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Upgraded to final version of Webpack 2.

StyleLint upgrade.

The upgrade involved updating the internal dependencies. Check out the changelog here.

ESLint upgrade.

The upgrade involved updating the internal dependencies. Check out the changelog here.

Jest 19 Upgrade

Upgrade from Jest 16 #422


  • Adds User survey link for modifyWebpackConfig #433
  • Adds starter-kyt versioning with npm #425
  • Adds additional functional tests #405
  • Adds source-map-support plugin #402


  • Removes transform runtime plugin from Jest Config #414
  • Replaces Ramda with Lodash #431
  • Adds missing require statments to recipe docs #415 and #410
  • Fixes bug with build on windows where old build directory wasn't deleted #429


October 23, 2017
  • Upgrades ESLint prettier and babel-eslint and makes it a peerDependency in eslint-config-kyt. 543
  • Fixes at-rule for Sass support in eslint-config-stylelint. 543


October 23, 2017
  • Upgrades ESLint dependencies in eslint-config-kyt. 540


October 20, 2017
  • Upgrades StyleLint and Prettier dependencies in stylelint-config-kyt, and adds a few new rules. 538 539


October 19, 2017

0.8.x-0.9.0 Migration guide.

  • Adds babel-preset-env to babel-preset-kyt-core/babel-preset-kyt-react to optimize the client and server build size and polyfilling. 531 532
  • Upgrades node-sass from 4.5.0 to 4.5.3 for Node 8 support.
  • Adds static asset support 518
  • Fixes static starter script order 524
  • Fixes asset/css fingerprinting bugs. 538
  • Adds a new eslint rule to restrict server file imports from outside of the src/server directory. 528


August 3, 2017

0.7.x-0.8.0 Migration guide.

  • Upgrades webpack to version 3.1.0
  • Upgrades jest to version 20.0.4
  • Adds jest test setup for global document and window


July 7, 2017

0.6.x-0.7.0 Migration guide.


June 28, 2017
  • Fixes handling of user postcss.config.js override #506.


June 7, 2017

0.5.x-0.6.0 Migration guide.

  • Upgrades webpack and loaders #482
  • Adds vendor bundling #487


May 2, 2017
  • Fixes bug in IE11, moves 'react-hot-loader/patch' after 'babel-polyfill'.#473
  • Fixes history api for static starter-kyt #468
  • Adds .ico to file stub #475


April 10, 2017

Removes at-rule-no-unknown from stylelint configuration #462.


April 9, 2017


  • adds history api fallback to dev command for projects that use hasServer=false #457. Read more about how this affects the static starter kyt in the notes on implementation section.


  • fixes no-restricted-syntax error in linter #459. Read more here.


March 28, 2017

Adds Stylelint rule exceptions for common CSS Modules syntax, like :global, :local, etc. See more here.


March 27, 2017

Upgrades eslint to version 3.18 to get around an error. Read more here.


March 23, 2017

0.4.x-0.5.0 Migration guide.



March 3, 2017


Adds server side source maps #402. You can remove source-map-support from your projects if you registered it in your server side code.


Made src/public directory accessible in noServer=true projects #427.

Fixes autoprefixer bug where deprecated bugs were getting removed by the minimizer #390.


February 13, 2017

0.3.x-0.4.0 Migration guide.



kyt is now a monorepo with several packages

  1. kyt-cli - A globally installed package for project setup

  2. setup command now can create a new project directory with the -d flag. kyt-cli setup

  3. setup now supports copying devDependencies from starter-kyts

  4. setup accepts a kyt version flag to help with local development #343

  5. kyt-cli includes a list command which lists information about supported and recommended starter-kyts #340

  6. kyt-core - The kyt build and dev systems. Used as a project dependency

  7. setup is now deprecated as part of kyt-core. It can be found in kyt-cli

  8. start now runs the node server without a kyt wrapped command. This means kyt can be installed as a dev dependency

  9. kyt-utils - Shared kyt code. Not to be used independently

  10. starter-kyts - kyt-starter-static and kyt-starter-universal now live in the kyt repo.

e2e tests have been pulled to the top level and will be used to test all packages.

Babel Presets #347

kyt now supports having your own .babelrc file in your project.

kyt has two presets:

To update an existing kyt project:

  • If your project uses react you'll want to create a .babelrc that points to the react preset. This one should work.
  • If you currently make babel plugin or preset changes via modifyWebpackConfig, checkout out the updated recipe

Linter configs

kyt's linter configs are now packaged as separate configs #344 #380 To update: copy the new linter files into the root of your project. .eslintrc.json .stylelintrc.json

New Lint commands #339

Lint commands are now as follows:

  • kyt lint-script for JS
  • kyt lint-style for CSS/Sass
  • npm run lint runs both commands (installed by kyt-cli setup) kyt lint is deprecated

kyt start is deprecated

kyt-cli setup creates an npm run start command to run the server


  • Support babel plugins w/o prefix #303
  • Bootstrap scripts for local development #341 #377
  • kyt-cli now supports a fully interactive setup in addition to cli args. #378

Yarn Support

kyt-cli now supports setting up projects using yarn.#270

Tooling updates

  • Updated PostCSS loader #295
  • Add babel-plugin-transform-react-jsx-source to dev #179
  • Updated babel dependencies #311
  • Use babel polyfill rather than babel-transform-runtime #255
  • Updated linter dependencies #289


  • Fixes bug where e2e tests were silently failing #326
  • Fixes bug where test command wasn't written if an npm default existed #293
  • Catch SIGINT for all commands #332
  • Fixes bug where Jest moduleNameMappers didn't match imports with specific Webpack loaders #363
  • Fixes bug where style-lint only supported one file name #383


October 25, 2016


  • Upgrades Jest to version 16 #259 See Jest docs for information on latest updates.

  • Upgrades Webpack to v2.1.0-beta.25 #264 Check the recipes to see the latest syntax for common extensions. Additional info in Webpack's migration guide



September 30, 2016
  • Fixes linter Configuration for rule "eol-last" is invalid ESLint bug by upgrading all of the linter dependencies.


September 23, 2016
  • Fixes kyt lint-style bug where the base config file name was incorrect (#180).


September 23, 2016


kyt test now uses Jest

See the new testing docs. Read more about Jest

If you've already written tests in Ava check out these code mods from mikenikles and dcousineau as a resource for upgrading.

support of other ESLint and StyleLint file types

.eslintrc .eslintrc.json .stylelintrc .stylelintrc.json

kyt adds these linter files to your project on setup. These files now reference base linter files in kyt to allow for easier upgrades. As always you can use these files to create your own overrides.

kyt's global variables are now in a KYT global object rather than process.env


  • Fixes bug where dev server child process was not killed after Webpack build error
  • Fixes bug where lint rule was deprecated and showing error


September 12, 2016
  • Initial public release