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  • update mapbox-gl peer dependency


  • add unminified build
  • clear draw classes on remove (#785)
  • don't run render on unused event handlers (#783)
  • Remove overridden/dupe onMouseUp in SimpleSelect (#816)
  • Include userProperties in Options section of docs (#817)
  • change ordering of spy creation to avoid overwrites (#839)


  • Fix a bug where GeoJSON features with numeric ids would not rerender correctly #769.


  • Patch to support function signature changes in Mapbox GL JS 0.45.0 #772.


  • Handle early control removal by canceling connect and checking for sources/layers #685 via @gpbmike
  • Race condition loading shapes #749 via nigelsim


  • Fixes bug where event.srcElement is not defined in Firefox #752 via @pastcompute


  • update browserify to version 15.0.0 #731
  • update babel-eslint to version 8.0.3 #715
  • update @turf/centroid to version 6.0.0 #747


  • Fixes bug where map interaction setting were oven written by Draw even after Draw was removed (#696 via @alexgleith)
  • Updated readme to include import syntax (#706 via @thiagoxvo)


  • Adds support for mapbox-gl@0.41.0 (#700 via @mike-marcacci)
  • Uses @mapbox-namespaced packages for geojson-extent and point-geometry. (#700 via @mike-marcacci)
  • Bump sinon@^4.0.0 and babelify@^8.0.0 versions


  • Fixes double click when drawing a line or polygon crashing bug (#680 via @AliceR)
  • Adds support for mapbox-gl@0.39.0
  • Adds support for mapbox-gl@0.40.0


  • Moves some of the doc files around which fixes a bug with webpack (#675)



  • Fixes bug with safari where the map would move when drawing (#665).


  • Improves mobile data support (thanks @z0d14c)
  • Adds support for mapbox-gl@0.38.0


  • Fixes bug with draw controls adding false to the tooltip when keybinding are turned off


  • Add support for mapbox-gl@0.37.0
  • Fix empty dist/mapbox-gl-draw.js file


  • Fix bug where selected points that are moved would still return the same coordinates


  • Adds support for continuing lines via draw.changeMode.


  • Fixes bug where IE11 failed because it lacks Array.find.
  • Adds support for mapbox-gl-js 0.29.x.
  • Uses @mapbox-namespaced packages for dependencies.


⚠️ Breaking changes ⚠️

  • Changes mapboxglDraw to MapboxDraw to match other control names.
  • Changes MapboxDraw() to new MapboxDraw() to match other control interfaces.
  • Provides clearer icon support for drag feature in direct_select.


  • Adds support for mapbox-gl-js@0.28.0.
  • Adds Draw.setFeatureProperty(string, string, any).
  • Adds mapboxglDraw({userProperties: boolean}) to add user properties to the data rendered by Draw.
  • Fixes bug where Draw would fail to attach to mapbox-gl-js if added while a style was loading.
  • Fixes bug where Firefox would treat all mousemove events as drag events.


⚠️ Breaking changes ⚠️

  • Requires mapbox-gl@0.27.0.
  • Detects style changes and reapplies Draw if it has been removed.
  • Fixes UMD support.
  • Changes mapboxgl.Draw to mapboxglDraw when in global scope.


  • Removes deprecated interactive property from styles.


  • Fixes a when where draw.actionable would fail to fire on trash if there were no features left.
  • Fixes a bug where trash moves Draw from direct_select to simple_select.


  • Adds draw.actionable as a way to track if Draw.trash, Draw.combineFeatures and Draw.uncombineFeatuers are actionable.


  • Add support for mapbox-gl-js 0.26.x


  • Fix bug that broke editing MultiFeatures in direct_select mode after using the combine feature


  • Adds support for combining features into multi-features
  • Adds support for uncombing multi-fetaures into features


  • Upgrade mapbox-gl dependency


  • Fix bug causing problems when selecting features at tile intersections.


  • Fix bug with MultiLineString


  • Upgrade mapbox-gl dependency


  • Fix geojsonhint error filtering.


  • Use geojsonhint version 2.0.0beta


  • Fix bug causing render update with firing draw.update event when mouse leaves map container.


  • Fix bug caused by render calling itself synchronously, side-stepping the throttle and possibly emitting the same deleted features twice.


  • Add support for mapbox-gl 0.21


  • Add and draw.deselect, replacing draw.mode.simple_select.selected.* events.
  • Add Draw.getSelectedIds().


  • Fixes bug with draw.modified and point creation
  • Prevents draw.modifed from emitting deleted features


  • Fix bug causing deleted features to not always be deselected.



  • Update default theme


  • Waits for mouse events until the map has loaded
  • Emits all changes to feautres all valid


  • Draw now supports MultiPoint, MultiLineString and MultiPolygon geojson feature types.


  • Allow use of mapbox-gl@0.19


  • Fix mouse cursors when Draw is created before the map is available
  • Fix Draw.add when adding a feature that already exhists


  • Ensure keybindings option is enforced


  • Major speed improvement while drawing
  • Removes displaying polygons and lines as points when they are very small


  • Draw.add now runs geojsonhint on provided features to confirm they are valid geojson
  • Draw.add now doesn't add any features to the map if one provided has an error
  • It used to be possible to trick Draw into thinking you were dragging when you meant to be clicking. This also helps not move the map while clicking rather than dragging.
  • Moved to size bassed selection. This means the smallest feature is selected first. Points, than LineStrings, than Polygons where polygons are selected in order of their area.


  • Upgrade to mapbox-gl-js-mock v0.18


  • Upgrade to Mapbox GL JS v0.18


  • When moving from a drawing mode to simple select, select the new feature


  • Fix custom styling
  • Draw.add now updates the stored properties of a feature
  • Draw no longer emits features that are invalid as changed


  • polygons and lines that are too small to see now show up as points


Upgrade to Mapbox GL JS v0.17


Cursors can now be set via css classes. Default cursor options have been added. This restores the long standing issue of hover cursors not working.

Moving from simple_select to direct_select can now be done by selecting a vertex in simple_select mode.

Bug fix for control position options thanks to @nsamala.


Fresh new style. Better selection ability for lines. Double click to end drawing a line.

draw.changed has been updated to emit an object {features: []} and to only emit when something has changed and is in a valid state.


This is a preview release of the work being done in the 0.6.0 milestone.

We are skipping 0.5.0 as this change is very large and breaks much of the Draw API functionality.

To preview this release please take a look to get started. Feedback is very welcome and is generally being collected here.


  • Name space css. If you are not using the provided CSS, update your own css to match the new naming schemes.
  • displayControlsDefault lets a you change the default option for displaying controls from true to false
  • fixed bug where update didn't render changes
  • fixed bug where drag events that shouldn't drag the map still would due to a featuresAt race condition


  • Performance improvements
  • Supports mapbox-gl@0.15.0
  • Cleans up event listeners on Draw.remove


Lets shift select work again


Fixes a bug where calling Draw.add on a FeatureCollection resulted in an error.


Fixes a bug where calling Draw.deselect in a draw.delete event handler would emit a draw.set event even though the feature had been removed from Draw.


Fixes bug where drawing: false in the config would throw an error in the trash can control logic.


Expands support to mapbox-gl@0.14.0


Drawing changes

  • When editing a feature, clicking on a node will delete it
  • When creating a feature, escape ends drawing and deletes the features. No events are fired.
  • When editing a feature, escape reverts changes to what the feature looked like when editing started

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where the trash can would show up when zooming via the zoom box.
  • Fixed bug where starting a new feature before finishing an old feature would save the old feature even if it was invalid

API enhancements

  • startDrawing lets you initiate drawing with your controls.
  • The controls object now accepts trash letting you hide the trash control


Ships dist/mapbox-gl-draw.js to npm even though it is not committed.


Bug Fixes

  • drawId was leaked to props in the minor bump, this was a mistake
  • Features added via Draw.add had to be selected twice


Drawing Changes

  • Square now acts as a macro for square polygons. Before a square feature had to always be a square feature while it was in side of draw, but could be edited outside.
  • Square now works as a two click tool, dropping support for click-drag-release.
  • and don't fire in the creation phase of a feature
  • draw.set is only fired when the feature has been completed

Bug Fixes

  • Default draw styles, conform to the mapbox-gl-style-spec
  • Points now appear pink when selected using the default style
  • Clicking the trash can while creating a feature, concludes the drawing
  • Users are able to drag the under lying map while drawing
  • Works with mapbox-gl-js@0.13.1


Breaking changes

  • Renamed Draw.remove to Draw.destroy

API Improvements

  • Draw.remove now removes Mapbox-GL-Draw from your map


Fixes publish process so the distribution is kept up to date


Fixes bug with Draw.add that was making new features not render


Breaking changes

  • Renamed style theme for selected features. Was gl-edit-{feature}, now gl-draw-selected-{feature}.
  • Renamed Draw.set method to Draw.add.
  • Renamed Draw.getEditing method to Draw.getSelected.
  • Renamed event to
  • Renamed draw.deselect event to

API Improvements

  • Added 4 selection methods:, Draw.selectAll, Draw.deselect, and Draw.deselectAll.
  • Draw.add treats as its internal id so you can use external ids with Draw.get