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  • Bump Quill to 1.3.7 to close a security vulnerability (#575)


  • Pin Quill types version (#420 @daggmano)


  • Add preserveWhitespace prop (#407 @royshouvik)


  • Add back default export (#374, #384 one19)


  • Add scrollingContainer prop
  • Fix Typescript exports
  • Fix tabindex prop


Replaced React.DOM with react-dom-factories (#319 thienanle)


  • Fix issue with unnecessary editor focus on mount (#321 jetzhou)
  • Switch to Quill's clipboard.convert from the paste API that now grabs focus automatically


  • Only restore focus if editor had focus (#312 @MattKunze)


  • Add Typescript definitions (#277 @Charrondev)
  • Fixes for TS definitions (#294 @jdhungtington, #296 @ajaska)


  • Add support for React 16 and onwards by depending on prop-types and create-react-class (#181 @mikecousins)
  • Allow setting contents with a Quill Delta via the value prop (#101)
  • Add onFocus/onBlur props (#110)
  • Add tabindex support (#232)


This release supports Quill v1.0.0+. ⚠️ There are many breaking changes, so refer to the documentation for information on how to migrate your application.

  • Updated to support Quill v1.0.0+ (@clemmy, @alexkrolick)
  • Bundling Quill with ReactQuill (@clemmy)
  • Deprecated toolbar property and component
  • Deprecated the styles property
  • Deprecated custom formats via the formats property
  • Deprecated the pollInterval property
  • Rerendering on style property change (@lavrton)
  • Improved docs for bounds, which now rerenders on change
  • Performing deep props comparison to avoid rerenders
  • Fixed the unprivileged editor not returning values
  • Restoring selection event after text change
  • Fixed the order of parameters in change events (@webcarrot)
  • Using 'core' instead of 'base' CSS (@alexkrolick)
  • Added support for the placeholder property (@alexkrolick)
  • Enable/disable editor using top-level Quill API (@alexkrolick)
  • Prevent whitespace issues when initializing the editor (@bobrafie)
  • Using buttons instead of spans for toolbar actions (@clemmy)
  • Removed getHtml from unprivileged editor (@clemmy)
  • Fixed calculations for range fields (@clemmy)
  • Removed deprecated destroy functionality (@clemmy)
  • Added return statement to proxy editor methods (@druti)
  • Inline styles support for Quill Toolbar (@e-jigsaw)
  • Fixed custom font size definitions (@clemmy)
  • Support for bullet and ordered lists in toolbar (@clemmy)
  • Updated the toolbar alignment section (@clemmy)
  • Updated rendering of toolbar actions (@clemmy)
  • Improved toolbar renderChoices implementation (@zhang-z)
  • Fixed use of defaultValue in Toolbar selects
  • Fixed bounds validation in setEditorSelection (@wouterh)
  • Exposed Quill in exports (@tdg5)
  • Added unhook function to clean up event listeners on unmount (@alexkrolick, @jrmmnr)
  • Fixed documentation typos (@l3kn)
  • Started testing with Enzyme (@alexkrolick)
  • Fixed issue where changing props caused re-render artifacts (#147)
  • Fixed bounds validation in setEditorSelection (@wouterh)
  • Updated to reference core.css instead of base.css (@sandbochs)
  • Updated React peerDependency (@rpellerin)
  • Removed inline Parchment formats for font-size and font-family (#217)


  • Added contents of dist to NPM package.


This release finally adds support for React 0.14. ⚠️ Shims to support older versions of React have been removed.

  • React 0.14 support (@jacktrades, #49)
  • Removed shims for React 0.12 and 0.13
  • Bumped Quill.js to v0.20.1
  • Normal and smaller sizes are not swapped anymore. (#63)
  • Various toolbar choice items are now correctly ordered.
  • Added image tooltips to the default set of modules (@kairxa, #54)
  • Fixed extra white-space in classnames (@asiniy, #67)
  • Published the Quill namespace on ReactQuill (@Sajam, #60)
  • Quill stylesheets are now linked to dist/ for convenience. (#70)
  • Exposed editor accessor methods in change events. (#33)


  • Bumped Quill.js to v0.2.0
  • Exposed focus and blur public methods from component.
  • Exposed getEditor public method to retrieve the backing Quill instance from the component.
  • Added callbacks for listening to keyboard events.
  • Added tooltips for toolbar choice controls (@bird512).
  • Added support for child nodes in toolbar items (@1000hz).
  • Added support for custom formats in the configuration (@csk157).
  • Added an option to disable the toolbar entirely by passing false to toolbar.
  • Added an option to disable styles entirely by passing false to style (@kkerr1).
  • Fixed an issue where the Quill would duplicate React IDs inside the toolbar leading to errors. Fixes #15.
  • Fixes an issue where the editor could be used while null (@brucedlukens).
  • Fixes an issue where null would be set on the editor. Fixes #48.
  • Fixes an issue where the editor would be instantiated with the wrong value. Fixes #50.
  • Avoiding parsing Quill's dist directory with webpack.


  • Added missing modules propType and documentation.
  • Children are now cloned so ReactQuill can own their refs. Fixes #20.


  • Link toolbar button and module are now enabled by default. Fixes #19.


  • Fix React warnings about unique key props in toolbar (@Janekk).
  • Sending delta and source from editor change events. Fixes #17.
  • Rewritten uncontrolled and semi-controlled operation. Should fix #9, #10 and #14.
  • Editor props can now be changed after mounting.
  • Added callback for selection change event. Closes #12.


  • The pre-compiled distributable is not shipped with the NPM package anymore. Should fix #2.
  • Sourcemaps are now emitted for both distributables, as separate files.
  • Avoiding parsing Quill as it ships with a pre-built main.


  • Added support for toolbar separators.
  • Added support for font family selectors.
  • Updated the default toolbar to match Quill's.
  • Updated Quill to v0.19.12.



  • Default empty content for components with no value.
  • Fixes wrong QuillToolbar propType.


  • Added color toggle to toolbar (@chrismcv)
  • Exporting default item sets on QuillToolbar
  • Fixed QuillComponent only accepting a single child.


  • Switched from quilljs package to quill.
  • Using the new destroy() from Quill.


  • Compatible with React 0.12.


  • Initial version.