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  • Change the underlying InkPaper editor to a new Editor class.
  • New events to be notified of editor changes.
  • New penStyle property. Used to change current pen style.
  • New theme property. Used to change the editor's theme.
  • New configuration property. Changing the configuration will clear the underlying editor, all currents strokes and results will be lost.

Breaking changes

  • Complete rewrite with ES6 syntax
  • Internal design improved to allow extensibility and support of upcoming recognition types. See the documentation and examples to discover new behavior.
  • Removal of all deprecated attributes and methods
  • All configuration has been merged into the configuration property.
  • All events has been renamed.
  • getAvailableLanguages() have been moved outside the editor. You can use it to retrieve the list of available languages for your configuration.



  • Fixes staff disappearing after recognition result
  • Fixes retina mode was only well display after a resizing
  • Fixes scratch-out were displayed when exporting as image



  • Change build task runner from grunt to gulp
  • Add accessors to host to make it mutable
  • Add accessors to protocol to make it mutable
  • Add accessors to parameters to make them mutable
  • Add accessors to components to make them mutable (@see mandatory clef on music)
  • Add enum style variables on string constants to ease implementation
  • Mark globalAlpha parameter as deprecated
  • Migrate JQuery Pointer Event Polyfill to 0.4.1


  • Fixes parameters constructors to allow json construction, used also to copy them
  • Fixes components constructors to allow json construction, used also to copy them
  • Fixes issue on shape recognition undo/redo
  • Fixes issue on music recognition undo/redo (@see mutable components feature)
  • Fixes issue on network interfaces (@see mutable host feature)
  • Fixes missing callback call when timeout === 0
  • Fixes set parameters on WebSocket recognition (@see mutable parameters feature)
  • Fixes ink-paper positioning issue (CSS change)
  • Fixes wrong pointer events coordinates
  • Fixes getAvailableLanguages to use correct inputMode
  • Fixes high-resolution rendering