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  • DIFF
  • findById returned struct's #claims() method will is now called with two parameters (use and scope) allowing to fine-tune the returned claims depending on the intended place for these claims.



  • DIFF
  • aligned oidc-provider:token DEBUG format
  • exposed client validation schema prototype under provider.Client.Schema


  • DIFF
  • fixed a bug where non global logouts would not trigger back and front-channel logout features for the one client that gets logged out.
  • added missing backchannel.success and backchannel.error events


  • DIFF
  • added no-cache headers to userinfo responses
  • added optional support for draft02 of Front-Channel Logout 1.0
    • enable with configuration features.frontchannelLogout = true;
    • adds new client properties frontchannel_logout_uri and frontchannel_logout_session_required
    • adds new discovery properties frontchannel_logout_supported and frontchannel_logout_session_supported
    • added frontchannelLogoutPendingSource helper for customizing the pending frontchannel web page HTML source


  • DIFF
  • added audiences helper function to allow for pushing additional audiences to issued ID Tokens, this will additionally push an azp claim with the client_id value as per Core 1.0 spec defined ID Token validations.



  • DIFF
  • added used http verb to error debug messages
  • added a descriptive "method not allowed" error message


  • DIFF
  • fixed useRequest to be a static method as documented


  • DIFF
  • added and documented the optional use of [request][request-library] instead of [got][got-library] for deployments requiring http(s) proxies to reach out to the internet wilderness



  • DIFF
  • fixed token expires_in to be based off an overloadable BaseToken expiration() instance method
  • fixed token introspection response for consumed tokens


  • DIFF
  • changed grant_type requires to resolve oidc-provider loading through webpack


  • DIFF
  • added provider clockTolerance option
  • fixed clients with jwks_uri failing to be fetched blocking the initialize call
  • fixed successful client keystore refresh after failed verification to pass
  • bumped node-jose dependency



  • DIFF
  • adjusted the client schema to ignore extra properties for disabled features
  • fixed encrypted ID Tokens without a used alg (json payload) to have cty (content-type) json
  • fixed unsigned ID Tokens missing *_hash properties
  • request_uri response caching now also handles expires response headers


February 7, 2001


  • DIFF
  • added scope to successful token (authorization_code, refresh_token) responses
  • updated dependencies (got@8.x, removed deprecated buffer-equals-constant)



  • DIFF
  • fixed already authorized application_type=native prompt=none authorizations to be able to check if the authorization is still present
  • bumped session management jsSHA cdn dependency version


  • DIFF
  • added an option to return metadata alongside with interaction results, this metadata is then retrievable i.e. during the interactionCheck call. #164, #165
  • added an option to return error instead of the standard interaction results, the provider will take this error (and error_description when provided) and resolve the authorization request with it. #167, #168
  • fixed Token#find() swallowing adapter#find errors
  • fixed introspection swallowing rethrown adapter#find errors



  • DIFF
  • fixed token upsert expiration to respect token's instance expiration


  • DIFF
  • added BaseToken public API, this API enables advanced users in search of features such as JWT-formatted Bearer tokens or not being able to reconstruct client token values from a DB backup to overload these methods and get those features.
  • fixed keystore initialize method to allow for servers only supporting authorization flow not needing RS256 signature key
  • fixed token introspection disclosing details for expired but found tokens
  • fixed exception during token introspection auth none clients looking up non-existing tokens



  • DIFF
  • fixed interactionFinished, interactionDetails and Session#find expecting an id retrieved from a cookie. When not found will throw.


  • DIFF
  • fixed devInteractions reported with the same grant uuid


  • DIFF
  • added s_hash support for ID Tokens returned by authorization endpoint
  • added Request Object symmetrical encryption support
  • fixed PBES2 encryption to use client_secret derived symmetrical key instead of its full octet value
  • fixed claims parameter handling when part of a Request object as an object
  • removed bugged? and/or previously not working A(128|192|256)GCMKW symmetrical encryption algs



  • DIFF
  • fixed encrypted parameters incorrectly assumed as signed (request object asymmetrical encryption)


  • DIFF
  • added a clientCacheDuration option (defaults to Infinity), this option defines the time a client configuration loaded from an adapter will be kept in cache before being loaded again with the next request
  • removed valid-url dependency in favor of STDLIB's WHATWG url.URL


  • DIFF
  • added a third parameter for findById helper, when findById is used in relation to an access token or an authorization code the token instance will be passed
  • added ctx.oidc.signed with an array of parameter names which were received using a signed or encrypted request/Uri parameter.
  • signed array of strings is available in the short lived session for interactions
  • added basic sequelize adapter example
  • fixed a bug where extraParams weren't recognized when part of a request or request_uri parameters
  • fixed a bug where client credential and refresh token adapter instances were used even if these grants/tokens weren't enabled
  • fixed a bug which allowed for non-enabled scopes to be added in client_credential grants



  • DIFF
  • fixed infinite interactionCheck loop for application_type=native clients


Breaking Changes

  • oidc-provider now requires node v8.0.0 or higher for ES2015, async function and utils.promisify support
  • internal koa (and related) dependencies updated to their respective 'next' or koa2 middleware compatible versions
  • adapter must now be passed into #initialize()
  • helper functions which returned or accepted generators will no longer work, use async functions
  • helper functions no longer have koa ctx bound to this, instead their signature is changed
  • interactionUrl helper signature changed to (ctx, interaction) and is now awaited
  • renderError helper signature changed to (ctx, error) and is now awaited
  • uniqueness helper signature changed to (ctx, jti, expiresAt)
  • interactionCheck helper signature changed to (ctx)
  • default interactionCheck helper requires all native application client authorizations to pass through interactions
  • findById helper signature changed to (ctx, accountId)
  • postLogoutRedirectUri configuration option is now a helper function and is awaited to
  • default acrValues configuration option is now empty, if you used the old values ['0', '1', '2'], you must configure the value explicitly
  • ctx.prompted renamed to more descriptive ctx.promptPending
  • default refreshTokenRotation changed from 'none' to 'rotateAndConsume'
  • pkce.skipClientAuth removed, native clients not willing to submit secrets should be registered with method none
  • features.requestUri enabled by default with requireRequestUriRegistration
  • features.oauthNativeApps enabled by default
  • features.oauthNativeApps automatically enables features.pkce with { forcedForNative: true }
  • interaction details no longer utilize cookies to store the details and request parameters, short lived sessions are created and maintained via the adapter instead
  • Integrity keystore is no longer used, random strings are used to generate a lengthy token, a none signed JWT is used to store the metadata, keeping the datasets the same as 1.x
  • interaction helper provider#interactionDetails now returns a Promise, it reads the short lived session id and loads the details using your adapter
  • interaction helper provider.interactionFinished now returns a Promise, it reads the short lived session id and stores the interaction results there
  • default token TTLs shortened
  • Request Object iss (issuer) and aud (audience) values are now being validated to be equal to Client's identifier (iss) and the OP Issuer identifier (aud) when present in a Request Object

New features

  • static function named connect can now be present on an Adapter prototype, this will be awaited during initialization, use to establish the necessary adapter connections
  • introspection and revocation endpoint authentication now has dedicated settings and properties, unless specific settings for those are provided they default to what's provided for token_endpoint equivalents, this allows for fine-tuning while not disrupting existing behavior
  • new client metadata supported:
    • introspection_endpoint_auth_method
    • introspection_endpoint_auth_signing_alg
    • revocation_endpoint_auth_method
    • revocation_endpoint_auth_signing_alg
  • new configuration properties:
    • introspectionEndpointAuthMethods
    • introspectionEndpointAuthSigningAlgValues
    • unsupported.introspectionEndpointAuthSigningAlgValues
    • revocationEndpointAuthMethods
    • revocationEndpointAuthSigningAlgValues
    • unsupported.revocationEndpointAuthSigningAlgValues
  • new discovery properties:
    • introspection_endpoint_auth_methods_supported
    • introspection_endpoint_auth_signing_alg_values_supported
    • revocation_endpoint_auth_methods_supported
    • revocation_endpoint_auth_signing_alg_values_supported



  • fixed clients schema validation for clients with custom ROPC grant and refresh
  • fixed JWT signing of utf8 containing input
  • fixed subsequent refresh token refresh with pkce.skipClientAuth = true
  • fixed revocation response body to be empty
  • fixed revocation response when invalid inputs occur, unsupported_token_type may not happen since token type support for revocation does not support defining which tokens are supported and which arent
  • Native Apps BCP draft reference updated, no change in implementation
  • allow introspection and revocation w/o auth for native clients when pkce.skipClientAuth is enabled
  • fixed client post_logout_redirect_uris validation to allow all urls
  • fixed token_endpoint_auth_method=none to how it should be (skip auth instead of forbid use)
  • fixed a 500 from token_endpoint when a valid(whitelisted) but invalid(d'oh) grant_type=implicit is submitted
  • bumped node-jose dependency to avoid github tar.gz dependencies
  • fix: allow id_token_signed_response_alg=none for code+token response_type
  • fixed the provider removing middlewares from an upstream app (mounted case scenario)
  • redone client validations concerning response_types, grant_types and redirect_uris to allow niche client setups (i.e. custom or client_credential grant only)
  • bumped minimum node-jose version to cover
  • fixed full logout sessions still being upserted after their removal
  • fixed partial logout sessions still having the logout details
  • fix: 'none' token_endpoint_auth_method clients can still use code flow with PKCE.
  • Native Apps BCP draft updated from draft07 to draft09 (custom uri schemes not containing a period character (".") will be rejected)


  • backwards compatible default-on pkce feature flag added so now pkce support can be disabled
  • forcedForNative flag for pkce added to force native clients using hybrid or code flow to use pkce
  • skipClientAuth flag for pkce added to allow skipping basic or post client auth for authorization_code and refresh_token grants (to be in line with default AppAuth sdk behavior)
  • loosened code flow only web clients redirect_uris restriction
  • removed cookies dependency
  • locked dependencies below semver >= 1.0.0 with ~ instead of ^


  • added end_session.success event
  • added a warning for detected untrusted x-forwarded-* headers


  • fixed request parameter containing claims parameter being an object (#78)
  • Added a detection of session management cookies being blocked as a result of a user-agent optout and added appropriate handling to mitigate resulting incorrect changed states


  • Updated implementation of Back-Channel Logout from draft03 to draft04
    • Logout Token's event claim is now an object with as a member name.
  • Session Management and Native Apps BCP draft references updated, no change in implementations


  • fixed state parameter pass-through for Session Management end_session endpoint
  • fixed expected aud value in private_key_jwt and client_secret_jwt client authentication for introspection_endpoint and revocation_endpoint
  • added the option to change used cookie names
  • fixed cleanup of OP cookies after interaction and logout
  • fixed logout form action in mounted OP scenarios


  • fixed discovery token_introspection_endpoint (kept until 2.0) -> introspection_endpoint (added)
  • fixed discovery token_revocation_endpoint (kept until 2.0) -> revocation_endpoint (added)
  • fixed default response mode for token response_type to be also fragment
  • added missing discovery code_challenge_methods_supported
  • ensure x-frame-options and content-security-policy headers from tools like helmet do not interfere with check_session_iframe, see options to disable the behavior if you know what you're actually doing with those headers
  • fixed client validation not checking token_endpoint_auth_signing_alg values


  • fixed unchanged interactionUrl with devInteractions disabled
  • fixed Client#find to always load a freshly stored client in dynamic registration reads and updates
  • fixed unchanged interactionUrl in mounted OP scenarios
  • fixed scenarios where oidc-provider is mounted in an express application
  • documented recommended mounting approach for both koa and express
  • added registration feature option to overwrite the generated client_id format
  • added refreshTokenRotation configuration option, default 'none', optional 'rotateAndConsume'
  • added provider.Client.cacheClear() method to allow wiping the internal client cache programmatically


  • Added new interaction helpers provider#interactionDetails and provider#interactionFinished
  • Deprecated provider#resume in favor of the new helper
  • Added Fine-tuning supported algorithms
  • Moved final interaction check to configuration to allow for it's customization
  • Fixed removing of acr from claims_supported when passed an empty array in configuration


  • Deprecated require('oidc-provider').Provider export in favor of just require('oidc-provider')
  • Added presence and format validations for the Provider constructor Issuer Identifier parameter


  • fixed www-authenticate header value for html rendered userinfo unauthorized
  • fixed a 500 Server Error case on end_session when no _state cookies were matched
  • added debugging utility via [debug][debug-link]


  • fixed an issue for provider instances with upstream already parsing the request body
  • fixed custom uri scheme native clients hostname validations
  • added optional support for OAuth 2.0 for Native Apps BCP - draft 06
    • enable with configuration features.oauthNativeApps = true;
  • offline_access scope is now ignored when consent prompt is missing instead of being rejected as invalid_request
  • unrecognized authentication requests scopes are now ignored instead of being rejected as invalid_request
  • renamed the refreshToken feature flag to a more appropriate alwaysIssueRefresh


  • added optional Registration Access Token rotation strategy for Dynamic Client Registration Management Protocol
  • added request ctx bind to findById


  • account's #claims() can now return a promise
  • when acrValues passed in are empty the claim is not published as supported, the neither is acr_values_supported as it would be an empty array anyway


  • resolved #37 - authorization endpoint can now be configured with additional whitelisted parameters
  • amr claim handling (similar to acr)
  • defining custom claims with a new array syntax (in addition, prev. syntax still works)
  • scope names from claims are automatically added to the published scopes_supported list


  • fixes #36 - devInteractions feature rendering when mounted
  • ensure server_error is emitted for actions without a specific eventName
  • Fixed acr claim behavior - only the authentication request ACR was negotiated for should have higher than the fallback value
  • Fixed server_error when acr was requested via claims parameter with null value
  • Updated uuid dependency

Notable changes:

  • feature flag devInteractions, enabled by default, complementing the default configuration enables to experiment with just the required library, no need to clone the example anymore to get working interactions
    • a console notice is in place to let developers know the feature is enabled
  • provider#initialize to pass integrity and cert keystores as well as pre-set client configurations
    • removed the option to add clients programmatically during runtime (outside of dynamic registration)
  • offline_access scope ignored for Implicit Flow (def. Core 1.0 - section Offline Access)
  • default uniqueness works as intended for single-process deployments
  • provider.OAuthToken deprecated in favor of provider.BaseToken


  • client validation: https URI scheme only uris now validated for https scheme (initiate_login_uri, sector_identifier_uri, request_uris)
  • client validation: https URI scheme is now forbidden for native clients
  • client validation: http URI scheme is now forbidden for implicit web clients