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  • LastLedgerSequence is set by default on outgoing transactions. This refers to the last valid ledger index (AKA sequence) for a transaction. By default, this index is set to the current index (at submission time) plus 8. In theory, this allows ripple-lib to deterministically fail a transaction whose submission request timed out, but whose associated server continues to emit ledger_closed events.

  • Transactions that err with telINSUF_FEE_P will be automatically resubmitted. This error indicates that the Fee supplied in the transaction submission request was inadquate. Ideally, the Fee is tracked by ripple-lib in real-time, and the resubmitted transaction will most likely succeed.

  • Added Transaction.iff(function(callback) { }). Callback expects first argument to be an Error or null, second argument is a boolean which indicates whether or not to proceed with the transaction submission. If an iff function is specified, it will be executed prior to every submission of the transaction (including resubmissions).

  • Transactions will now emit presubmit and postsubmit events. They will be emitted before and after a transaction is submitted, respectively.

  • Added Transaction.summary(). Returns a summary of a transaction in semi-human-readable form. JSON-stringifiable.

  • Remote.requestAccountTx() with binary: true will automatically parse transactions.

  • Added Remote.requestAccountTx filter, map, and reduce.

    account: 'retc',
    ledger_index_min: -1,
    ledger_index_max: -1,
    limit: 100,
    binary: true,

    filter: function(transaction) {
      return transaction.tx.TransactionType === 'Payment';

    map: function(transaction) {
      return Number(transaction.tx.Amount);

    reduce: function(a, b) {
      return a + b;

    pluck: 'transactions'
  }, console.log)
  • Added persistence hooks.

  • General performance improvements, especially for long-running processes.