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December 29, 2021
  • New init command.
  • New pab run [-e/--envs] option to load .env* files.
  • Renamed --keyfile to --keyfiles to allow multiple accounts.
  • New optional PyAutoBlockchain[ui] extension to install PABUI.
  • New config loading from ENVVARS/.env file for sensitive data (Personal 0xAddress, RPC, SMTP).
  • Removed edit-config command.
  • Removed deprecated functions from pab.utils.
  • Multiple accounts.
  • Load accounts from ENVVARS named PAB_PK<index>. index will be the index in BaseStrategy.accounts.
  • Strategy API Change: Changed BaseStrategy._transact(func, args) to BaseStrategy.transact(acc, func, args) -> web3.types.TxReceipt. First parameter should be an Account from BaseStrategy.accounts. Now returns web3.types.TxReceipt.
  • Strategy API Change: Removed BaseStrategy.blockchain.read_contract, now use BaseStrategy.contracts.get
  • Strategy API Change: New property BaseStrategy.contracts.
  • Strategy API Change: New property BaseStrategy.accounts.
  • RTD documentation at
  • Renamed pab.queue to pab.task. Renamed QueueLoader to TaskFileParser.
  • Removed Queue in favor of TaskList.


November 11, 2021
  • Fix edit-config command.
  • Removed eager config loading.
  • New -j/--json parameter in list-strategies to export strategy data in JSON format for PABUI or other tools.


November 4, 2021
  • Usage without private keys, if you are going to use read-only abis.


June 22, 2021
  • Removed in favor of package_data


June 22, 2021
  • Correctly fix defaults config file


June 22, 2021
  • Fix exception "config.defaults.json not found" (renamed to config.sample.json)


June 20, 2021

Transaction gas customization improved. New option to estimate gas usage for transaction.

  • TransactionHandler raises TransactionError if the receipt status != 1
  • TransactionHandler may estimate transaction gas usage (if enabled)
  • New configs for transaction gas (enable estimation, gasPrice configuration)
  • Renamed config transactionTimeout to transactions.timeout (see pab/resources/config.defaults.json for full schema with default values)


June 15, 2021

Initial Release