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  • Use Logux Protocol 2.
  • Use Logux Core 0.2 and Logux Sync 0.2.
  • Send actions with meta.sync only.
  • Add logux/subscribe and logux/unsubscribe support.
  • Replace localStorage to IndexedDB in the store (by Alexey Gaziev).
  • Add mandatory userId option.
  • Use Nano ID for node ID.
  • Add cross-tab communication with leader tab election.
  • Add support.
  • Add debug message support (by Roman Fursov).
  • Add production non-secure protocol warning (by Hanna Stoliar).
  • Add Add Client#clean method.
  • Set meta.subprotocol.
  • Move store tests to separated project (by Konstantin Mamaev).
  • Fix docs (by Grigoriy Beziuk and Vladimir Dementyev).
  • Clean up code (by Evgeny Rodionov).


  • Initial release.