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September 28, 2020
  • fixed twig data function


July 8, 2020
  • fixed wrong file name of modern js build file in twig master layout


June 5, 2020
  • fixed non removed slider import when slider option gets not selected
  • fixed checkbox hook icon when svg background image feature is not selected
  • fixed choices.js placeholder of multi selects not being visible
  • fixed syntax errors in button.twig and header.twig components when running with twig php
  • internal: fixed generator version compare bug (finally)


April 29, 2020
  • nikita now depends on node.js version >= 8.12 and npm >= 6.4
  • improved styling and structure of all boilerplate components
  • moved color declarations to scss/variables/_foundation-settings.scss and removed file scss/variables/_color.scss
  • added more boilerplate components like header, footer, button and form elements
  • improved symfony integration
    • added static mode (--static) to start the dev server with static page generator without proxy
    • added proxy setting for browserSync dev server
    • added https cert and key file settings to support https with browserSync
    • watch symfony twig template files
    • changed dev server root to public/-folder
  • added react-helmet-async lib to modify html document head
  • added MediaQuery.js lib as an adapter to foundation breakpoints
  • added KeyboardFocus.js lib to restrict focus styles to keyboard navigation
  • added grunt task to check licenses used in dependencies
  • added twig.js functions asset, html_attr and html_classes
  • changed twig namespaces to @-notation
  • updated all dependencies to newest version
  • updated nikita eslint and stylelint config
  • fixed grunt task analyze-js
  • renamed App.js to PascalCase
  • improved readme (added appicon section, integrated sub readme files, equalized naming)
  • added nikita version to npm generator script target
  • internal: fixed generator version compare bug
  • internal: added method to copy complete template directory to generator


May 8, 2019
  • adjust global font size trick to fix bug in chrome, now 1rem = 10px
  • improved gitlab-ci config (set Timezone and git ssh command, fixed test task)
  • ensure no .babelrc-file is processed
  • prevent double browser reload when using modern JS build
  • exclude heavy grunt tasks from loading when these are not necessary for current build target
  • removed concurrent setup of html and sass processing to speed up grunt builds
  • prevent grunt-watch from spawning child processes for faster rebuilds
  • added watch target for changes of grunt config files to reload grunt automatically
  • added grunt flag to disable time-grunt with grunt --no-times
  • updated all dependencies to newest version
  • updated nikita eslint and stylelint config
  • mention foundation and babel polyfilling in readme
  • run npm install in docker container if docker setup is used


April 3, 2019
  • splitted background declaration in svg-background mixin
  • don't override .docker/common.env
  • integrate global font size trick (rem units = px units) with foundation
  • updated all dependencies to newest version


March 14, 2019
  • nikita now depends on node.js version >= 6.0 and npm >= 5.0
  • changed folder structure:
    • removed build and dist folder in favor of static-folder
    • moved img and fonts folders to static-folder
    • renamed source-folder to src
    • renamed sass-folder to scss
    • moved jest setup files to tests/setup/
    • moved svg background icons to scss/bg-svg-icons/
  • updated all dependencies to newest version and improved configs
  • updated browserlist declaration
  • improved jest code coverage output and added --ci flag
    • start jest in ci mode (omits snapshot generation) with grunt test --ci
  • improved JST template compiling
  • enabled caching for eslint and stylelint
  • added eslintrc and stylelintrc files for IDE integration
  • added linting of grunt files
  • fixed browserSync page reload when js files are changing
  • fixed jest not exiting with error on fail
  • added docker setup and Makefile
  • added basic gitlab-ci setup
  • added separated JS build for modern browsers
    • include it with script tag type module (see master.twig)
  • added dotenv-webpack to add .env supoort
    • access .env values in JavaScript with process.env.<NAME>
  • added grunt-contrib-htmlmin to minify html
  • added grunt-real-favicon for app-icon generation
    • place desired image at static/img/appicons/_source.png
    • start favicon generator with grunt generate-appicons
  • added react.js, including react-router, react-waterfall, prop-types, enzyme and classnames
  • made jsb optional
  • added foundation css framework
  • set html font-size to 1px; now rem units = px units
  • reworked included scss mixins
    • now all chosen mixins gets copied into project
    • converted extends to mixins
  • replaced svg-css task with svg2scss
    • svg background mixin includes the background style directly without extends, so it can be used within media querys now
    • fixed encoding of parenthesis
  • added shorthand grunt tasks grunt check-code and grunt fix-code for linting js and scss
  • added npm command npm run generator to run latest generator-nikita locally
  • added optional libraries choices, react-select, a11y-dialog, lodash and date-fns
  • removed optional libraries jquery, and select2
  • removed uglifyJS
  • removed assemble
  • removed grunt-accessibility
  • removed grunt-htmlhint
  • removed grunt-prettify
  • removed form framework
  • removed css reset (use normalize.css included in foundation instead)
  • removed IE conditional classes from master.twig
  • rewrote generator logic completely and improved templates
  • updated generator dependencies
  • added eslint and pre commit hook to generator


March 27, 2018
  • fixed twigRender config
  • regenerate sass globbing on added/removed glob imported scss files


November 29, 2017
  • fixed bug in sample component where the folder was added twice (uppercase and lowercase)


November 28, 2017
  • changed destination of genearted files from js/ and css/ to generated/
  • split gruntfile into separated config files
  • made grunt runnable with npm with npm run grunt [task]
  • added symfony and wordpress templates
  • added component structure with components-folder
  • added webpack-bundle-analyzer to analyze bundle size
    • start analyzer with grunt analyze-js
  • added jest testing framework
    • start tests with grunt test
    • start jest in watch mode with grunt test --watch
    • see test coverage with grunt test-coverage
  • added ability to call imagemin on source images and removed it from running within build
    • run imagemin with grunt minify-images
  • improved grunt sass-globbing task to support multiple entry files
  • updated grunt to 1.0
  • updated webpack and babel
  • updated eslint
  • updated stylelint and setup pre commit hook
    • start autofixing with grunt fix-scss
  • updated browserslist for autoprefixer and babel-preset-env to exclude unimportant mobile browsers
  • restructured and renamed readme file
  • extended generator readme file
  • replaced cssmin by postcss-csso
  • removed bower and ruby sass
  • removed default template
  • removed modules styleguide, photobox, phantomas, pagespeed, css-split, svgstore, group-css-media-queries and jsdoc
  • removed grunt-newer
  • removed
  • fixed generator answers were not restored in some cases
  • prevent the generator from execution if the kickstarter was generated with a newer version
  • check build with all node major versions in travis
  • test all generator templates in travis


May 4, 2017
  • replaced sass-lint by stylelint
  • added contribution section and project icons to readme
  • renamed generator templates to be more clear what it is for
  • removed modernizr, use @supports instead
  • removed drop console setting from uglify
  • replaced require.js by webpack2 and babel
  • replaced jshint by eslint with pre commit hook
  • added spring boot template
  • replaced livereload by Browsersync
  • input prompts are always required fields
  • all templates can be customized right after choosing the template
  • exclude group-css-media-queries from slim build
  • dont run bower when rerunning the generator and bower is not included
  • added also twig as static page generator
  • added script to run non-interactive-generator for builds
  • updated lots of npm dependencies
  • removed universal.css for IE6


August 2, 2016
  • updated lots of lots of npm dependencies
    • we cannot use grunt 1.0.x, yet (since most peer dependencies rely on 0.4.x)
    • we cannot use modernizr > 0.6.1, yet (since custom tests with addTests don't work)
  • removed handlebars-helper-partial library


August 1, 2016
  • replaced scss-lint with sass-lint
  • fixed possible Modernizr.testStyles or Modernizr.prefixes is undefined (if no css/js available)
  • upgrade to grunt-modernizr 0.6.1
  • made bower configurable
  • don't aways override the useBuildFolders option when choosing a template
  • fixed skip-install option in generator
  • moved nikita-css, jsb, logging.js to npm
  • pinned npm package versions
  • uglify disabled for one-folder-build
  • fix license entry to be SPDX conform
  • depend on version >= 4.x and < 5 of nodejs
  • replaced grunt-autoprefixer by grunt-postcss and autoprefixer
  • requirejs uglify disabled
  • updated grunt-contrib-imagemin package
  • updated grunt-sass package
  • fix trailing slash in source folder path
  • fixed require js cachebusting
  • added tests for custom:libass, custom:compass, slim and default template
  • added feature switch for universal stylesheet
  • generate depending on the local grunt/bower setting
  • fixed README for projects without compass
  • travis builds don't require sudo anymore: faster CI


September 2, 2015
  • .gitkeep for sass extends folder added
  • updated grunt-svgmin to 2.0.1
  • updated grunt-contrib-uglify to 0.9.2


March 31, 2015
  • updated grunt-autoprefixer to 2.2.0
  • fixed string-replace-task #22


March 18, 2015
  • added templates for nikita configuration (default, slim, custom) - saves you from lots of decisions when bootstraping a simple project
  • removed grunticon and replaced it with svgcss #20
    • dropped PNG-fallback support!
  • fixed tmpPath for grunticon #18
  • upgraded to grunticon 2.1.6
  • fixed issue, when there are no .svgs in the img/bgs folder #19
  • removed px-to-rem mixin
  • set attr-value-double-quotes and attr-value-not-empty to false and added space-tab-mixed-disabled in htmlhint options
  • pinned handlebars-helper-partial in package.json to version 0.1.2 (there are conficts with 0.2.0)
  • removed px-to-rem-usage from _rwd-testing.scss and _buttons.scss #16
  • removed px-to-rem-usage from _forms.scss #17


March 10, 2015
  • updated to grunt-sass 0.18.0 to get node-sass 2.0.0 (to fix 32bit compatibility issue) #15
  • decide whether you want to use local bower/grunt or the global version (saves up to 55MB!)
  • made activation of SVG Sprites configurable
  • load svg-sprite.svg from svgstore with ajax #13
  • made the --target of grunt build and grunt dist configurable #10
  • added useBuildFolders and sourceFolder to configure where to put source files
  • isFile filter for grunt expand added #14
  • updated cssmin version
  • removed unecessary trailing , in js arrays


  • the grunticon-mixin got a new syntax and was therefore renamed, now you have to use @include svg-background(name);
  • removed _ib.scss extend
  • removed info about pre-release version of compass
  • removed source/img/bgs/svgmin/.gitignore
  • removed source/img/icons/svgmin/.gitignore


  • added bower install info to the


  • removed dependency to grunt-symlink
  • bower_components is now always located at / and not at source/bower_components as symlink
  • removed copy:bower_components from dist. If you need it: depend on the things in _requireconfig.js or @import them to your styles.scss


  • added nikita.css as bower package
  • added bower as package manager
  • package.json#private is true now, change it if you REALLY want to publish your entire project to NPM
  • faster cleaning of build and dist folder
  • use one global tmp folder for both build and dist
  • updated grunticon to 1.2.13 (because of strange tmp-folder behaviour!)
  • removed partials/icon-sprite.svg from source folder, is stored in tmp folder now
  • always use sass cache in dev, disable it for dist
  • removed unused compass.fonts_dir and compass.javascripts_dir
  • added *.gif for imagemin task
  • icon-sprite.svg is part of the gitignore now (since it's generated by svgmin:dev/svgmin:dist)
  • replaced svgmin:bgs + svgmin:icons with svgmin:dist + svgmin:dev
  • use build/tmp and dist/tmp folder for temporary svgmin/grunticon svg files
  • Added Gemfile.lock to .gitignore
  • Hint in changed to version without --pre for sass and compass
  • Updated assemble to 0.4.42
  • Updated grunt-crontrib-imagemin to 0.8.1


  • updated grunt-sass to 0.17.0
  • updated grunt-autoprefixer to 2.0.0
  • updated grunt-concurrent to 1.0.0
  • updated grunt-contrib-clean to 0.6.0
  • updated grunt-contrib-copy to 0.7.0
  • updated grunt-contrib-cssmin to 0.10.0
  • updated grunt-contrib-imagemin to 0.9.2
  • updated grunt-contrib-jshint to 0.10.0
  • updated grunt-contrib-uglify to 0.6.0
  • updated grunt-contrib-watch to 0.6.1


  • First version with
  • Use SASS 3.4


  • added paths variables for source, build, dist, tmp to easily configure changing folders
  • grunt-contrib-clean: added force: true option to allow cleaning folders outside cwd
  • escaping gitinfos


  • removed sass-globbing (+ fileindex) dependency
  • do not copy gitinfos.hbs.ejs
  • moved tmp files of grunticon/svg-backgrounds into tmp folder
  • added cachebuster for .css and .js files (+ requirejs modules!)


  • added optional gitinfos for the dist-task via grunt-gitinfo
  • fixed requirejs yeoman setup
  • disabled data-png and png-fallback in svg-background mixin (discontinued IE8 and lower support)
  • updated grunt-modernizr to 0.6.0
  • updated grunt-sass to 0.16.1
  • test for compass is now simple string test
  • disable sass in Gemfile if not necessary (if compass is disabled)


  • added {{autolink}} handlebars helper
  • added libSass option, now you can choose between libSass and Compass/Sass
  • updated autoprefixer to 1.0.1
  • button-normalizing migrates from _buttons.scss to _basics.scss
  • empty folders like fonts will be copied with a .gitkeep file
  • automatically enabling nikita.css extends and nikita.css mixins if the formFramework is enabled
  • added explanation for the javascript part
  • properly return App instance when returning app.js module
  • added initial requirejs workflow
  • made generator prompts more meaningful
  • adjusted output in string-replace-task and syntax in svg-background-mixin for a better matching
  • added .gitignore files to folders sass/svg-bg-extends and sass/grunticon to ignore generated scss-files
  • renamed sass/icons to sass/svg-bg-extends
  • made Browser Reset and Webfonts SASS-partial configurable
  • do not add _z-layers.scss if layering-mixin isn't included
  • made CSS Split configurable
  • added clickable links after webserver is started
  • fixed port for livereload
  • automatically enabling svgBackgrounds feature if the formFramework is enabled
  • added --port parameter to override default port 9002
  • added --livereload-port parameter to override the default port assignment to --port + 1
  • structured index.js
  • made form-framework configurable
  • made respond-to-mixin configurable
  • made svgBackgrounds configurable
  • do not add grunticon dependency if svgBackgrounds are disabled
  • moved photobox and phantomas directory to reports-folder
  • added reports-folder
  • made photobox, phantomas and pagespeed configurable
  • made jsDoc and cssStyleGuide configurable
  • register partials helper for assemble in gruntfile
  • appicons, touchicons and favicons are now located in source/img/appicons
  • performance optimization