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Important changes

Change package name to vblue on my fork

New features

  • New component: Tag Input, see docs (thanks @jgerbes)
  • #125 Add queue prop to toast/snackbar and defaultNoticeQueue constructor option
    • Note that the animations aren't perfect right now
  • #432 Datepicker improved: can add event indicators on it (thanks @chasegiunta)
  • #439 Add support to horizontal field, with the horizontal prop (thanks @electrolinux)
  • Add mobile-native prop to datepicker and timepicker
  • Add defaultDatepickerMobileNative and defaultTimepickerMobileNative constructor options
  • Add events prop to modal (to bind events programmatically)
  • Add position prop to datepicker and timepicker
  • Add size prop to dialog
  • Add tabstop and disabled props to tag
  • Add .sync option to table current-page

Fixes and changes

  • Maxlength counter for input only shows on focus
  • Add padding to tab content
  • Fix autocomplete with keep-first selecting on blur when nothing is shown
  • Fix tabs buttons size sometimes flickering
  • #416 Fix pagination color
  • #419 Fix input icon size
  • #428 Fix current-page from table to be reactive
  • #440 Fix upload input file width (thanks @frantic1048)


  • #409 Fix notification delete button
  • #410 Fix alert triggering on updload


Breaking changes

  • Vue 2.5+ is now the minimum required version
  • Bulma breaking changes, see changelog
  • Removed the deprecated prompt dialog inputPlaceholder, inputName and inputMaxlength props
  • Buefy now uses MDI icons from community instead, you'll have to change icon names and if you use a CDN you should change:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">

New features

  • New component: Timepicker, see docs
  • New component: Checkbox Button, see docs
  • New docs section: Extensions, see here
  • Support for Bulma 0.6.1
  • Add disabled prop to tabItem
  • Add focusable prop to table
  • Add focus() method to table
  • Add hoverable prop to table
  • Add custom-size prop to icon
  • Add custom-class prop to icon
  • Add detail-key and opened-detailed props to table (thanks @wanxe)
  • Add scroll prop to modal/dialog (changes what to do with <body> scrollbar)
  • Add parent prop to modal, pass a Vue object to it to open component modal programmatically
  • #359 Add mobile-modal prop to dropdown to enable/disable modal on mobile
  • #365 Add src/scss/utils/_all.scss for easier modular importing (thanks @gwvt)
  • #377 Add support to MDI icons from community
  • #387 Add current-page prop to table (thanks @frantic1048)
  • #388 Add size prop to radio and checkbox
  • #398 Add unselectable-dates prop to datepicker to disable an array of dates
  • #399 Add configurable closing options for dialog (like modal)


  • Update tooltip font size and padding, it's a bit bigger now
  • Update table keyboard navigation, now doesn't require pressing enter and only works when focusable
  • #288 Fix input message from parent field (thanks @yarbshk)
  • #358 Fix modal/dialog shifting content (scroll prop)
  • #380 Fix clearing autocomplete input
  • #395 Fix ref dropdown availability (thanks @frantic1048)


  • Deprecated prompt dialog inputPlaceholder, inputName and inputMaxlength props, use new inputAttrs prop, see docs
  • Fix focus method on select
  • Table with selected prop can now be natigated with keyboard
  • #251, #345 Add bottom-left slot to table
  • #334 Add defaultDialogConfirmText and defaultDialogCancelText constructor options
  • #335 Add icon and iconPack prop to dialog
  • #350 Add Function type to component prop of modal (thanks @ivalkenburg)
  • #354 Add tab key press to autocomplete (thanks @tmepple)
  • #356 Fix table header alignment


  • New component: Collapse, see docs
  • Panel deprecated, use new Collapse component, old docs here
  • Update Bulma to v0.5.3
  • #223 Add footer slot to table
  • #246 Remove key on detailed rows of table component (thanks @Tirke)
  • #301 Fix Bulma style override for radio and checkbox
  • #303 Fix dropdown close on custom item when is replaced or changed
  • #305 Fix datepicker calendar display when disabled and inline
  • #309 Add labelFor prop to field component, to set native for attribute to the label tag (thanks @tmepple)
  • #314 Set pack prop to next/prev icon buttons for datepicker
  • #315 Fix escape regexp characters to autocomplete
  • #316 Fix checkbox shrinking when text is very long (thanks @Tirke)
  • #317 Add default datepicker constructor options
  • #324 Fix table broken sort state
  • #330 Fix table empty and detail disposition
  • #339 Fix upload warning when is required
  • #340 Add size prop to radio button


  • #262 Add empty slot to autocomplete (empty message)
  • #264 Add has-counter prop to input, add it when you want show or hide character counter when maxlength prop is passed
  • #265 Fix disabled pagination (thanks @YassinOuider)
  • #272 Add readonly prop to allow typing a date on datepicker
  • #273 Fix autocomplete for SSR (thanks @LANSELOT)
  • #276 Add first-day-of-week prop to datepicker
  • #279 Fix table not default sorting async data
  • #289 Fix dropdown-trigger container html tag
  • #291 Add configurable closing options for Modal (thanks @jwahdatehagh)
  • #298 Fix mobile detection datepicker for SSR
  • #302 Fix datepicker calendar display when disabled


  • New component: Datepicker, see docs (thanks @bartboy011)
  • New component: Tag, see docs
  • #195 Add custom-key prop to table column, add it when you want a column without label
  • #221 Add backend pagination support to table (thanks @cappuc)
  • #214 Add active prop to tooltip
  • #215 Add header slot to table (custom headers)
  • #228 Fix table checked rows not working on mobile
  • #235 Add custom-is-checked prop to table column, add it when you want a custom compare function when is checkable
  • #237 Fix emit blur event for input
  • #239 Fix table columns on v-for loop
  • #241 Fix remove tabItem when it's bounded to array
  • #242 Update required Vue.js version (2.4+) (thanks @iwan-wijaya)
  • #243 Add default-sort-direction prop to table, add it when you want change default sort direction on the first click
  • #260 Fix radio/radio button emitting input multiple times (thanks @frantic1048)
  • Add meta prop to table column, useful for custom headers
  • Add type prop to switch (thanks @Tirke)
  • Add multiple support to select
  • Add inline prop to dropdown, items are shown inline and trigger removed
  • Remove has-custom-template prop from autocomplete, just use scoped slot to have the same feature


Breaking changes

  • Update Bulma to v0.5.1, changes on Sass variables naming, see docs
    • Buefy Sass variables are also following the new convention
  • Removed Menu component, it was experimental and wasn't good enough, needed too much to work and can easily be replaced with pure HTML
  • Constructor option defaultContentElement renamed to defaultContainerElement
  • b-dropdown-option renamed to b-dropdown-item
    • subheader prop renamed to custom
  • Any attributes on Input, Select and Autocomplete will be added directly to <input> or <select> itself instead of the root element
  • change events for all form controls (Input, Select Autocomplete, Checkbox, RadioGroup, Switch) that returned pure value will now return $event (and require .native modifier), use input instead
  • Checkbox custom-value prop renamed to native-value
    • checked prop removed
  • Removed CheckboxGroup, just add the same v-model to multiple Checkboxes and set a native-value, see docs
  • Radio and Radio Button value prop renamed to native-value
    • Add v-model support
    • Radio Buttons have to be wrapped on a field
  • Removed RadioGroup, just add the same v-model to multiple Radios/RadioButtons and set a native-value see docs
  • Remove switch checked prop

New stuff

  • New component: Upload, see docs (thanks @jtommy)
  • Field position prop works for grouped fields
  • Add group-multiline prop to field
  • Add size prop to message
  • #191 Add detail option (collapse) to table row, see docs (thanks @wanxe)
  • #201 Add support to array on Field message prop (thanks @jtommy)
  • #207 Add centered prop to table column
  • Add native-value, true-value and false-value props to switch

Bug fixes

  • #206 Fix radio and checkbox within v-for


  • New component: Menu, see docs (thanks @tsctao)
  • New component: Panel, see docs (thanks @jtommy)
  • New component: Loading, see docs (thanks @jtommy)
  • Dropdown improved: can add any content on it, can be triggered by hover, see docs
  • Remove narrowed prop from dropdown
  • Update Bulma to v0.4.4
  • Add CDN install method and JSFiddle examples
  • Add boolean addons prop to field
  • Fix message and notification inside .media element
  • Fix pagination current page to not be clickable (thanks @jtommy)
  • #118 Add Nuxt.js installation on docs
  • #171 Fix modal not taking full width on mobile
  • #182 Fix table not default sorting async data (thanks @jtommy)
  • #184 Add input event on docs (input/autocomplete)
  • #190 Add Vue.js required version on docs
  • #197 Fix autocomplete expanded prop not working correctly


  • Update Bulma to v0.4.3
  • Page is now clipped when a modal/dialog is active (to avoid weird scroll behavior)
  • Update modal docs example to not use the component prop, works better for events and is more common — Old way is not deprecated
  • Remove programmatic component modal from docs since isn't a good practice and was causing too many issues
  • Fix autocomplete focus() method
  • #106 Fix prompt dialog vue-warning
  • #144 Add rows prop to input (textarea)
  • #145 Fix autocomplete not preventing form from submitting (thanks @jtommy)
  • #153 Add return for checkHtml5Validity() method
  • #155 Fix input/autocomplete change event (thanks @jtommy)
  • #157 Fix table redundant level element generating extra padding
  • #159 Fix modal with .modal-card responsiveness, added a has-modal-card prop
  • #165 Fix safari button alignment on dialog (thanks @jtommy)
  • #154 Add prop for when table data is empty (thanks @jtommy)
  • #170 Fix dialogs min-width mobile


  • #139 Fix notices durations and constructor options


  • Update switch animation (it was laggy) and causing weird behavior within <keep-alive> components, see updated animation
  • Add tons of props to Autocomplete, see here
  • Dropdown button as addon now needs a .control element wrapping
  • Add some useful methods on docs for Input, Select, Autocomplete and Table
  • Fix autocomplete list width
  • #38 Add animation prop for dialog and modal, for custom animation (transition name)
  • #115 Add row-class property to table to style row status, e.g.:
    <b-table :data="tableData" :row-class="row => row.amount < 10 && 'is-warning'">[...]</b-table>
  • #117 Fix table row loop missing key prop
  • #122 Fix async tab-items
  • #124 Toast, Dialog, Snackbar and Programmatic Modal exposed
  • #128 Add default notices duration constructor options (thanks @quimarche)
  • #130 Fix checkbox/switch not emitting change event when using keyboard (thanks @gongzza)
  • #132 Add dropdown active-change event to know when it's dropdown list is active/visible (thanks @bartboy011)
  • #134 Add true-value and false-value props to checkbox


  • Fix Buefy installation


  • Fix table sorting null values
  • Table null values always come last when sorting
  • Add icon support to select
  • Fix dropdown to not stay on top of trigger
  • Fix switch disable state
  • Add click events for dropdown option
  • Fix dropdown disable state
  • Fix table columns not being reactive
  • #90 Fix tabs with long elements (thanks @mirshko)
  • #91 Update Bulma to v0.4.2
  • #96 Add visible prop to table column
  • #102 Fix anchor tag / router-link on dropdown
  • #104 Fix numeric zero values on input's maxlength (thanks @iwan-wijaya)


I've broke some stuff...

  • Remove label, icon and icon-pack properties from DropdownOption thanks to the new syntax, see docs
  • Remove content property from TableColumn, use v-html on an element inside TableColumn instead
  • Field, Snackbar and Toast position property now needs the is- prefix (eg. is-top-left or is-centered) — Gotta fix these inconsistencies while it's still in beta
  • Remove on-off prop from Switch

Additions and fixes

  • New component: Autocomplete, see docs
  • Switch design overhaul, see new style
  • Fix Tabs dynamic height
  • Add one more Sass variable: $speed-slower: 250ms !default
  • Add size prop to Switch
  • Add .sync modifier to Pagination current prop
  • Add active property and changed animations of Notification and Message
  • Add Dropdown within nav example
  • All selections control (Checkbox, Radio, RadioButton and Switch) can now be focused and changed by keyboard
  • #69 Add loading state to Table
  • #71 Add background for checked rows on Table (thanks @mikejavier)
  • #72 Fix Table overflow
  • #74 Fix DropdownOption slots, can customize with HTML now
  • #76 Modal close event accepts parameters (thanks @gongzza)
  • #77 Add index to Table scoped slot (thanks @UrVerySpecial)
  • #78 Fix Table sorting zero values (thanks @gwvt)
  • #82 Fix Select with numeric zero value


  • New component: Tabs, see docs
  • Add content prop to TableColumn, use this instead of v-html or it might break on tables with mobile-cards (collapsed rows)
  • Alert Dialog accepts string as well
  • Dialog open with focus on confirm button (easier to just hit enter)
  • Modal can be used in template as well (non programmatic)
  • Table automatically scrolls if overflowed
  • #62 Add sort direction with Table mobile-cards
  • #67 Fix Table sort null values


  • Field grouped now also works on nested Fields
  • Add Modal props
  • Fix all animations
  • Fix row click error
  • Fix .sync modifier
  • #56 Fix selection controls initial state always false
  • #58 Fix Table checked-rows prop not updating on Chrome



Show any content you want in a modal programatically, like an image:

    `<p class="image is-4by3">
        <img src="./static/placeholder-1280x960.png">

or a component:

import CustomComponent from './components/CustomComponent'

    component: CustomComponent


Breakable changes on it, now requires a scoped slot to wrap the columns, and a slot inside the column. You have now full control over the content of cells:

<b-table :data="data">
    <template scope="props">
        <b-table-column field="id" label="ID" sortable numeric>
            {{ }}

        <b-table-column field="user.first_name" label="First Name" sortable>
            {{ props.row.user.first_name }}

        <b-table-column field="date" label="Date" sortable

        <b-table-column field="gender" label="Gender">
                :icon="props.row.gender === 'Male' ? 'mars' : 'venus'">
            {{ props.row.gender }}
  • Prop selectable renamed to selected and expects an Object, if you have Vuejs v2.3+ you can use the .sync modifier to make it two-way binding:
<b-table :data="data" :selected.sync="selectedRow">

is the same as:

<b-table :data="data" :selected="selectedRow" @select="row => selectedRow = row">
  • Table new prop checked-rows that expects an Array, if you have Vuejs v2.3+ you can use the .sync modifier to make it two-way binding
  • Table render-html prop removed thanks to the new syntax
  • Column component prop removed thanks to the new syntax
  • Column field prop now accepts nested object keys


  • Breaking: Select b-option is now only option
  • Breaking: Dropdown b-option is now b-dropdown-option
  • Fix Dropdown background overlay index
  • #43 Fix Dialog cancel button focus state
  • #50 Add page-change event on Table
  • #52 Fix Select option
  • #53 Add type=button to notifications


  • Update Vue to 2.2.6
  • Update Bulma to 0.4.1
  • #35 Fix Dropdown TypeError
  • #29, #39 Fix SSR
  • #42 Fix Table default-sort prop
  • #40 Select now use native select, removed searchable property


  • Add loading property to Select
  • Fix Checkbox disabled style
  • Fix Input not being validated when v-model is updated
  • Fix Input loading overlapping other icons
  • Fix Input password-reveal icon being overlapped by Field type icon
  • #23 Fix Select with addons overflowing
  • #30 Fix Table backend-sorting resetting sorted column
  • #33 Fix Input and Select on-blur listener removing user-defined Field type and message


  • New component: Select
  • New component: Dropdown
  • Breaking: Rename Table property html to render-html
  • Fix Pagination buttons messing up at pages 3 and 4
  • Fix Dialog keeping keyup event
  • Fix prompt Dialog not validating before confirming
  • #6 Fix docs not working on IE. Thanks to AngelMunoz!
  • #9 Fix Table bordered sorted column
  • #10 Add Table backend-sorting property and sort event
  • #14 Add component property on Table. Thanks to korpa!


  • Fix #12
  • Refactored Notification and Message
  • Add animation when closing Notification and Message


  • Fix #5 — now serving compiled files
  • Fix #6 (partially) — docs now working on Edge
  • Add "UI Elements" on docs to specify that the user can use anything from Bulma
  • Redone the construtor options structure to work with the compiled build


  • Fix Switch two-way data binding not working correctly
  • Fix Radio animation not working properly
  • Fix #2 — select arrow misplaced
  • Fix Input's help message overlapping maxlength's counter
  • Fix Table column sorting — should start with ASC
  • Fix Table mobile sorting not working


  • Fix #1 — lib folder not published


  • New component: Input
  • New component: Field
  • Documentation done


  • New component: Message
  • New component: Tooltip
  • New component: Dialog
  • Add size option to Pagination
  • Notification slightly modified to keep original Bulma style
  • Toasts and Snackbars now queue between each other
  • Toast duration reduced to 2s


  • New component: Pagination
  • Component rework: Notify is now Snackbar
  • Table now uses the Pagination component
  • Toasts are now queued
  • Option to load components individually