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  • Official support for stable babel v7! :tada:

  • Chores (via #8):

    • Replaced deprecated @babel/preset-es2015 with @babel/preset-env
    • Updated babel related dependencies to stable Babel v7 release
    • Updated other development dependencies (mocha, all-contributors-cli)


  • Via #3:
    • Updated dependencies.
    • New plugin implementation for Babel v7.
    • Use @babel/helper-module-imports so the output is either ESM or CJS depending if sourceType is module or script, fixing #1.
    • Added @babel/core peer dependency, as Babel does for official plugins.
    • Disabled and ignored package-lock.json.
    • Replaced lodash.assign in readme examples with object-assign to demo defaults.
    • New way to register Babel for Mocha tests.


  • The plugin configuration is now optional. If no configuration is provided, the Object.assign implementation will be replaced with object-assign.

    This will replace Object.assign with object-assign:

      "plugins": [["transform-replace-object-assign"]]
  • Breaking change: The plugin configuration no longer supports passing a string module name. If you want to provide a custom Object.assign implementation, you must provide an object config with the name of the module specified in the moduleSpecifier key.


      "plugins": [["transform-replace-object-assign", "custom-module"]]

    Should be changed to this:

      "plugins": [
          { "moduleSpecifier": "custom-module" }

Thanks to @jaydenseric for proposing these changes in preparation for babel v7.


There were no code changes in this release. This patch fixed some documentation errors in so that it would show in the npm registry.


First release of this plugin! :smile:

View the to learn how it works!