way that allows a larger number of possible values.
  • globally_unique_id is now a module method rather than an included instance method.


May 20, 2023
  • The private Note method globally_unique_id has been moved to NoteGuidHelper and included into note.
  • The guid attribute also now has a public setter.


April 29, 2023
  • was saving the deck to the collection.anki21 database. Now it will only instantiate it and #save must be called to save it.
  • Helper modules moved into the Helpers module namespace.
  • Bug fix addressing using the approximate milliseconds since the epoch as the primary key id causing the uniqueness constraint to fail when creating a lot of notes.


March 26, 2023
  • AnkiPackage::new yields the collection object to the block instead of the Anki package object.
  • AnkiPackage::open has been developed to a point that it is useable.
    • An "opened" Anki package now has its contents copied into the temporary collection.anki21 database.
  • AnkiPackage#execute was removed.
    • AnkiPackage#prepare was added. Any SQL statements executed directly against collection.anki21 must now be prepared statements.
  • Custom decks (and nested decks/subdecks) and custom note types can be created and updated, and then saved to the collection.anki21 database.
  • Notes can be accessed with Collection#find_note_by.
  • Note#save now updates a note (and its corresponding cards) if it was already in the collection.anki21 database.
  • Note::new does not accept a cloze argument anymore; this attribute can be changed after instantiation with the cloze= setter.
  • Deck has a deck_options_group attribute instead of deck_options_group_id
  • #inspect added to Deck
  • Deck options groups can be accessed with Collection#find_deck_options_group_by
  • Multiple classes with last_modified_time and creation_timestamp attributes had these renamed to last_modified_timestamp and created_at_timestamp.
  • More helpful error messages in various places (e.g. "The package name must be a string without spaces.").
  • Bug fixes that may have affected previous version:
    • Instantiating a note type from an existing Anki package no longer duplicates the note type when it is saved.
    • Note types are not instantiated/saved with an invalid req value.
      • In fixing this bug, other issues with tags and vers were introduced and then fixed.
      • It was also noticed that the default note types with "Basic" in the name should not have tags and vers so this was changed too.
  • API documentation changed from using RDoc to SDoc with the Rails template.
  • RSpec test suite was refactored to improve speed: 4 minutes -> 1.5 minutes.


March 5, 2023
  • AnkiPackage#zip_and_close renamed to AnkiPackage#zip.
  • Decks and note types can be accessed with Collection#find_deck_by and Collection#find_note_type_by.
  • Note objects can be created and updated, and then saved to the collection.anki21 database.
    • This also populates corresponding records in the cards table.


February 24, 2023
  • The initial version released.
  • The gem can create empty .apkg files that import into Anki.
  • SQL statements can be executed against the collection.anki21 database before the zip file is created.