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  • NPM support
    • [boneHand] Add default shadowing and shadow camera. (yay)
    • [boneHand] Add callbacks for onMeshCreated, onMeshUsed, and traverse method.
    • [boneHand] Fix issue where render method is required.
    • [boneHand] Add renderDepth to meshes - prevents flicker (aka "transparency bouncing")
    • [boneHand] Name the bone meshes
    • [boneHand] Fix bug where color options would be ignored
    • [boneHand] Allow width and height to be passed in to default renderer.
    • [transform,boneHand] Add "desktop" mode - this sets units to meters, but leaves the coordinate system un-rotated.
    • [transform] subtle CPU optimize


  • [transform] Do not allow duplicate transformations (important for LeapJS 0.6.4+ with playback, which can emit the same frame multiple times)
    • [boneHand] Automatically scale the view frustum based upon scene scale.
    • [boneHand] Render after leapmotion pipeline runs, expose scope.render method
    • [boneHand] Expose HandMesh on scope
    • [boneHand] Fix issue where including plugins would depend on THREE.js
    • [boneHand] Fix issue where handMesh would not be cleaned up on hand lost
    • [boneHand] fix issue where deferred scene creation would result in a one hand maximum


  • [bone hand] Added bone hand plugin.
    • [bone hand] Optimized performance for new hands entering the scene.
    • [transform] Added preset VR mode
    • [transform] Add effectiveParent option
    • [transform] Add arm support, bone lengths, bone bases
    • [transform] Fix issue where rotations would be scaled
    • [playback, plotter] Minor speedup, removing errant console assertions.
    • [meta] Added grunt watch.


  • Add LeapDataPlotter utility
    • Fix issue where bone tip position would not be transformed.
    • Fix issue where playback would require globally accessible controller.


  • Transform plugin
    • resumeOnHandLost option added to playback
    • Fix an issue in playback which would cause the "connect leap" icon to be displayed incorrectly.


  • A couple of fixes for ie-compatibility with playback and hand-hold plugins
    • Screen position now uses palm/tip position in by default, rather than their stabalized counterparts


  • Fix issue where hand data would incorrectly stash data, or values could not be nulled


  • Allow hand-hold to accept default values
    • Upgrade playback to v0.2.0, now with better animations and 60% better file compression
    • Playback will no longer crash when used in the header
    • Version check has a more descriptive warning


  • Add playback
    • Add Version check plugin
    • Fix issue where multiple hands in frame on device-disconnect would misfire handLost
    • Fix issue in hand-entry where handFound would not fire after reconnect


  • Compatibility with leapjs 0.4.2 (plugin pipeline now on animationFrames)


  • Include lost hand data in handLost event
    • Add z-depth to screenPosition


  • Proximity Alert Plugin
    • Better Comments on the tops of js files
    • ScreenPosition now uses a top left origin rather than a bottom right one.
    • Node support