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  • New $merge operator for manipulating array options. Set the comparator property to the property name to be compared for equality, such as id, or to a function that compares two elements, returning true if they match. If the comparator finds a match for an element in the array, it is replaced with the value property. Otherwise the value property is appended as a new array element. Thanks to Etienne Laurent.


  • New $replace operator for manipulating array options. Thanks to Arthur.


  • The mechanism allowing self-overrides via editable and template options in widget modules has been completely rewritten to fully leverage the mechanisms used by other overrides. This eliminates a number of bugs relating to arrays and nested options.


  • Editing and saving a widget that has editable options no longer crashes. Also, be aware that values inherited from other modules are not available when a widget is re-rendered at the time it is saved. However they are available when that widget is rendered later as part of an actual page load. This may be addressed in a future update of Apostrophe.


  • A module may now override its own options (for instance, via editable) without the apos.modulename prefix.
  • Widget modules may override their own options only, via editable. These overrides are honored only while that specific widget is being rendered. That is, they are accessible from a module.getOption call made from widget.html or something invoked by it. Because they are not full-page experiences, widgets may not override the options of other modules.


Fixed incorrect option name in docs. No code changes.


Initial release.