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  • Add: JupyterLab 1.1 compatibility

This release includes no functional changes. The minor version was bumped to prevent 1.0 installs from picking this up erroneously.


  • Chore: JupyterLab 1.0 compatibility

This release includes no functional changes. Minor version was bumped to prevent existing installs from fetching an incompatible version before a JupyterLab upgrade.


0.0.4 was incorrectly released, causing issues for end users on *nix platforms. This release corrected that.


  • Add: Sheet Picker

The sheet picker lives below the sheet, and allows you to switch between sheets in a workbook. This was intended for 0.1.0, but adding row heights will require either a fork of SlickGrid, or a whole new grid. I don't want to release a UX-breaking change as a minor release, so this got bumped up.


  • Fix: Row Indexing starts at 1 (#4)
    • Fix: Model indexing left off last row and column
    • Add: Cell Merges

The grid now supports cell merges! Merges work horizontally, vertically, or both.


  • Bugfix release: add keywords to NPM registry

This was released shortly after 0.0.1, and added community-standard keywords to make this plugin discoverable.


  • Initial release.