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February 10, 2024


  • progress bar for download
  • arguments for example
  • in examples/
  • retry management during download - with force_download=True on second attempts
  • add strict argument that defaults to False to folder validity check, to handle missing GPKG files.


  • repo renamed to sen2venus-pytorch-dataset after discussion with dataset authors
  • removal of non-dataset URL due to bad copy-pasting in list of datasets URLs


January 5, 2024


  • New site-specific class Sen2VenusSite that incorporates most features from former Sen2Venus class
  • Helper classes Sen2VenusSubsetSuffixes and Sen2VenusURLs
  • 2 basic tests under examples/
  • add multi-resolution loading, via a new subset parameter value handling ('all')


  • Sen2Venus class now inherits torch's ConcatDataset class and creates multi-sites concatenated datasets based on a list of Sen2VenusSite instances
  • example image for is now showcasing 8-band interpolated input
  • download process is cleaner, checks for existing compressed files and checks uncompressed folder for required files
  • better management of existing dataset folders, removal of the .7z files.